End of 2014/Start of 2015 Mini Loot [Pic heavy]End of 2014/Start of 2015 Mini Loot [Pic heavy]Loot

CrimsonPumpkinCrimsonPumpkinVor 5 Jahren
Hello again MFC! Today I wanted to share with you my mini loot. All my orders were stuck in customs and I got some of them at the end of 2014 and some at the start of this year, but finally they are all here ^^

So here's my mini loot:
ITEM #249593 - Kiki's Delivery Service TsumuTsumu Series
ITEM #247070 - Kiki's Delivery Service Calendar
ITEM #136458 - Nendoroid Sakura Kinomoto
ITEM #179199 - Nendoroid Hatsune Miku School Uniform version, Special color
Sylvanian Families Garden Table and Chair set
Aoshima Display Case W330


Items come from JList, AmiAmi and Jungle.

Let's begin with Jiji tsumutsumu!


Have to say that the quality is amazing and they're bigger than I expected.

They are really cute and as a cat lover I find this super ADORABLE!! <3 <3

Let's move to the calendar ^^

Another beautiful item to decorate my desktop!!

Jiji looks so cute with the ribbon and I'm loving the details of the base, really nice!

Now nendo Card Captor Sakura! \(^o^)/

*sigh* I have mixed feelings regarding Sakura. First we had to wait a lot cos she was delayed, then I panicked as she got stuck in customs thanks to Christmas, finally she came with several defects AND she's so hard to pose ;_; here you can see what I'm talking about when I say "defects"
Oh! the horrorThis is too sadhttps://farm5.staticflickr.com/4209/35593340242_77081da2f0_o.jpghttps://farm5.staticflickr.com/4233/35763108185_5e310c1e9a_o.jpghttps://farm5.staticflickr.com/4210/35593339562_2473cdf50f_o.jpg

I wanted to contact GSC support but I waited soooo long and I've read a lot of people complaining about the same thing that I decided not to do it. Will keep her as she is and to be honest I love her.
When you manage to pose her, she's the most cutesy thing!!! >_<

The pain in the ass pos...I mean the Flying pose...

...sora wo marason yume wo yunizon shitaiiii...http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2015/01/16/1195290.jpeg

My very first MIKU!!!

Yes, she's my very first Hatsune Miku. I'm not a....wait, I wasn't a huge fan of her but I adored this design as soon as I placed my eyes on her. This version doesn't have the piano nor the bent legs but I'll get her a piano of course (from Sylvanian Families), and I went for this version as the pattern of her uniform is fantastic!!
I got her in sealed condition on Jungle and she arrived without problems!! Gotta say she's completely gorgeous (*o*)

Now I'm really looking forward to Snow Miku 2015!! (Nooooo now I'll get crazy over Miku, nuuuuu HELP!!)
Sakura looks adorable in Miku's uniform and Miku looks great in Sakura's outfit, ready to capture some cards!!

Thanks to the blog shelflifefigure... I decided to buy some Sylvanian Families furniture to go with my small nendo collection and in order to display them in an everyday scene
I'm loving Sylvanian Families items, they are very detailed and cute ^^

Finally, I purchased a display case for my nendoroids. I live in a place which is prone to dust so I need to protect my collection (We don't have IKEA in my country to get some detolf ;_; nor anything similar) I won't use the display case yet as I'm organizing my room and looking for the perfect shelf/bookcase.
Miku is showing you how tall the display case is, perfect for Nendos!!

And that's it! I'm very happy with my loot and so far my favourite item is Miku, yes she won my heart over Sakura even when she means a lot to my childhood(sorry sakura-chan!! >_<)

I hope you enjoyed of this post ;D
Take care and thanks for reading!! ^_^

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leahemilylarkin1Vor 5 Jahren#2788686such a cute haul. I love the cats and the Miku <3
Glad you enjoyed this loot ^^ Miku was a great find and she's definitely adorable :3
Vor 5 Jahren
such a cute haul. I love the cats and the Miku <3
Vor 5 Jahren
NozomiVor 5 Jahren#2761032I really enjoy reading you blog posts! Don't stop writing them! ^__^
I have a question: where did you get the display case? Since dust and having not enough space are a bit of a problem for me ^^;

Hi there! Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment! I do enjoy writing my loot posts so It makes me truly happy that people enjoy reading them as well ^^

Regarding the display case, I got mine from AmiAmi but I do know you can find them as well on HobbySearch (this one's brand is called "Aoshima").
Here >> slist.amiami.co... you'll find tons of styles and sizes so you can check which one works better for your figures ^^
Mine's this one >> www.amiami.com/... and as you can see works great for nendorois (however, when I purchased the display case I didn't have as many nendos as I have right now lol).
Hope this helps and I hope you find a perfect display case for your lovely collection. Take care!! :3
Vor 5 Jahren
I really enjoy reading you blog posts! Don't stop writing them! ^__^

I have a question: where did you get the display case? Since dust and having not enough space are a bit of a problem for me ^^;
Vor 5 Jahren
JessicaJungVor 5 Jahren#2611294Great Haul and lighting. Every picture looks so bright
jkbVor 5 Jahren#2611623I enjoyed your loot presentation, yes, the lighting was great for my eyes.
Great loot !
those tsumutsumu series are awesome, I'm greatful they put those into production.

Thanks a lot! I took the pics with my iphone lol I don't have a proper camera...yet but I did got a good clear background so the focus is entirely on the item ^^ your comments encourage me a lot!
Vor 5 Jahren
CantisamaVor 5 Jahren#2611145Adorable loot! Really like that chair set.
I too was disappointed with how many defects Nendo Sakura came with. Lately it seems Nendos are coming with more and more defects :\

Well, I don't have many nendos so far but compared to the ones I have she came with a low quality :( let's see if the new factory in Japan will make things better. Thanks a lot for reading ^_^

SamuraiofHeijiVor 5 Jahren#2611150you write the article so lively, i feel that you are very happy. enjoy and thanks for sharing.
Thanks and welcome! ^^ Indeed I'm pretty happy and someway crazy person lol
Vor 5 Jahren
AtelierPuniVor 5 Jahren#2610723Oh wow, I feel dumb. I found it, thank you! It's so pretty!
I avoided looking anything up about her because I knew I couldn't afford her at the time... then someone gave her to me. I had no idea what she came with, so when I saw everyone with the magic circle, I was just kinda .... ??? xD
All the garden sets are amazing! The garden swings and garden bench and fountain set are adorable too! Most Sylvanian Families furniture sets are more expensive online here than my figure orders though. Time to go bear some strange stares at my local toy store...

Glad you found it!! ^^ Don't worry when I got my Sakura nendo it took me a while to find it and I even panicked lol now you can pose her with the magical circle!!
I'm getting all my Sylvanian Families items from Japan (from AmiAmi to be precise). I don't have that kind of stores here or even a good store for miniatures, so when I get my figures from AmiAmi I add a SF item if I can ;D
Vor 5 Jahren
I enjoyed your loot presentation, yes, the lighting was great for my eyes.
Great loot !
those tsumutsumu series are awesome, I'm greatful they put those into production.
Vor 5 Jahren
Great Haul and lighting. Every picture looks so bright
Vor 5 Jahren
you write the article so lively, i feel that you are very happy. enjoy and thanks for sharing.
Vor 5 Jahren