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Aiba Minori ReviewAiba Minori Review

catfairycatfairyVor 5 JahrenReview
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Ich bin über 18
Hi this is my review for one of Orchid Seed's newest release Aiba Minori ! I just got her today actually! :3 I noticed not too many people were wishing her or ordering her, well I'm here to review her, because she's an OS girl and she needs some loving too! I will do the usual rundown by first checking out the box, base, figure sfw, and then *naughty face* the nsfw part :3 shall we began?

The Box

To start of the box is pretty normal, but the thing that bothers me is, it's too huge .~. I don't know why it bothers me, it just does, because it takes up more space, and the figure really doesn't need that much room, oh well I guess it's better than a small box where it's bound to be crushed. On the inside there are some directions as well, because the cast off looks, easy but it's kinda a pain in the butt.

The side is pretty usual just a window to peek in, and a picture of the figure, I didn't photograph the other side, since it was basically the same thing except her lovely backside.

The backside is like most figure boxes, preview of what you're getting, and the censored cast ;-;

Not too bad for the box, I really like the colors fits with Minori's hair. It's a pretty cute box, and fits with the whole concept of the figure, but it's hugeness 0-0

The Base

I only have one picture of the base, since it's not that interesting, but it's better than a regular old white base, or something like that.

The base is pretty huge and circular, and the largeness bothers me, but it's okay since you can pose her to the side and see the labeling and stuff. If you look closely the base is designed with a checkered pattern. Also it reads Venus Idol Project VIP, Rare Selection 2010 Winter, Minori Aiba, and Illustrated by Kohaku Sumeragi.

Sorry if I didn't go into detail really, because I didn't really have much to say for the base, like I always do ;-;


Minori SWF

Okay on to one of my favorite parts, talking about the figure herself!

When I first wanted her, I couldn't order her due to already pre-ordering Margit from Native, but I got some spare cash together, because I really couldn't let her pass and I'll tell you why.

So here is the full body shot, and I'll tell you I've read that the color scheme was nu uh, well to me I adore all these colors put together honestly, because I'm a weird person, plus it makes this figure unique , and look different from all the other bunny girls. I adore the shoes absolutely! I like the bright red of them alot, they are a tad bit shiny, but it's not on the hair, so that's cool with me.

Next I want to tell you about her lovely legs. Her leggings are made out of the fishnet material , and they are soft and you can twist them and stuff just be gentle. I'm not sure if this is a downside or what... but if any of you guys can tell me if it might cause paint transfer? That'd suck if it can .-.

My other favorite part about Minori is her hair 9-9. It is a purple color and it seems to get lighter at the top of her head, sorry about the lighting and stuff I don't have a good camera yet .-. The hair is just great I love the length or any, so it doesn't get pesky when I do the cast off. The hair is just one of the many amazing qualities.

Her face is another one! I just love how goofy her expression is. They could've done a one eye open and one closed like she's winking, in my opinion, but oh well I wasn't the illustrator, I love her anyways. I don't like to point out many faults, but this is a review, but I think they went a little too hard on the eyelash game. 9-9 But the eyes make up for that. Her eyes are well detailed and seem to be more purplish in the middle and then more yellow on the outside, which I think makes her cute, and different from all the other eyes I've seen.

Her back side is normal, the casual side boob, which is better cast off. She has a cute little bunny tail to go along with her rabbit ears, and that's all I have to say for this part

Minori NSFW
Now here is the reason I fell in love with this figure, her nipples 9-9 OS always has nice nipples on their figures, well sometimes. 9-9

How you remove her top is pretty simple, but kinda nerve wrecking for me, since I like to be delicate with my figures. Simply just pull the waist up part up until she becomes loose, I'd recommend being careful, though I am sure a lot of you are.

TADA and she's shirtless.

For the next few pictures I didn't put down the pulled down top, since I wanted to see what it looks like without it, and it looks fine, but it'd make more sense to use that part.

The main reason I really like this figure is because of her nipples. They are a perfect color and well done! The are not too huge and not too small. Definatly one of their best nipple sculpting... *thinks to self 'wow I must have a really bad nipple fetish'*

Moving on I'd like to talk about her breasts, which are amazing, just saying. They aren't as huge as my Kitami figure, but that's okay, because breasts in any size is alright for me as long as they aren't really too huge 0-0.

Now here is some photos with the second top part, which is supposed to be pulled down *duh I say to myself* Which this looks better to display with instead of it off and nothing there. Out of all honesty though it was a little bit of a pain in the butt to put it on, without it constantly falling off while in the process of putting her body back together. I don't know I'm just so scared of leaving pain transfers.

Well I hoped you guys enjoyed my review, and if you didn't oh well. I just want to help out other collecters think about what they want, because I used to make dunder head mistakes of buying a figure that didn't turn out as I hoped, but that was before I found this website, and I am really grateful for it. So thank you for reading my review and I hope you consider this wonderful OS figure, because her price goes up, she is worth it 0-0

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Bloempje (Vor 5 Jahren) #2092352Thanks for the review, i will certainly get her.
Only one question.. is she sticking her tonque out? or is it her lip... i have no idea and really wonder XD

She is sticking her tongue out
Vor 5 Jahren
Bloempje Hunting my grails
Thanks for the review, i will certainly get her.

Only one question.. is she sticking her tonque out? or is it her lip... i have no idea and really wonder XD
Vor 5 Jahren
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