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December Loot!December Loot!

danjoandanjoanVor 4 JahrenLoot
Hi everyone! This is my first loot article ever. : D I've been collecting for years but only within the last year have I been ordering figures and merch online regularly. Its become an addiction almost to a degree...

I'm currently remodeling my room (in addition to repainting) so my figures are kind of all over the place and not in a desired area. This is reflected in some pics but I'm not too worried about it at the moment. Now on to the loot!

First up is this month's Hunter x Hunter goodies. I'll start with my FromJapan loot:

This is an official Chimera Ants shirt that is much too big on me (but I might be able to just use it as a sleep shirt....)


I purchased another shirt that I can actually wear day to day lol


Annnd I got this really old Weekly Jump watch. I'm collecting HxH stuff, so I'll probably keep it in the bag and display it. It will definitely need a battery if I decide to wear it.


HxH Loot from AmiAmi:

Killua & Gon Mug!


Killua Face Towel


Now on to the figures! Everyone's favorite ;D

Gon-san finally arrived!! I ordered him through BiJ when he was first up for preorder and mine just happened to be in the December batch of figures. When I put him on the shelf, he scared my cat....


My #1 fave of the month is Nendoroid Link!! I purchased him on Crunchyroll during their Black Friday special. He is truly wonderful and I can't wait for the Figma ALBW Link & Amiibo Sheik. I definitely have a small Zelda collection at the moment but I want that to change so badly.


Here's how he's displayed currently but that's gonna change as soon as I can get him in a more permanent place.

Next up is ARTFX-J's Nagito Komaeda! He's super hard to find right now, which is surprising. I managed to order him through Koto's store so I got his extra faceplate. Here he is before he was opened:


And here he is on his temporary shelf, with the extra faceplate:


He's always right at home with ARTFX-J's Hinata though, amirite

He has some paint issues that I haven't brought up to Koto yet. Like, his nails somehow arrived brownish? For anyone who knows: How is their customer service? I've actually never received a figure with a poor paint job yet so this is very new for me. I don't even know how to address it properly. Since I ordered through a proxy from their official Japanese store, would the English store even read my claim?

Anyways... Onwards!!

Komaeda Chara-Forme! Almost a Nendo but not quite!


Dangan Ronpa One Coin Mini Set 1! I haven't opened them up yet because uhh no room to display atm lol


And finally: Figma Lelouch in box. Ordered from Mandarake at the beginning of the month. He suffers from what most of his kind suffer from: the gold paint fading to silver. I'm afraid I'll ruin it if I try to make it gold again so I'll just deal. I haven't opened him yet. u_u


I also got the collectable Kingdom Hearts 2 pin that came with KH2 HD but I'm too lazy to post it after all this. So yeah, Christmas was good to me, considering most of these packages came a week ago, on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. Definitely can't wait for January goodies!! And the best figure of January will be... Aoba!
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Oh my! I just love everything in your loot!! Most of all the HunterxHunter stuff, that black t-shirt is super nice :D
Perhaps you want to tell me where you got it? :)
Vor 4 Jahren
I like the little Komahina nameplate thing you have with them!! It is cute :D
I got the 2 Komaeda figures too and I love them ♥ I wish I could have gotten the exclusive version
Vor 4 Jahren
What a fun loot!

I can't even with that Gon figure though
Vor 4 Jahren
Great loot! Hopefully I can make a haul post in January
Vor 4 Jahren
Ahhh, all the hunter x hunter stuff! Nice loot! I really like the mug and face towel. :3
So funny how Gon scared your cat!
Vor 4 Jahren
Awesome HXH stuff, especially the shirt and mug <3 Nice loot!
Vor 4 Jahren
I'm getting my Komaeda scale on monday, I'm so excited! Never expected him to get this rare (well he's not rare but a good price is.) Who knows maybe he'll rise in price as the Yoshino Nendoroid did. Nice loot!
Vor 4 Jahren
SweetIvy That dork that grew up...?
That Gon. It's crazy his shirt shrunk but his shorts not really.

XD Congrats nice loot btw!
Vor 4 Jahren
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