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! There is a wall of text in the beginning! If you want to see the figure + pictures and not the background information, you can scroll down a bit. ;) !

Keep in mind the following before reading this review:
- This review uses pictures I have been storing on my computer for a while and are lower quality than you are used to nowadays from me, also a few of them are slightly blurry.
- I don't own these figure anymore, so I can't retake any pictures or answer questions that require me to look at the figure some more.

Welcome to my review! Today I will be talking about the full trading figure set from Ichiban Kuji Kyun-Chara World Fate/Zero Part 1 search.php?type... consisting of Assassin ITEM #101409 , Saber ITEM #101494 , Caster ITEM #101407 , Berserker ITEM #101497 , Rider ITEM #101405 , Lancer ITEM #101406 and Archer ITEM #101496 . This set is made by Banpresto ENCYCLOPEDIA #7652 and part of the Chibi Kyun-Chara ENCYCLOPEDIA #25937 and Ichiban Kuji ENCYCLOPEDIA #23397 series.


Fate/Zero is a visual novel and the prequel to Fate/Stay Night. The series is about the Holy Grail War, where magic-users can use a hero from history to fight with. The identities of these heroes are being kept secret in the beginning of the games and anime-series. Which is why in this review and also in the MFC-database they are referred to their spoiler-friendly names, which only say which type of hero they are (hence the names: Caster, Berserker, Rider etc.).

The reason why and how I got this set

I could buy this set for a good price from a friend of mine who lost interest in collecintg. Wanting to help my friend out and knowing another friend who likes the Fate series, I decided to buy the set from him to shortly after give it away as a gift! But not before I photographed them of course, of which you can see the result in this review! View spoilerHide spoilerNormally I wouldn't open up presents for others of course, but since this set was already opened when I got it... :]

Original art

There is no specific original art this figure set was made after. With the Chibi Kyun-Chara series all sorts of characters are made in the characteristic style the series is known for. Unfortuntaly, it's very rare to see the original Chibi Kyun-Chara artwork and they start with showing unpainted prototypes whenever they announce new figures from this series.

The Boxes



The boxes are the ones you would expect for trading figures: blind boxes. The backside shows the possible figures that could be inside.



Something interesting to mention with these boxes is that after opening them (which often ends up in ripping a part of the top of the box with trading figures), these extra cardboard folds are underneath, which makes the boxes re-closeable after opening. Very useful I think! (I own a lot of trading figures with opened boxes and the top of the boxes never close well!)

Looking at all the details! ~ Rider ITEM #101405


Rider consists of three parts: His head, his body and his base.


What surprised me, and I really liked a lot with this set, are the bases. All of them show artwork of the type of hero they are, but a bit more traditional!





First impression: The detail and painting looks great on this one!


Except for the small part with missing paint on his teeth and a few small black spots all the detailing and painting here look spot-on. I especially like the sculpting of Rider's nose, it looks very cartoony and makes his overall appreance more powerful.


Rider's clothing and armor are very intricately detailed. There are some small painting errors, but especially the sculpting is done very well!


On the back some more painting errors are to be seen, these grab some more attention than the ones you see at the front. Overall for a figure of this size and price it's still acceptable!

With this whole series of trading figures all characters have a peg that goes inside their back. What I like with Riders' peg is that it quite well blends with the design of his clothes.

Looking at all the details! ~ Caster ITEM #101407


Caster consists of three parts: His head, his body and his base.





First impression: I like how they made Caster "cute" while the character has quite a creepy design. View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121210153845/typemoon/images/1/1b/ZeroCaster.png


View spoilerHide spoilerThe funniest part about this picture is that Picasaweb (Google service which I use to host my pictures for reviews) recommended me to tag a friend in this picture which he "recognized". :'D I'm dying a bit over here! xD

Caster also has, just like Rider, very cartoonic and with rough shapes. His eyes can be a bit distracting and in my opinion are a more humorous representation of the character since it reminded me of View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://www.humorodd.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/t4873192_700b.jpg when I saw this figure for the first time.


With Caster I really like the colors and design of his collar. It's all very simple, but that makes this figure almost without mistakes.


Casters' sculpt is a bit more rough and more leftovers and seamlines are to be seen compared to other figures of this set. The detailing on his collar is a bit off at some points, but the details on his cloak are great!

Looking at all the details! ~ Berserker ITEM #101497


Berserker consists of three parts: The main figure, his sword and his base.


Also with Berserker, the artwork on the base is really nice.




First impression: I think the chibi-style looks very good here! I especially like the very big and detailed helmet!


Although his size is small, the armor is very nicely detailed! Something weird in the sculpting (or design?) is that both of Berserker's hand can hold the sword, which means that the hand that isn't holding the sword is in a bit of a weird posing. This makes it look like he is supposed to hold two swords.


His sword is tiny, but very detailed! Unfortunately on this copy of the figure there is a scratch on the part with the black paint. I'm not sure if this is an regular problem with this figure, but I own figures myself that also get scratches pretty quickly on parts that are painted in dark colors.


The back of Berserkers' helmet is in my opinion the most interesting in this characters' design. I love how symmetrical it is and the painting is perfectly done.

Looking at all the details! ~ Lancer ITEM #101406


Lancer consists of four parts: The main figure, his red lance, his gold lance and his base.



Let's start off with that Lancer has horrible problems with keeping his lances in his hands (here beautifully captured with the blur of one of the falling lances). His gold lance has more problems with falling than his red lance, but both fall with even the smallest movement or touch.




After the (bad) first impression of Lancer losing his lances, another take at the figure was quite positive. His detailing and paint are looking good.


Lancer most characteristic part is his hair and it's done very well! Something else remarkable about his face is how it is different from the shown prototype-pictures. Instead of a smiling View spoilerHide spoilermore like :] expression, there is now a more serious View spoilerHide spoilermore like :[ expression. Also his eye colors have been made a lot brighter, which is a positive in my opinion.


Lancers' bodysuit and armor are nicely detailed and painted, no errors are to be seen.


Both of his lances are detailed in the same way, with small parts sticking out that remind me a bit of veins. Both lances show quite a big seamline, but both of them are at the bottom of the lances, so not really noticeable until you look at them from up close.

Looking at all the details! ~ Archer ITEM #101496


Archer consists of four parts: Figure body, his head, his right arm with weapon and his base.





The first thing that I noticed was Archer having a bit of a lean to the right. When I looked at other users' pictures I also saw him leaning, but not so much as this copy of the figure. Maybe this is because of the way he was displayed by his previous owner (a hot climate?) or how he was stored by his previous owner.

Archer also shows some big seamlines on the left side of his head, due to his hair. Looking at how the rest of the hair and head show no seamlines at all, I think it's quite acceptable.


It's maybe not very well visible on the picture, but because of the small lean this Archer has, the peg in his back also fits in a bit awkwardly.


Except for a bit of bleeding paint near his mouth, his painting and decals are nicely done on the face. Something that did catch my attention though, are his eyebrows. Archer is known for his very thin and long eyebrows, but these eyebrows look quite thick, especially when you compare them to the prototype picture. It's not something to really give this figure minus-points for, but it's a small difference I wanted to mention.


A few of the decals on my Archer's armor are off, these are the details you can see just under his waist (they are all a bit too much to the right). I assume this is a factory/painting mistake from this specific figure that slip through Quality Control. His other decals and painting are all done very well.


His weapon has very small details, but they are painted almost perfectly!

Looking at all the details! ~ Assassin ITEM #101409


Assassin consists of three parts: Figure body, her head and her base.






From the moment I opened her box and put her together I knew it for sure: Assassin is my favorite from this set! The very simple use of colors, but the high amount of detailing make her really stand out for me.


Her mask has some nice depth-details. I think this is very well done, considered her mask is painted completely white.


Her body has minimal, but all very nicely sculpted and painted details. I especially like her midriff and and the ties that keep her pants together.


Assassin's hair has some glue leftovers at the start of her ponytail. Except for that the details of her hair have all been sculpted very nicely.

Looking at all the details! ~ Saber ITEM #101494


Saber consists of four parts: Figure body, her head, her sword and her base.






My first impression with Saber was not that good. Quite some front pieces of her hair look rough and she had a huge scratch on the back of her head (which could have been caused by the previous owner).


Looking closer at her hair, you can see that the rough parts are actually seamlines! Personally I have never seen a seamline in a place like that on a figure, it seems like a weird decision for placement (I would except halfway her head or at the back of her head to have the seamline). There is also some missing paint on her head, but I think this was caused by the previous owner, since it looks like paint was chipped off (from the figure making falling down for example).

I also think that Saber's expression and eyes looks a bit off. She feels a bit out of place in this set in my opinion. Which is a shame, since she is the most popular character...


The scratch at the back I already earlier mentioned. The rest of the back of her head: the detailing of her hair bun, the braid and her ribbon are all nicely sculpted and painted.


Sabers' dress, armor and sword have all been sculpted and painted very well.


I really like the movement of her dress at the back.

Summary or tl;dr

- Easy to re-close trading figure boxes!
- Really nice artwork on each of the bases.
- Overall painting and sculpting is done very well (especially since these are small-sized trading figures).

- The chibi-style makes some of the characters look very different from their designs in the visual novel and the anime, so it depends on personal taste if you like them or not (personally I think Saber's face looks very off, but I think Assassin looks great in this style).
- The hand-posing of Berserker makes him look like he's supposed to hold two swords, so it looks like he is missing a sword at all times.
- Is it possible for especially Gilgamesh to become a leaner in the future?

- Lancer's problems with holding his lances.

The Scores

Sculpting 8/10
These figures have very good sculpts for trading figures. There are a few who have very obvious seamlines, but overall the amount of detailing in the sculpt is very high!

Painting 8/10
On a lot of the figures I was very impressed with the painting, but there were some mistakes, especially in the placement of decals and the painting of some very small details in armor and clothing.

Posing 7/10
With these figures, all of them are posed quite simply. They do all give a good view on the character's very nicely detailed outfits, but I think they could have come up with some more interesting poses...

Base 8/10
I personally really liked the artwork on all of the bases. They also make the characters displayed together really feel like a set. The pegs in their backs however, don't feel really sturdy to me.

Packaging 8/10
The outside of the package looks like a standard trading-figure box, but what I like the most is the fact that the top can be re-closed, which you don't see much with other trading figures.

Enjoyment 7/10
To me, I enjoyed looking at these small figures for a while for their nice detailing, but I'm sure that a Fate (Zero) fan will appreciate them a lot more.


If you are a Fate or Fate/Zero fan, this is a really nicely detailed set to get! A fan of trading figures in general will probably also be quite satisfied with them. Their overall sculpt is very good and their painting, except for some small detailing mistakes, is also very nice.


As with a lot of Ichiban Kuji items, these figures tend to be quite hard to find on the aftermarket and if you find them, they go for prices higher than their release price. They are the easiest to find as seperate figures to buy on eBay, but expect to pay at least 15-20$ each there for them ex. shipping. I guess the easiest way to get the full set is to search on sites such as Mandarake or to try and win an auction with a proxy at Yahoo! Japan.

And to finish it!

I never really had them on display, but I wanted to make a picture with the full set (so I picked a shelf in my detolf that didn't had much items on them at that time):


For those who read all this way, thank you! My next article/review will either be about the making of my Marisa Garage Kit ITEM #25814 or a review from this Aria figure ITEM #83717

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All pictures in high resolution and some extra pictures not used in the review will be uploaded here later today: profile/Maakie/...

Thank you for reading this review!

And if you like my reviews and would like to receive e-mail updates when I have a new one, you can subscribe to my blog on MFC! --> profile/Maakie/...
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VioFitzVor 6 Jahren#2101420Caster's face gives me a creep... I like Assassin, & Berserker's design although their head looked too oversized than the rest I think. I loved how you reviewed each one of them... For sure that tooked alot of time to review one by one, right?

Yes...but Caster also isn't meant to have a pretty face. xD Assassin is my personal favorite and Berserker is very nice too!

And haha, yes it took me a lot of time to write this review. Way more hours than a normal review takes me. xD But I think it was worth it, since I rather talk about them one-by-one instead of the whole group (they also had too much differences to talk about them as a group!)
Vor 6 Jahren
Caster's face gives me a creep... I like Assassin, & Berserker's design although their head looked too oversized than the rest I think. I loved how you reviewed each one of them... For sure that tooked alot of time to review one by one, right?
Vor 6 Jahren
MaakieVor 6 Jahren#2094216Haha, I was already thinking "doesnt't that exist already" and just found p-bandai.jp/ite... on google before Yupa commented. :P
Looking at it, it's probably quite rare and more expensive than the 9,980円 it originally retailed for...
Thank you very much! ^w^

Vor 6 Jahren
AldenaVor 6 Jahren#2094227Neat review!
The seam line on Saber is really odd indeed, I wonder why they did that.
Anyhow, lovely pictures, I always like the close ups as it is something most reviews leave out yet interest me the most(seeing how it was sculpted and painted~
Keep it up, can't wait for your next one ^u^

Thank you very much! ^w^

I have no clue about the seam line on the Saber...it confused me so much...and I really think that multiple weird things on that figure make Saber the least good looking one from the set...she just doesn't fit with the rest, I guess it's mainly her eyes.

Thanks again! And I know what you mean, sometimes I see reviews and then people just take 4-5 pictures and talk for example about "how great the details on the hands are" while you can barely see the hands on the pictures. xD

I'm a bit busy at the moment, but I hope to upload another review in 1-2 weeks! ^^ Glad to hear you're looking forward to it! ^^
Vor 6 Jahren
Neat review!
The seam line on Saber is really odd indeed, I wonder why they did that.
Anyhow, lovely pictures, I always like the close ups as it is something most reviews leave out yet interest me the most(seeing how it was sculpted and painted~
Keep it up, can't wait for your next one ^u^
Vor 6 Jahren
sulukungVor 6 Jahren#2093912I wish the make the servant chess set as seen on the first ending theme.

YupaVor 6 Jahren#2094184You mean this right?

Haha, I was already thinking "doesnt't that exist already" and just found p-bandai.jp/ite... on google before Yupa commented. :P

Looking at it, it's probably quite rare and more expensive than the 9,980円 it originally retailed for...

YupaVor 6 Jahren#2094184Nice review!

Thank you very much! ^w^
Vor 6 Jahren
Nice review!

sulukungVor 6 Jahren#2093912I wish the make the servant chess set as seen on the first ending theme.
You mean this right?
Vor 6 Jahren
I wish the make the servant chess set as seen on the first ending theme.
Vor 6 Jahren
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