Hanekawa Tsubasa 1/8 (GSC)Hanekawa Tsubasa 1/8 (GSC)Review

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Today we'll taking a look at GOODSMILECMPANY latest heroine from the Bakemonogatari series, Hanekawa Tsubasa. Bakemonogatari is a light novel series written by Nisio Isin AKA NisiOisiN due to his pen name being a palindrome. Bakemonogatari focuses on a high school student named Koyomi Araragi and his encounters with all kinds of apparitions; gods, ghosts, mythological beasts, and spirits. A heroine is usually introduced each chapter within the series and the events and characters play an important part in the subsequent chapters.

I don't know much about the series or the characters. Tsubasa is a classmate of the protagonist and like the other heroines, she was possessed by a spirit. Her spirit is a monster cat, called a Bakeneko. The spirit seems to manifest when she is stressed and it's also a male spirit.

She retailed for around 9,000 Yen and was a standard release. She was released in September of 2011 and at this time is only available on the secondary market. Due to her popularity like most of the previous girls, she'll probably be re-released again. Don't hold me to it but I don't see why they wouldn't since she's sure to be scooped up quickly if offered again. As mentioned, I don't really know much about the series or the figure. So the objective is to see if this figure can be enjoyed by someone that doesn't know much about her or her background.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Packaging: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆





GSC stayed consistent with their design and layout just like the proceeding heroines. Four window panels was employed with the front being the largest while the peripheral portals provided a restricted view of the contents. Most if not all of the contents can be viewed while still in the box so if desired you could leave her in there for display purposes. The artwork and design is just like the packaging of the previous girls differing only in color scheme. The pictures used look great and the color scheme works. It's an attractive looking box.

Dimensions of the packaging:
H: 260 mm
W: 280 mm
D: 160 mm

Just like the other packaging, the box was made of lightweight corrugated cardboard. The film/coating on the exterior enhanced the strength and protection even further. The size of the packaging is just enough to ensure the protection of the contents and no more. Weight is pretty reasonable for the level of protection provided. They achieved the perfect balance between protection, size and weight. The figure and contents is well protected but it won't impact your shipping cost much.


A typical two piece blister joining at four points was used to encase the figure. No tape was used to hold the two pieces together, relying solely on the packaging to hold them together. The tolerances were pretty tight so it looks like tape wasn't necessary and the pockets were also as tight. There is little risk of items shifting and adequate plastic sheets was used to protect the figure from rubbing and paint transfer.


Basic instructions were provided to assist you in assembling the figure as well as swapping out accessories. I'm sure you would have eventually figured out how to assemble her as she wasn't that complex but it's still appreciated.


GSC stayed consistent with the previous packaging as expected. The packaging looks attractive and you have the option of displaying her still in the box. She's well protected but not at the cost of size or weight. She'll get to you safely and not break the bank doing it. Great job as always.

Sculpting: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆

Sculpting credits go to Ushiro Masami who has been working on figures for a few years for several companies. Looking at Ushiro's past work I wasn't really that impressed with the figures up to this one. I don't have any other figures by this sculptor to compare with so this figure will have to all the talking.

The figure is 1/8th in scale like the other girls before her. From the top of the desk to the top of her head she measures about 150 mm tall. From the floor to top of the figure, she measures around 220 mm. She comes with an alternate hair piece, her right shoe that slipped off, a cell phone, two pairs of glasses and a chair. The desk will be addressed in the base section.


Her cellphone with the kitty strap is nicely detailed but care should be taken when installing it into her hand. The strap is actually pretty fragile and at least for mine the kitty was not secured and actually fell off. It was easy enough to put back on but I can see it falling off when you're not paying attention and getting lost forever or even damaged.

Two wire framed glasses are provided, one being a spare as I can easily see it being damaged while installing or removing. The delicate spectacles actually look pretty good, they did a great job on them. Usually I'm wary of figures being modified for "easier" installation of glasses as it usually takes away your option to display the figure without glasses but this figure looks fine with or without the glasses.


I was actually surprised at the level of detail and attention they paid to her shoe. I'm actually surprised they even bothered to include one. As you can see it's nicely detailed and looks pretty realistic. If they put that much care into an accessory, I have high hopes for Ushiro yet.


The chair is just as detailed and more. It looks fairly realistic and could be easily mistaken for a real chair if in a photo like the ones shown below. The only real concern is the legs are not metal meaning you could break them if you are not careful. They have some flex and it seems to be resistant to damage. It's well put together and just looks fantastic with the high level of detail.


Let's move onto the main show.









I don't know about you, but if I just went by the other figures Ushiro worked on previously, I wouldn't have expected much of this figure. Luckily I wasn't familiar with the previous figures and didn't miss out on the fantastic job done on this one. Just comparing this figure with the past figures is like night and day in regards quality and execution.

If you can't tell in the pictures, there are no real issues to speak of in regards to sculpting. Actually, there aren't really any issues to speak of at all.

Starting with her lovely face, Ushiro did a nice job with shape and contour. The jawline transitions seamlessly to her neck and looks pretty good from all angles. What was done with the mouth was pretty tricky and was executed skillfully. This could have gone horribly wrong, but it was done just right. Her cheeks and ears look good as well. Her face looks great either with her glasses on or off.

As mentioned earlier, her hair was modified to allow the "easy" installation of her glasses. Unlike most other figures, leaving the glasses off even with the modification in her hair is barely noticeable. It looks like they accomplished a decent compromise but don't get me wrong because it's still a pain to install those glasses.

Moving on to her hair, she of course has two alternate pieces available for use. Either one can be displayed with the glasses exactly the same way. You have the choice of her regular hair or ones with neko ears sticking out. Personally, I went with the neko ears. I mean cute girl + glasses + cat ears? It's a no brainer. 8Þ

Her removable hair pieces are attached just like other hair pieces you find on most figures. The tolerances for the fit of the pegs and gap when the hair installed was pretty tight. However, it'll probably vary between figures as it did slightly between the two hair pieces. One didn't fit as closely as the other so I suspect you might have similar results.

It was kind of scary for me to swap out the hair pieces though without risking damage to that big antennae of hers. It's somewhat flexible but you shouldn't test it as it will more than likely snap right off if you're not careful. The other strands of hair on the removable pieces are pretty soft and should resist damage. I think they made them soft because you have to move them out of the way to install the glasses. Her neko ears are also pretty sturdy. As long as you're careful around her antennae, you should be fine.


Her hair is is nicely detailed especially her twin braids. The yellow ribbons decorating those braids looked great. They are pretty flexible but you shouldn't test them as continuously bending them will cause some of them to break off if you're not careful. Basically, watch where you put your fingers when you handle her. Her braids actually have some flex as well so they should resist damage. Her hair looks great from all sides. A definite attention getter.


Moving on down... Ummm, she's supposed to be a class rep? I don't know much about her but I take it she's supposed to be a nerd/geek? Have to say her body sure doesn't match the stereotype. Heck, even though she's wearing the same uniform as two of the other heroines before her, their figures just cannot compare against this kitty cat. That uniform is straining to the point of bursting open, barely able to contain her amazing physique. Love the execution on her long, slender neck ending in nicely defined collarbones that are easily visible among the other amazing landmarks on this figure. How could a fully clothed girl look this darn sexy?


The details on her shirt just look great. The wrinkles and stretching of the shirt accentuates her curves and amazing figure even further. There are no unsightly seams or gaps. The fit and finish is just superb. Care should be taken with her blue ribbon as it could be ripped off if you're not careful. It is soft and flexible but it shouldn't be tested. The details and her outfit just look great from all sides with no issues to report. Not sure if Ushiro made a deal with the devil to improve this much but I'm not complaining.


Her skirt is just as detailed and of course her lovely legs. It being frozen in time as it flutters about so that it can be enjoyed by all for an eternity. Her legs are shapely and just gives you more hints at her lovely physique just waiting to burst out of that skintight uniform.


A closer look shows the attention to detail with her skirt, both layers. Also note the seamless transition from her lovely legs to those socks. It looks very natural and looking at the overall figure I'd say this will probably not vary much if at all between figures. A note about her knees, she actually has holes in each knee. I removed them so you can admire her lovely legs unobstructed. Her legs just have the right balance of curves and muscle tone. Lovely, proportional legs that match that lovely figure she's barely hiding under that uniform. Even her pink panties are detailed. The transition from her thighs to her panties was well done.


And last we arrive at her feet. They are just as detailed as the rest of the figure, from how her socks wrinkle at the ankles and her toes imprinting through the socks. The shoe that's attached looks as nice as the loose one. From head to toe, Ushiro did a fantastic job.


Ushiro and GSC outdid themselves once again. Each heroine keeps getting better and better. The details and the fit and finish are just superb. Expectations were met and exceeded especially considering Ushiro's previous work.

Painting: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆




GSC usually employs all the tools available to color a figure and this one isn't any different. Starting with her lovely face, you can see the decals for her eyes look great and were placed precisely. They are easily one of the most attractive features of this figure. Those big eyes just can't be ignored. Her subtle hint of a blush burning against that alabaster skin of hers making you want more. That skin of hers, the flesh tone of this porcelain doll was just tinted perfectly.

Note the use of shading and accents on her uniform to enhance and accentuate the various wrinkles and ruffles in her uniform. It also accentuated her lovely figure as well. There was a high level of precision of accuracy in how the red accents were painted as well as the staining to give those elements more depth and dimension.


Another look at her lovely legs also shows the accents used in her flesh to both assist with the transition from her legs to the socks but also her curves and details. They just brought life to her flesh. The same loving attention to detail was paid to even a shoe. Look at perfect blend of tinting and painting to make it look so realistic. The same can be said for the other accessories such as that chair. The fine details such as the precisely painted bolts and the shading in the legs and the artificial wood grain. Just superb.


GSC outdid themselves again. The quality and execution is consistent with the previous heroines and it just makes me want to see the future offerings more and more. Looking at the figure as a whole as well as her accessories, I doubt there will be much variation in quality between figures. Expectations met and exceeded again. Great job!

Posing: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆

Looking at the original illustration for this figure, I am glad Ushiro wasn't exactly faithful. This interpretation of her, close but still different enough especially in the face just looks better in my opinion.

Her provocative pose as she displays herself for all to see on that desk. The skirt fluttering about give many a hint of the delightful secrets it contains. Those neko ears of hers and those big wire frame glasses just scream moe.

This is a good girl being naughty without knowing it. Her amazing physique, barely contained in that torturously skin tight outfit that does nothing to hide her svelte frame but instead shows it off even further. That tilt of her head, with those big eyes of hers and those partially parted lips just entrance you.

Display wise, you have a few options in regards whether you use the glasses or not as well as neko mode or not? That's 4 choices right there. She's best displayed at eye level or above. If you display her below, you'd be missing out on a lot. She looks great from all sides but I'd have to say this is probably her best profile.

Ushiro and GSC did a great job. I don't think there was any surprise from the the prototype and official photos up to when I received her. She matches up perfectly and my expectations were met and exceeded.

Base: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆

The attention to detail they paid to the base is easily a match for the figure. The fit and finish was superb. It looked realistic and if it wasn't for the holes on the desk surface, I'd say you'd probably mistake it for a real desk shown in the pictures below. The legs seem pretty sturdy and stable. I don't foresee any leaning issues with this base and figure.


My only real "issue" with this figure and the base would be the mounting of the figure. There are other ways she could have been mounted which would have given you more leeway on her positioning on the desk as well as being more resistant to damage. Installing the pegs is a chore let alone if you need to remove them due to the tight fit. The biggest thing is they had to put holes into her lovely legs.


They did a nice job on the base even if I disagree with how they mounted her. It definitely supports the theme of the figure since it's what's shown in the illustration they based this figure off of. It's a nice change of pace from some of the other "bases" you normally encounter. Just like the other heroines before her, they did a nice job both emulating the illustration and execution.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆

Here we come to the end, as pointed out I know little about her or the series. However, I can confidently say that does not matter as I thoroughly enjoyed everything this figure has to offer. Even though I know next to nothing about her, she's a great figure that I do not regret getting. She looks great, was well put together and was worth every penny I paid. She only encourages me to keep collecting the heroines from this series. If you have the chance, I highly recommend acquiring her. I just hope the pattern holds and she's re-released again so you can obtain her for a fair price.


See you later.
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Awesome review. Just plcaed my order.

Its weird though, she isn't my favorite character from the series, yet she's my favorite figure from it. The pose is just so dynamic...
Vor 7 Jahren
Awsome review! ^^ I'm getting her as a christmas present i can't wait♥
Vor 7 Jahren
Holy cow. This review is incredible! I had already made up my mind on the figure (it looks awesome), but seeing pictures in this level of detail is a real treat.
Vor 8 Jahren
StalkingEverytime I read one of your reviews I feel like going on a buying spree ;_;

Thanks for the amazing pictures and comments ;A; Your reviews are definitely the best on mfc xD

Vor 8 Jahren
StalkingEverytime I read one of your reviews I feel like going on a buying spree ;_;

Thanks for the amazing pictures and comments ;A; Your reviews are definitely the best on mfc xD

Thanks, just sharing my passion. 8Þ
Vor 8 Jahren
Stalking Loli hunter
Everytime I read one of your reviews I feel like going on a buying spree ;_;

Thanks for the amazing pictures and comments ;A; Your reviews are definitely the best on mfc xD
Vor 8 Jahren
This review makes me even more sad to not being able to buy her, she is definitely out of my range even though I really do love Hanekawa.
Anyway, awesome review !
Vor 8 Jahren
eefiI believe the eyes are not decals but also stamped like the Nendoroid eyes. As shown here gscmikatan.word...

I just call anything not hand painted decals. 8Þ It's safer that way.
Vor 8 Jahren
I believe the eyes are not decals but also stamped like the Nendoroid eyes. As shown here gscmikatan.word...
Vor 8 Jahren
great review and nice pics.. this is one figure i plan to get, though its really pricey here locally
Vor 8 Jahren
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