Kagamine Len SEGA Project Diva Prize Figure close-upKagamine Len SEGA Project Diva Prize Figure close-upReview

hyenaqueenhyenaqueenVor 6 Jahren
I have seen many of the comments on ITEM #198717 about people not being happy with the quality control of these prizes so I thought I would give a little close-up/review of mine~

From a distance he honestly looks great. The sculpt is the best I have ever seen. It far FAR outclasses that of the GSC scale figure and has so much more detail than even the figma.

However, this is a prize figure. There is grainy texture on the hair...

...as well as some fairly visible seam lines.

The sculpting on the tummy is just great. There is a ridiculous amount of detail on this for a prize figure. There are little scuffs of paint and things on the shirt, as is standard with prize figures I have bought previously. Finer details, such as the yellow lines, can be shaky.

Which you can see clearly here. The figure is fairly large so these little mistakes are actually not that noticeable!

The base is gorgeous and the text on the leg warmer is super sharp.

The face is absolutely perfect. 10/10, honestly the best face on a Kagamine Len figure in my opinion.

Even the design of the box is fantastic.


Overall I would say this is a great figure. Obviously there are prize figures out there with higher QC, but I think in terms of prize figures the mistakes here are average. But the sculpt is so fantastic it easily compensates for all of that. If you love Len then get this one asap. I did not waste money getting the last/first Len prize figure and I am so glad I didn't since this one is just so much better in every way!


+ if you would like more photos, or photos of anything listed in my Owned section on my profile, don't be afraid to ask +
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it looks really good for a prize fig. thanks~
Vor 6 Jahren
Such a great review!!! Mine is still in the mail sadly OTL, but I can't wait to get him after seeing how great he looks! I wasn't expecting anything less or more than what this review showed. Sega's PM Prize figures are so amazing, since this is my first prize figure I'm actually impressed by the quality for what I'm spending on him.
Vor 6 Jahren
GollyGeeItsBoo SHSL Saniwa
I agree that his face is perfect. When I got mine and saw the couple issues with it, I didn't even care because I love the sculpt and his face so much. He's adorable and definitely worth it!
Vor 6 Jahren
Thanks for this review! <3 I bought mine a week ago, but it's still on it's way, and this review made me even more excited to have him! Len's the best <3
Vor 6 Jahren
Leosach Born this way
You've made me want it ^^
Vor 6 Jahren
this review made want him even more
also i'm very happy that you did this review, since they were people saying he was low quality
Vor 6 Jahren
bellechanVor 6 Jahren#2394772Nice review!
Please do another if you get Kaito someday ^^~~

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be getting Kaito as I'm not really a fan but hopefully someone who sees this and gets Kaito will do one :)
Vor 6 Jahren
Nice review!
Please do another if you get Kaito someday ^^~~
Vor 6 Jahren
Oooh thank you for these pictures! Despite the flaws and more neutral poses, I DO like these way more than the GSC figures. I hope to get my hands on them some day!

Gosh what a cutie uvu
Vor 6 Jahren
Adorable! You're totally right about the face, it's the cutest Len face of any figure (doesn't have those creepy empty eyes!) Too bad it's a hassle to get this one since nowhere carried it for preorder :/
Vor 6 Jahren
PVC anime figure store.

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