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After my first review managed to get a hundred views in one day, I decided to try and write another even better one! This prompted me to try and review one of my most interesting figures, Revoltech 73 Gloomy Bear.

Sculpting/Articulation/Design/Posing: Gloomy's box is fine (How do you even grade packaging?). Gloomy is basically a large hollow head with a small articulated body. However, my biggest problem with Gloomy is his very VERY fragile arms and legs. Now I know revoltech joints are very durable, far more so than figmas, but Gloomy is still the most fragile toy I own. I can't even touch his arms without a slight fear that they'll break right off (Pink joints are probably hard to come by...). This feeling of being about to break makes Gloomy hard to play with. Still I've owned him for over a year now, and I've never come close to breaking him. However, out of fear I keep my poses simple.


Accessories: Gloomy doesn't come with much, but he has all that he needs. His main accessory is some blond kid with a really simple face.

As I am proud to say I HAVE NEVER WATCHED THIS NONSENSE. I have no clue who this kid is or how he crossed paths with a pink freakin bear, but oh well. The kid has two heads and I NEED TO SAY THIS IN ALL CAPS, HE HAS THE WORST NECK JOINT IN TOY HISTORY.


OK I'm done, but I'm being honest here, I have never NEVER been able to actually fit his second head on with it falling off (Creepy) if I invert him. As for his second he, it looks like a weird confused overly cartoonish expression with funny eyes and a squiggly line for a mouth. Now I'm not completely in the dark here. I know this bear is supposed to maul this kid.


So to do so, Gloomy comes with blood on his claws, chest and a removable piece to make blood drip from his mouth (CREEPIER). Gloomy also comes with a muzzle, but FUCK THE MUZZLE. Its really really hard to actually fit on his head,, so I avoid using it


Enjoyment/Sex/and HORRIBLE VIOLENCE: In my first review I claimed to love violence. However, I have my limits. When Gloomy Bear first came out I though he was too violent a set. I remained in this mindset until his FAR MORE VIOLENT variants sets were released. I'll be frank, as with toys there is a lot of stuff I'm ok with. Posing toys raeping, killing and fucking, I'm ok with. (Pic to show what I mean)

Beating a small child bloody and blue, I find creepy. There is very little that I truly find creepy (This pic and my gallery should prove that) Gloomy Bear variants I find creepy. Ironically after being disturbed by the variants I was able to look past the minor bit of blood in the original set and finally buy it. In all honesty I love my Gloomy Bear. He is both incredibly violent and dangerously cute. While its clear his gimmick as a toy is brutality and violence, I've used him for various sex scenes and stories (You never know how often you'll need a bear to maul/fuck someone) and I've come to really love Gloomy as the fun, but also dark toy that he is.


Personal Criticism: Hedonism, that is all, but seriously Gloomy is a great toy. He is cute and screw up all at the same time. He has challenged the depths of my tolerance and for that I thank him. As far as toys go he's really neat and definitely unique. Unfortunately its been 2 years since his actual release so buying a Gloomy(The real Gloomy and not his weird variants) would be a serious challenge. Still if you find a crazy pink bear who fucks bitches and offs children badass look no further you sick sick fuc-
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tl;dr- Please use some pictures!
It's not NSFW if it's only text. ;)
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