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Figure Collecting Coincidences?Figure Collecting Coincidences?

GonsteadGonsteadVor 4 JahrenDiary
So here's a short story behind this purchase.

I was doing some window shopping around Mandarake for some figures and I came across an S.H.Figuarts listing for G Gundam's Master Asia. I get the sudden urge to watch some G Gundam, so in another window which was running Youtube already, I click on a very coincidental episode of G Gundam.

View spoilerHide spoilerThe Death of Master Asia

The Mandarake listing was for 3000 yen but I also knew that Master Asia is a shelfwarmer, so I looked elsewhere.

It boiled down to AmiAmi and CDJapan.

I'm a more regular customer with AmiAmi and I would get some points to use for a future order but he was also cheaper at CDJapan, so I had a small inner debate. I got curious and checked if CDJapan also used a points system, which it did after I checked my account and remembered getting some when I made an order for my Blu-Ray copy of Madoka Magica: Rebellion.

Coincidentally again, it said that my points were due to expire today, which just let me go "Yep, I'm ordering him!".

400 and 30 some odd points later, I've got a $19.70 USD order for SH Figuarts Master Asia. Without points, he would have been $23.74. Both include shipping.

I ask now of the MFC community: Has ever something like what I described above happened to you? If so, please do share!
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Ever had a figure collecting coincidence?


Kinda for me, I was really into (still am, but not as much) Kaworu Nagisa from Evangelion, and literally the first time I searched Kaworu RAH, one popped up in a auction for $10.00! I ended up winning him for $80.00, which is the lowest I've ever seen him go for. And still, I haven't seen another one on eBay for that cheap.
Vor 4 Jahren
Barkhorn. Having found her at 2nd & Charles while I was searching for G.I. Joes was a coincidence enough. However, it was the timing. See, I had recently moved past my "burn the 501st" and Barkhorn was lucky enough to be promoted to my "Alright Characters" list (I wrote the whole how I found her story on another blog post). So basically it was perfect timing because if it had been anytime before chances are I would have not bought her. And it was her that brought me here... so yeah.
Vor 4 Jahren
mirberry 絶対可憐
I kinda did! When I came across ITEM #229376. I had given up looking for something so tiny and obscure as a strap that only had one small release from Cospa. Surely no one sold those secondhand! So I resigned myself to what Jack Atlas things I could find, and let the dead lie.

Until suddenly, one day, on Tumblr, out of the blue! Someone was selling random merchandise and tagging it with #jack atlas, and so lo and behold, there it was! My darling! My tiny strap! Was it overpriced for a phone strap? Oh, you know it! Did that stop me? Absolutely not!

So with the speed of a riding duel, I snatched that strap up before anyone else could!

Now if only I had the same luck with the lanyard Cospa made... or any of the Manjoume stuff.
Vor 4 Jahren
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