Air Gear - Noyamano Ringo - Hentai Mask Ver. (Yamato)Air Gear - Noyamano Ringo - Hentai Mask Ver. (Yamato)Review

PorcelainePrissPorcelainePrissVor 12 Jahren
If you had reservations about this piece (as I know I did) I'd say this is one well worth the risk!

I don't trust Yamato to deliver a finished product faithful to what the prototype promises & Ringo isn't an exception. If I can manage it, I try to see a piece in the "flesh" and I was totally sold when I got the opportunity with Ringo.

What shines through is the exceptional energy of Yasuhiro Uchijima's sculpting. The dynamism of Ringo's portrayal is not diminished by a little lazy paintwork and she still makes an impressive show in an already saturated collection.

The movement of her hair, gives and aura of power that contrasts with the humiliating Hentai Kamen costume and transcends the pose beyond being purely pervy.

She's got a nice little blush to her cheeks but the beautiful body styled by Oh Great! is just dying to be dusted over with a little shading to make it totally sumptuous.
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