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Somehow this April has become a psuedo-summer Christmas for me thanks to the one Anime Convention I go to, and a large one at that: Anime Central.

My last visit to ACen got me into figure collecting. This year was more a manga round-up for some older series, but I couldn't help myself from getting my beloved figures.

BUT A WARNING TO ANY CON-GOER: Figures at cons are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced. Unless they are sold by the manufacturer's official booths(Bandai, GSC, etc.) they'll be at LEAST double what they ought to go for. Most figures I saw were over $100. Compare that to Mandarake or Amiami's preowned section you could easily get them for half the price at those shops even with EMS shipping. SO BEWARE. Also BEWARE OF BOOTLEGS.

Now on to the loot!


Mikazuki Yozora by GoodSmile Company ITEM #78630
I know I got her a bit overpriced but I just finished Haganai and am in love with long-hair Yozora
Sailor Moon by Bandai Figuarts Zero ITEM #166976
Bought from Bandai booth so ok price. Despite that damn arm she looks great IMO. I've just really gotten into Sailor Moon for the first time since my childhood and am really enjoying it. Impulsive buy but no regrets.
Sakura Miku Nendoroid by GoodSmile Company ITEM #104300
Another impulse buy, from the GSC booth. I had really wanted her when I first got into collecting since she's such a vibrant nendo.

Uzu Sanageyama ITEM #202074
I love Monkey, what can I say. Best I can do until a figure of him comes out. ONE DAYYYY
Two charms, Sailor Mars and a Bat by Tasty Peach Studios. Been a long time buyer of their stuff, pretty cute.

All of Tokyo Mewmew
All of Magic Knights Rayearth by Clamp
Clover by Clamp
Chobits Omnibus Vol 1 by Clamp
xxxHolic Vol 3
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles Vol 14+15
.hack//Legend of the Twilight Vol 2+3

DiGiCharat TV Series DVD
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story BD
Nekomonogatari BD
Tales of Vesperia: The Fist Strike BD

Wow... Listing it all out I didn't realize. But. Damn.
This is probably the biggest haul I'll ever have at once. And this isn't even considering my other April orders.

My wallet is dead.
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astrum the unnecessary guy
Saluting the wallet o7
I probably would have started collecting a lot sooner if figures weren't so scarily overpriced at conventions. I saw way better prices online when I started in fall 2013 after ACEN 2013. The $180 GSC Tenshi was so beautiful at one of the booths I stumbled upon, but that price... Definitely right about that haha. But, it looks like you got a lot out of this year's ACEN. Grats and thanks for sharing!
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Shinigamiyoko heart reinforce
Nice haul! Congrats on getting a lot of those older series, from the other comments it sounds like some of those series are getting hard to find.

I've found a few (non-bootleg) deals at cons, but it's generally because the figure is going for higher than its original release price online, and the dealer still happens to sell it around the old price. I don't spend a lot of time in dealer's hall anymore though because I go to cons mostly to take photos of cosplayers, and having bulky boxes inhibits my speed xD
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Reputable conventions take bootleg sellers seriously. I've been to Anime Expo 3 years running (going again this year) and never seen a bootleg. And if you DO find one that's slipped through, any decent con will take reports of it seriously--tell staff.

I've gotten fantastic deals on figures at cons occasionally. I got Solid Theater/Gift's Saber Alter for $40 at AX the 2nd year I went.
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ArdenorVor 6 Jahren#2151750Awesome haul, VioMariner!
I attended ACEN this year as well, and I can also attest to how BRUTALLY overpriced virtually every figure was at retailers who were not selling on behalf of the manufacturers (like Bandai or Good Smile Company). I snatched up Max Factory's Zero Suit Samus (ITEM #81489) for $75 at Good Smile Company's booth, only to find her later on at other retailers going for $110 and even $140!! Not to mention Good Smile's Mikasa nendoroid (ITEM #166614) priced at $45 (or less, can't quite remember) at GSC's booth going for $65 everywhere else.
Speaking of bootlegs, I'm almost positive I encountered one in the form of GSC's Maiko Madoka nendoroid (ITEM #158023). Priced at $30 at a booth that was selling predominantly cosplay accessories if I recall correctly, it seemed mighty fishy. On the surface, they looked legitimate enough, but without a sticker on the back it just seemed too good to be true. Additionally, this figure is known to have counterfeits, so...
I can also attest to having a very sad and very empty wallet... Actually, I spent more money on art at Artist's Alley than anything else this year. So many prints, but so little wall space.
I hadn't realized there were other members of our community attending ACEN this year. It's good to know there are other local collectors active on the con scene!

You are correct, there was a maiko madoka bootleg there. $30 for a GSC exclusive is very fishy.

As for prices, most of them are about the same as if you included shipping cost from japan in the cost for a figure you order. Even GSC was more expensive than their online store (snow miku went for 50 there, and she is a bit cheaper if you ordered online and didn'tt pay shipping).

My thoughts going into a con, if I find a figure cheaper at con, great, but I don't expect figures to be cheaper than ordering.

the one big exception to this is bluefin as mentioned before.
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pandaneko-samaVor 6 Jahren#2151895The prices aren't that bad.
My boyfriend got this Saber ITEM #13777 , in sealed condition, with 40 USD.
Another good deal he got was this ITEM #2071 for 20 USD.
One deal he saw but passed was Shizuo ITEM #50598 in sealed condition, at 80 USD. He passed because I just ordered Shizuo 3 days ago...

Wow I've never seen reasonable prices like those at the few Midwestern American cons I've been too, but sellers are usually small proxy American stores I've hardly ever heard of.
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pandaneko-samaVor 6 Jahren#2151895The prices aren't that bad.
My boyfriend got this Saber ITEM #13777 , in sealed condition, with 40 USD.
Another good deal he got was this ITEM #2071 for 20 USD.
One deal he saw but passed was Shizuo ITEM #50598 in sealed condition, at 80 USD. He passed because I just ordered Shizuo 3 days ago...

How do you get saber at that price?! Omg I've wanted her for so long but I can't find her except for 80+$ :(
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I'm not saying the prices at conventions are not overpriced (they are), but isn't it unfair to compare pricing for items from a retailer with the same item from the manufacturer? There is no way you can beat the manufacturer in terms of pricing. They could sell the items at the same price they give to wholesalers and still make profit.

Also, as a heads up, it's not actually the Bandai booth. Their actual name is Bluefin Distribution. They carry more than Bandai stuff, but, from what I've seen, they just seem to carry lots of Bandai related items so it's easy to call them the 'Bandai Booth'.

It would be best not to mislead people into thinking they are purchasing items from the manufacturer themselves.
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The prices aren't that bad.

My boyfriend got this Saber ITEM #13777 , in sealed condition, with 40 USD.

Another good deal he got was this ITEM #2071 for 20 USD.

One deal he saw but passed was Shizuo ITEM #50598 in sealed condition, at 80 USD. He passed because I just ordered Shizuo 3 days ago...
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VioMarinerVor 6 Jahren#2151821This is the story of my life. I had soooo many old TokyoPop/SJ manga from my teenage years that are now all MIA. And here I am scrambling around to try and get these out of print mangas. I hate the feeling of having an unfinished manga collection. My biggest challenge right now is Rave Master... it's soooo dead but I'm 20+ volumes in I needa finish it!

i've actually not heard of that manga, but jesus, some people are wanting over 50 for one manga! that is insane, tokyopop should do an omnibus of that. i did see some pretty cheap used ones on amazon, assuming the shipping is priced right. oh! i found a seller on ebay who has quite a few of volumes in 20s, i bet if you offer to buy them all, they'd give you a good price! but i'm right in the same boat with you with a bunch of series, especially with inuyasha.. ugh, so many. ;-;
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S1257Vor 6 Jahren#2151699Quite a nice haul! I like the monkey charm.
I thought Gama was gonna be my fav but somewhere, somehow Monkey triumphed. And I like him more since he kinda got shafted quite a bit(WHERE'S MY REMATCH RYUKOOOO)

silentxangelVor 6 Jahren#2151703Good job with the CLAMP mangas! I loved Magic Knight Rayearth and Chobits. Clover is all about the feels (T^T)b
Thanks! I love Clamp's art and stories so I'm trying to collect it all. Sadly some older ones are out of print/discontinued ughhh. Doing my best to compile all I can! Can't wait to read Clover, for the feeeeellss T-T
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