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Hey all!

So late last night I received an email alerting me that my Figma Archetype: She (flesh coloured ver.) is now on its way!

I can't wait! I look forward to actually having a figure to pose with my Archetype He.

Until She arrives I have to try my best with what I've got available... Not that there's anything wrong with my other figures but...most of them just aren't up to the job of posing for reference.

Ranko's skirt is solid which means she can't even stand close to another figma.
Miku 2.0 is more flexible and has softer clothing, but her long twin tails have proven to be quite the hindrance when it comes to standing on her own, or posing with other figures.
Hazuki is an improvement on the other two for sure. Her skirt is flexible, she has a decent amount of articulation, and her hair does not cause her to unbalance. The only real problem is that she's a good 1-1.5cm taller than the rest (same with Miku actually). Which is not a deal breaker but does change the dynamics of a scene.

In light of these issues I've taken to using Link as He's posing partner for the moment.


Only for a select few "couples poses" such as those than can be achieved standing and without too much head tilting. He's the same height as He, and has significantly better balance. But he really can't pull of anything that's more intricate than STANDING. Which really cuts down my options...

To sum it up, I really look forward to the new figma's arrival so I can finally get those interesting reference photos!

Mini-rant over. XD

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Rapture_ShadowVor 5 Jahren#2658895Link has a real model's stare going on here.

He's definitely using Blue Steel right there.

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Link has a real model's stare going on here.
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