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Card Captor Sakura Nendoroid ReviewCard Captor Sakura Nendoroid Review

Warning: This is an extremely detailed review for a nendoroid and picture heavy. All pictures can be clicked on for full view

Good afternoon fellow figure collectors. Today I will be reviewing the very highly anticipated nendoroid of Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura. Sakura is number 400 in the nendoroid series line, and was available to pre order from Good Smile back in April of this year. Her original release was scheduled for September, but was delayed till November 28. The wait was definitely worth it for this cutie. With not out any more delay let's start off this review with her box.
Her box is different than the current style of nendoroid boxes. It's decorated all over in cherry blossoms and on the back instead of it just being one colour she is treated to a lovely cloud background which is the same as the inside of the box. The box also has the matte feel and the cherry blossoms are slightly risen and have a smooth feel to them. It is also slightly wider than the average nendoroid box.
She comes with:
- 2 alterative face plates (Happy/Cheerful and Determined/Angry)
- Kero-chan ^_^
- Wings
- Flying lower half
- 6 Additional Hands
- 3 Additional Arms
- 2 Additional Sleeves
- 2 Sealing Wands (one for flying lower half)
- Additional wand tip for Clow card
- Two Additional Front Bows (Will explain further down)
- Magic circle that attaches to the base (It's attached to the back of the box insert)
- Extra neck joint
If you ordered from Good Smile you got the pre-order bonus a Sealing wand key form charm. I like this addition to Sakura but I find it is a bit too small for my liking. I will mostly likely be putting on a necklace to wear or display it next to my Eternal Master Pieces' Sealing wand.
All the details of her outfit are so crisp from the bows to the frills on her dress and gloves. The attention to detail is amazing and is nothing less from what I expect from Good Smile. Even Kero's wings have the signature swirl. Her wings are semi translucent and on ball joints so they have a little bit of movement.
She comes with 5 arms in total 2 straight arms, and 3 bent arms. A total of 8 hands 2 default hands(open palms), 2 semi closed hands for her 'cute things' pose, 1 closed hand for holding the wand, 1 hand that goes over the wand hand, 1 hand for griping the wand in the flying pose and lastly and hand for holding The Fly card.
Two of my favorite accessories is the Kero and Fly card. Kero is pretty plain Good Smile was kind enough to give him a rotating head. The Fly card is pretty detailed and clear for being such a small piece. The gold on the card is metallic gold paint so it gives the card a nice shine. My camera didn't really pick up the detail on the front and back of the card.
Sakura comes with two additional bows for the front of the dress. Depending on what pose you want her in you can change the bow to be more accommodating.
Changing the tips on the wand was very hard. The tip was extremely hard to get out, I broke a nail in the process. I think it was tough because of the gold paint, I am going on based by the gold paint residue on the attaching pieces. So be careful when changing them for the first time. The clow card that attaches to the wand tip attaches via a small hole in the front of the tip
Something to quickly note while I was playing around with her between writing this review I noticed her alternate sleeves now have some light red marks on them her front bow. Keep that in mind that the paint from the bow might transfer to her sleeves. Sorry the camera doesn't really pick up the red but as I said it is very light paint transfer.
Now there is much more to Sakura then I first thought. One of the things is that her hat is removable and attaches via magnet. Her arm stand even has an every joint so you can move her side to side as well as up and down. Also her wings attach to the arm stand and not her back which I am very happy about and you have a choice to display her without them. I own both Ikaros and Nymph nendoroids and their wings are how you attach them to the base it is a nightmare trying to pose them. I am glad that Good Smile made Sakura's wings different.
This is one of my favorite poses but one of the hardest to pose her in. As you can see from above in the picture of her contents, you can see that the bottom half you use for flying pose only attaches to her top via a small plastic pole and not a ball joint. This is what caused me the most trouble. How I finally had to do was make the wand balance on the stand with pressure from the arm stand(You can see below for an example of what I mean). Even with the difficulty I had to putting her in this pose, this is still my favorite of this nendoroid and was the one I was looking forward to the most. I can't say this enough but Good Smile did such an excellent job recreating Sakura.
Just setting my mug down on the desk caused her to explode. I need to figure out a better way to keep her posed. If you have a better way please let me know.
This is what I would consider the 'default' pose as it's the one that's on the front of the box. Not much to say about this pose but it looks like she just finished capturing a clow card and doing a victory pose.
This pose Sakura in her awesome sealing or release pose depending on how you look at it. You can defiantly tell Good Smile put a lot of effort into this nendoroid even the magic circle is perfectly re-created for this pint sized cardcaptor.
'It's just so cute' pose. Two words sum up this pose TOO CUTE ^_^ (Cat is from a Nendoroid more set)

Overall this is a beautiful nendoroid and a must have for all Cardcaptor Sakura fans or just any nendoroid collector. As I am writing this she is sold out at AmiAmi and I am not sure on her availability, but if you have a change to pick her up I highly recommend it.

Bonus Photos
This is just a personal note I wanted to put at the end of this review and it's something I noticed when I first started to unbox Sakura. That one of the things I love about this nendoroid isn't just that one of my all time favorite characters was made into a nendoroid but the fact is that it brings back many happy memories. I'm pretty sure that a few people can relate that when you look at a figure you remember memories that are associated with the character/series. These are figures I love to collect, display and show off to others.
Edit: I took this for a school project I thought I should put it here with the review.
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Awesome post! I love all the pictures! I had the same thing happen to my Sakura when I sat down at my desk. She just exploded apart hahaha. Which nendo is the blue kimono from?
Vor 4 Jahren
I haven't received mine yet but this review helps me a lot! Especially after reading all the flying pose problems. Thank you very much and indeed Sakura will bring back sooooo many good memories ^_^
Fantastic review!!
Vor 4 Jahren
great review with a good way of the story telling.
Vor 4 Jahren
She's cuter that I expected, great review!
Vor 4 Jahren
Great review! I've displayed mine in the flying pose (this week). I just used a tiny bit of blu tac next to the pegs on the wand and the skirt, just to hold it still as I put it on the shelf.
Vor 4 Jahren
She is way tooo cute! Great review. I want this nendoroid now!
Vor 4 Jahren
mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
Your review made me remember the magic circle! It's so hidden! I got mine today and wow, I'm beyond impressed! Fantastic review!
Vor 4 Jahren
waaa! the last pic is so cute! <3
Vor 4 Jahren
Thanks for the review! I'm so excited to get her I will cry when it arrives. I love CCS and Sakura Kinomoto a lot and this manga/anime has great significance for me. I'm really happy GSC made a careful work on her <33
Vor 4 Jahren
thanks for making this review!
I really curious about how hard could it be attaching her parts, now I'm just glad I ordered her, she's worth the wait..
the last photo is so cute! now I want madoka maiko too (o.o )
Vor 4 Jahren
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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