My Super Sonico cosplay & New Super Sonico Figure~♪My Super Sonico cosplay & New Super Sonico Figure~♪Diary

AbipopAbipopVor 6 Jahren
Hello everyone~!

I wanted to share with you my newest cosplay~!

This time I am cosplaying the adorable Super Sonico in her Buruma (Japanese Gym Uniform) :D




I REALLY love these and I cannot wait to cosplay her in her Tiger Parka~! :D Which I am slowly getting together~! I just need to get her boots as I have ordered the guitar necklace!


Now onto my baby <3
I got the Sweet time Super Sonico Figure! She's in a pink sofa chair eating donuts wearing fluffy socks. reminded me of me when I lounge so I just had to get her :3


I'm hoping to get a few Sonico figures! next on my list is defiantly the nendoroid and the Space Police! *^*

Thank you for reading~!

Abi pop
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Vor 5 Jahren
neL on ice
satsukibestgirlVor 6 Jahren#2209620This isn't a cosplay site.
Fun fact: The first few lines on MFC before you sign up is "MyFigureCollection.net is a service for Japanese pop-culture.." and guess what is part of Japanese pop-culture..
Vor 6 Jahren
gnocchiVor 6 Jahren#2209857oh, i saw this on tumblr and was wondering who the cosplayer was -- you make such a cute sonico!

sgisfbguisfg THank you~!! :D
Vor 6 Jahren
shaolintechVor 6 Jahren#2210586Awesome cosplay, Sonico has always been a favorite of mine.

Thank you so much! Mine too :D
Vor 6 Jahren
First off, fantastic cosplay! It's not a cosplay website, but it's a figure-related post as well, so for those complaining its a bit silly.

Second, that super-sonico in the chair is so adorable! I'm sure she would go nicely with the D-Arts Elizabeth (Persona 3) since they both have chairs : 3
Vor 6 Jahren
satsukibestgirlVor 6 Jahren#2209620This isn't a cosplay site.True, but blogs don't necessarily need to be wholly related to figures.

Also, lovely cosplay! You did a really nice job of bringing her to life.
Vor 6 Jahren
Awesome cosplay, Sonico has always been a favorite of mine.
Vor 6 Jahren
Really cute cosplay! Seems like you worked hard on it :)

I don't even know the character tho
Vor 6 Jahren
Vor 6 Jahren
satsuyuramiVor 6 Jahren#2210063Funny, if I remember it correctly this site allow cosplay as long as still related with Japanese media.
I didn't say it wasn't allowed. I merely find it odd that the person posts a cosplay on a figure site of all places.
(Also, this actually isn't a cosplay site.)
Vor 6 Jahren
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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