February Loot [Pic heavy]February Loot [Pic heavy]Loot

CrimsonPumpkinCrimsonPumpkinVor 6 Jahren
Hi there MFC!! Another month is passing and we got WonFes which brought us new items to add to our wishlists! New figures (nendoroids) to look forward to, right? ;D I'm very excited due to some surprises like Nendoroid Celty (ITEM #287164) and Mako Fight Club version (ITEM #287743) but at the same time I was disappointed as there were no news about a Nendoroid Syaoran >:( I'm crossing my fingers and praying to the gods so we get some news in the next WonFes...dammit GSC give us our Syaoran T_T
Anyways, I'm here again to share my February loot, everything arrived early this month but I was sick and then I got busy with work but finally got time to share my new items.
This loot is full of first times and you'll see why.

WARNING! Picture and Text heavy, you've been warned!!
Some spoilers contain more pictures, enjoy!

Here's my dear Kimchi, she's in charge of checking the boxes ensuring everything's in order :3 woohoo big box!


Re-Ment Sangatsu no Lion(March comes in like a Lion) set> View spoilerHide spoilerITEM #247699 | ITEM #247701 | ITEM #247703 | ITEM #247704 | ITEM #247706 | ITEM #247708 | ITEM #247709 | ITEM #247710
Re-Ment 80's Natsukashi Wa ga Ie set> View spoilerHide spoilerITEM #238540 | ITEM #238541 | ITEM #238544 | ITEM #238547 | ITEM #238550 | ITEM #238551 | ITEM #238552 | ITEM #238556
Sylvanian Families Piano set
Twinkle Dolly - Sailor Moon> View spoilerHide spoilerITEM #249791 | ITEM #249799 | ITEM #249798 | ITEM #249796 | ITEM #249797 | ITEM #249788
Nendoroid Petit - Puella Magi Madoka Magica set> View spoilerHide spoilerITEM #78177 | ITEM #78290 | ITEM #78181 | ITEM #78292 | ITEM #78178 | ITEM #78291 | ITEM #78179 | ITEM #78293 | ITEM #78180 | ITEM #78294 | ITEM #94709
Nendoroid Madoka Kaname - Maiko Version> ITEM #158023
Nendoroid Amatsukaze> ITEM #235657

Opening the boxes!Hide
Everything's nicely packed :D


Items from AmiAmi



Item from Mandarake


So here's the loot!! (gosh looks so pink and girly when I hate all that lol)


Let's start with the miniatures!
This was my first time ordering Re-Ment miniatures and I decided to go for these 2 sets as they are very traditional (Japanese culture) and keeping in mind that I'd like to have some nendoroids displayed in a traditional miniature japanese room when I get a bookcase or shelf for my collection, dammit
Re-ment miniatures are quite amazing, they are nicely done and have a great quality for being so little plus they work great with nendoroids. I'm quite satisfied with these sets so I know I'll get more sets eventually.

Re-Ment Sangatsu no Lion(March comes in like a Lion) set:


Set 1 ITEM #247699

Set 2 ITEM #247701

Set 3 ITEM #247703

Set 4 ITEM #247704

Set 5 ITEM #247706

Set 6 ITEM #247708

Set 7 ITEM #247709

Set 8 ITEM #247710

Re-Ment 80's Natsukashi Wa ga Ie set:


Set 1 ITEM #238540

Set 2 ITEM #238541

Set 3 ITEM #238544

Set 4 ITEM #238547

Set 5 ITEM #238550

Set 6 ITEM #238551

Set 7 ITEM #238552

Set 8 ITEM #238556

On my previous loot post I talked about Nendoroid Miku Sailor school uniform/spring version B (ITEM #179199) which doesn't come with a piano like her variant version A (ITEM #179197) but this wasn't a huge problem for me as I decided (at the time I ordered her) to get the Sylvanian Families Piano set for Miku :)



As always a great item from Sylvanian Families which works splendidly with nendoroids ^^ Here's Miku of course, to show you how much she loves her new piano!


Isn't she the cutest? >_<

Now moving onto the Twinkle Dolly Sailor Moon! These items are pretty cute and smaller than expected. There are some painting defects here and there but giving the size it's understandable. It comes with 10 individual boxes so if you're lucky, you get the complete set of inner senshi plus chibiusa and comes as well with a candy.
10 boxes so you can get a full set of senshi and get 4 extras

The heart-shaped candy which is like a mint, to be honest I couldn't like it but don't mind me, I'm very picky regarding candies cos I'm in love with dark chocolate only XD It was my mother who ate all of them lol

They looked bigger on screen, but when I got them I was amazed by the size which makes them way cuter <3

I was lucky and got the full set: Sailor Moon, Chibiusa, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus! They're pretty cute so that's why I ordered the second set with the outer senshi ^^


More picsHide
Sailor Moon ITEM #249791

Chibiusa ITEM #249799

Sailor Mercury ITEM #249798

Sailor Mars ITEM #249796

Sailor Jupiter ITEM #249797

Sailor Venus ITEM #249788

I got these as extras so if anybody is interested in purchasing one of them or if you're interested in trading one please PM me I'm looking for an extra Sailor Jupiter for my mother :) also please keep in mind I live in Colombia (South America)

If nobody is interested, the remain items will be used by my mother. She loved the set and she wants to use them as earrings or maybe as necklace charms...and I'm not even lying people>>Ready to use Jupiter as earringHidehttps://farm5.staticflickr.com/4263/35722025106_d2442d3bce_o.jpg

Time for some chibis right?
First a little story...
I always read the blogs here cos they teach me about this hobby. I especially pay attention to those related to AmiAmi pre-owned section. To be honest I was very afraid of purchasing a pre-owned item since I didn't want to get a really damaged figure but after reading the blogs here on MFC I decided to visit the section regularly looking for those figures I missed and checking prices but still, I was afraid.
Between those figures that I was looking for, there were the nendoroids of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica girls. I really wanted them and from time to time a Madoka or any other PMMM girl would pop up on the section but since I have to pay attention to my savings (plus saving for upcoming nendoroids), I decided to drop the idea of getting the nendos of Madoka, Homura, Mami, Kyouko and Sayaka ;_; it was sad and hard to take that decision but it was necessary.

THEN, one day I was browsing the pre-owned section of AmiAmi and them BAM! A whole Nendoroid Petit - Puella Magi Madoka Magica set was on sale!! I then hesitated, I thought about it carefully but at the end I said "f*ck it! what if I can't get another chance? Besides, this set comes with ALL THE GIRLS AT ONCE! I don't have to pay for each girl separately and I get a Madokami as bonus!!!".
Oh I pushed that "add to cart" button with all my might and that's how I finally got all the PMMM girls even if they're nendoroid petits I still love them :) I don't care if I don't have a Homucifer, at the end my favourite characters are Kyouko, Mami and Sayaka and I really like Madokami design (I love all the girls in her normal combat attires), yeah sorry I don't like Homura-chan :/ (yes she's a great character but not my favourite ok?).
Great first experiences: first, purchasing from the pre-owned section of AmiAmi and second, getting a set of nendoroid petits.

The box was rated A-/B the main box came sealed, the individual boxes were open but the items were sealed/not touched as well.
They were and are perfect!! ^_^

Inside main boxHide
The individual boxes were already open but everything else was ok



More picsHide
Madoka ITEM #78177

Mami ITEM #78178

Sayaka ITEM #78179

Kyouko ITEM #78180

Homura ITEM #78181

Tiny Madokami! ITEM #94709
They're so cute!!

More picsHide
Madoka ITEM #78290

Mami ITEM #78291

Sayaka ITEM #78293

Kyouko ITEM #78294

Homura ITEM #78292

I really wanted a nendoroid with Kimono but I was struggling between Snow Miku White Kimono (ITEM #107714) and Madoka Maiko version (ITEM #158023) but let's be honest Madoka's kimono is way better thanks to all those colours! Yes, Miku's kimono is beautiful as well but I was looking for a colourful one instead of a plain white (after days of thinking I took the decision lol) plus it's MADOKA for god's sake! (remember I'm not a huge fan of Miku but I did order the snow miku 2015 kill me please)
That's when I went to Mandarake, my very first time ordering from this site (after reading carefully the reviews and blogs). I looked for this version but it was thanks to the item page here on MFC that a user posted the link to the mandarake's item page and there she was, Nendoroid Madoka Kaname - Maiko Version so I managed to get this beautie!! THANKS MFC!!!
Once again, great packaging from Mandarake and the item said something about box damaged...still looking but couldn't find any damage on the box O_o


This pose killed me >_<


Cute pics of MadokaHide
I used the Re-Ments sets here, perfect match!! <3


Now it's time for my first KANMUSU!!
I got into Kancolle last year, I couldn't play the game and to be honest I wasn't insterested in it. What really caught my attention were the kanmusu designs especially Akagi. She was really pretty and I adored the fact she was an "archer" that's why I decided to look further into Kantai Collection. Sadly, at the time I started collecting nendoroids I missed my chance to get Akagi and as I said previously I was really afraid of purchasing a pre-owned item.


You may ask "what about Shimakaze?" well, I don't like her. After I found Akagi I found about Shimakaze too, but I couldn't like her :( She's cute in some way (I like her colours) but I find her design too slutty for my taste, yeah I said it. She's cute but not as to get her nendoroid and I think she's a little bit annoying? I might be wrong sorry.
So now I'm watching the anime, I know it's not like the game but still it makes me happy :) especially when I can see my dear Akagi on screen ;_;
Anyways, between all the kanmusu there were few that really caught my eye (Akagi was first), but one of them was Amatsukaze. I really liked her design, her colours made me think of a fancy sailor in some way and that's why I went and pre-ordered her! My first kanmusu! My dear Nendoroid Amatsukaze (ITEM #235657)


Sadly, as we all know, GSC has been dropping the quality of nendoroids and my Amatsukaze came with some defects :(
Paint bleed around her "belt" but it looks like all Amatsukazes came like this


Poor Rensouhou-kun came broken!! When I opened the blister and checked it I saw this! Another factory problem as I know a lot of people with the same problem >:(
I contacted GSC support and they already sent me the replacement but still this is awful cos it means you have to be super careful while rotating rensouhou-kun so you don't brake his "hands"
Sadly, when I was posing Amatsukaze with Rensouhou-kun, the hand broke completely -_-

She's the best!

Ready to attack the Abyssal fleet!


She got a little bit carried away here lol

"Stop looking you PERV!"

WOw a lot of stuff right? I'm very pleased with this loot! Lots of cute and adorable things, it's hard to choose a favourite item from this loot cos I loved everything lol...hmmm...if I think carefully I have to say the Nendoroid Petit PMMM set, yeap they're the best especially when there's such a story and experience behind it!

Well, that's it. Hope you enjoyed of this post :D

Thanks for readinghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2015/02/19/1225032.jpeg

Till next time ^^

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RychiVor 6 Jahren#2713352Very beautiful pictures! And great loot!Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks :3
Vor 6 Jahren
Very beautiful pictures! And great loot!
Vor 6 Jahren
layla-weston90Vor 6 Jahren#2709774OMG! That Madoka Kaname is so cute in her little house and her Kimono! ^////^
I was wondering what sets to purchase for my nendoroids as I would like to pose them too but thanks to your posts I now know what to purchase! =3
Thankyou so much! <3
YESSSS I'm sooooo in love with this Madoka! <3 Actually the "house" or room you see in her pictures are some cardboard backgrounds that come with the "Re-Ment 80's Natsukashi Wa ga Ie set" ^_^ it is a very cool set!
Glad this blog helped you, thanks a lot for reading!!
Vor 6 Jahren
CrowMaidenVor 6 Jahren#2709646Thank you so much! I don't own any figma myself actually, and I'm sorry I totally missed the Madoka pics (that would have answered my question, d'oh!)
They look like they work great with Nendos, I'll have to pick some up at some point!
You're very welcome and I'm glad my blog and pics helped you!! :3
Vor 6 Jahren
secretly-otakuVor 6 Jahren#2709493Yay! Latinos en MFC!(σ≧▽≦)σ ...
Siiiiii se habla español woohoo!! XD
Los re-ment son muy bonitos en especial si gustas de las miniaturas, me he dado cuenta que se vuelven escasos al momento de ser lanzados por eso decidí comprarlos para tenerlos asegurados ya que un tiempo después del lanzamiento no volverás a ver el set. He visto varios sets hermosos pero no logro verlos en venta en ninguna tienda :/ Y tienes toda la razón cuando hay dinero usualmente se va en figuras de colección ^^

Pero a mi no me parecen tan semi-desnudas XD tuve que explicarle a mi madre el por qué de la versión dañada de Amatsukaze y lo comprendió de una jajajajaja. Es cierto lo bueno de los nendoroids en especial los de Kancolle es poder usar todas las poses y accesorios posibles! Mucha suerte con eso ;D

Muchas gracias!! De verdad me alegra que te haya gustado el blog y las fotos, ésto me anima más para mi siguiente blog.
Un abrazo desde Colombia!! ^_^
Vor 6 Jahren
OMG! That Madoka Kaname is so cute in her little house and her Kimono! ^////^
I was wondering what sets to purchase for my nendoroids as I would like to pose them too but thanks to your posts I now know what to purchase! =3
Thankyou so much! <3
Vor 6 Jahren
CrimsonPumpkinVor 6 Jahren#2709318I think they work for both :) in each set there are some items bigger than others for instance the spoon, that thing is quite big for a nendoroid lol but other items from the same set will work well with nendoroids (as you can see Madoka with a tea cup and the table). I think they work as well for figmas.
Sadly, I don't own a figma (yet) to compare everything but based on re-ments and sylvanian families they'll work with them as well. I've seen sylvanian families furniture work with figmas :D
Hope this helps!

Thank you so much! I don't own any figma myself actually, and I'm sorry I totally missed the Madoka pics (that would have answered my question, d'oh!)

They look like they work great with Nendos, I'll have to pick some up at some point!
Vor 6 Jahren
Yay! Latinos en MFC!(σ≧▽≦)σ

Esos sets de Re-Ment se ven excelentes! Siempre he querido unos, pero cuando los he visto a la venta, no he tenido la plata suficiente, y luego cuando los busco, ya están agotados TT___TT.

Los nendos de Kan-colle son bonitos y traen un montón de accesorios muy buenos, pero no creo que a mi esposa le guste que estos "muñecas" que se ven tan dulces anden por ahí con semi-desnudas XP. Claro, las puedo mantener en su versión original, pero siempre tendría aquel pesar de que no uso todos los accesorios (porque es cierto, es un pesar que mata el alma X__X lenta y dolorosamente).

En general, muy buen botín el que nos mostras y las fotos todas muy buenas! Felicidades y quedo a la espera de tu próximo blog!
Vor 6 Jahren
debinoresuVor 6 Jahren#2708996amazing loot!! and adorable pictures!Glad you liked this post! ^_^

MoroVor 6 Jahren#2709308I want those Re-Ment miniatures. They're cheaper and cuter than standard dollhouse food (more variety too and with other little household accessories!) and would fit well with my figmas I expect. I already have a dollhouse for my figmas, it's just unbuilt until I have a good space for it.You should definitely try these sets, they're have a great quality and I love how just one box has so many items. I think they indeed work great with nendos and figmas :) Oh! I hope you find the proper space for your figmas dollhouse :D I'm still looking for a bookcase or a great display shelf like a detolf (don't have IKEA in my country) so I can display my collection. Good luck! ^^
Vor 6 Jahren
MoofinVor 6 Jahren#2708895aaww petit megucas i'm jelly! and your cat is so cute!
Thank you so much! Yeah the nendoroid set of PMMM is quite enjoyable :3 and yeah my cat is always there ready for new boxes!
noverbeck80Vor 6 Jahren#2708972Wow such a great loot haul and post of everything! Your pictures are great too. Miku looks so happy with that piano, and those Re-Ment sets are perfect for nendos, I have the 80's one as well! Sad that the quality of amatsukaze wasn't good :/ seems like GSC had issues with her. Great choice on the petite Madoka girls, I like them better than their Nendoroid counterparts!
Thanks a bunch! I take pics with my phone and I'm really careful so I can show many details in the whole picture of the item ^^ Re-ments are great for nendos, right? I know I'll get more sets for my chibis lol
It's sad about Amatsukaze, we have the same issues with Sakura nendo and now her :( let's see how new nendos turn up. I'm tired of getting defects lately -_-
Vor 6 Jahren
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