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Sasara Kusugawa 1/8 Paladin (Volks)Sasara Kusugawa 1/8 Paladin (Volks)

Today we'll be taking a look at the "Ice Queen" Sasara Kusugawa from the eroge parody RPG "Manaka de Ikuno!! - FINAL DRAGON CHRONICLE GUILTY REQUIEM". The game is a spin-off from the ToHeart2 series which is published by Leaf/AQUAPLUS. There are multiple classes to choose from for each of the girls in the game. It looks like a lot of the classes are still up for grabs unless the other manufacturers haven't made announcements of their acquired classes yet. Hopefully whomever acquires the Valkyrie class does it justice. This particular figure is of the Paladin class which I think is fitting for Sasara's personality. Paladin's depending on the source material are of noble birth and are usually arrogant and condescending which is a good match for this haughty "Ice Princess".

She is a Volks online store exclusive with two versions available. The regular edition which is what this review will cover and special edition with a bath poster. Having made the mistake of getting the special edition before, I passed on it this time. The container for the poster will easily double your shipping costs. It's not worth it. The regular edition retailed for 8,500 Yen and the special edition for 9,000 Yen. If you note, the first Dragon Chronicle figure from them cost 7,500 Yen and 8,000 Yen respective to their editions. It looks like they raised the cost by 1,000 Yen for whatever reason?

She was released in October of 2011 and at this time is only available on the secondary market. She is part of the Model of Entertainment Collection or M.O.E. for short and is actually the 26th figure from the series. If you look through my collection, you will notice this is the only Sasara Kusugawa PVC figure in my collection. I have been passing on most if not all the figures for this character up to this point because I just didn't like what I saw. I'm sure there were some great figures before her and they went under my radar. However, the goal today is to see if I made a mistake on this figure, should I have passed on her too?


Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡






Just like the other two before her, Volks stayed consistent with the design and layout of the packaging. The window panels are actually made up of several star cutouts of varying sizes with the largest giving you a view of the figure. Most of the figure is visible so if desired, you could leave her in the packaging for display purposes. They also included the illustration of her from the game which looks quite nicely. And just like the other two figures before her the front and top of the packaging is quite ugly due to the washed out /dull colors. And just like the other girls before her, Volks took the opportunity to do some advertising on the box showing the other two girls from the line.

Dimensions of the packaging:
H: 295 mm
W: 230 mm
D: 165 mm

A light weight non-corrugated cardboard was used for the packaging. The packaging was fairly compact considering its contents and also fairly resilient due to that compactness. The blister inside provide most of the strength but the exterior was also pretty sturdy. Weight would be the only "issue" and even then she's still comparable to other figure boxes of similar sizes in weight. More importantly she should get to you safely even if they did a lousy job packing her.


Instructions were included with the figure. I know it wasn't much but I've seen plenty of figures with a very complex setup without anything at all. So it's appreciated that they actually went through the trouble of providing it.


A typical two piece blister was used to encase the figure. An adquate amount of plastic was used to protect the figure from rubbing and paint transfer. Part of the blister was cut out to allow a clear view of her face which seems to be practice that is becoming more common. The two pieces were held together by tape as is the common practice.


Volks was consistent with the design of their packaging as expected. The size and protection was sufficient as well as the overall weight. The most important thing is she will more than likely get to you safely.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

Sculpting credits go to Serika Misaki who has an amazing catalog of ladies from PVC figures, Garage Kits and Dollfies spanning around a decade. Below you can see an example of Misaki's work. I thought it was interesting both ladies had similar poses...



She is 1/8th in scale and from the top of the base to the top of her head measures around 210 mm. She only comes with two accessories, her shield and sword. The shield is optional if you don't mind her looking a little weird in her pose without it. As mentioned before, instructions were provided on how to install the shield. Her shield hand needs to be removed to allow the shield to be slid up her arms. The removable hand, at least for mine, fits snugly with no signs of it coming loose. The fingers on the hand are somewhat flexible so they should resist damage if you should happen to drop it.


Her sword is even easier to install. The blade itself is somewhat flexible and should resist damage. The grip on the other hand is pretty rigid and could fracture if you're not careful.


Between the two, the shield definitely seemed to get the most attention compared to the sword. The details are intricate from the etchings to the little screws holding the handles in. Its fairly light so the only real concern is the handles themselves which could be ripped off if the shield is caught on something. Otherwise, they did a very nice job with it.


And now onto the main attraction.



If you can't tell there really wasn't any "issues" besides the ones usually encountered in some if not most figures out there in regards to assembly. As good as she looks, the pictures do not do her justice as she definitely looks better in person.

Starting with her face, it was probably the biggest factor in why I decided to get her. I just did not like the faces/expressions on the other figures up to this point. This one just seemed to be a good fit for the character in regards to her personality. The overall shape and expression just seemed to be the right one for me. Plus, I love the "bunny ears". 8Þ


Moving on to her lovely hair, you can't help but admire the job Misaki did. Her hair is somewhat complex and detailed especially with the two different layers. The ends are quite pointy so watch your fingers and the hair itself has limited flex. The typical seam you find at the top of the head is well hidden by her ribbon but due to the complexity of the hairstyle the hair is actually in several pieces meaning multiple seam lines are visible. They are somewhat minimized by her hairstyle but is distracting when you examine them up close. However, it doesn't change how amazing her hair looks from all sides and angles.


At first, her cleavage and breasts look nice. The armor transitions over to her flesh nicely but if you take a closer look from the side, not so much. It was hard to get it to turn out in the pictures but they put an indentation into her breasts to allow the armor top to be installed easier. However, they went too far with it or didn't place the armor correctly as you can see on the side of her right breast. Looking at the armor top, it doesn't look like they placed it wrong so either Volks screwed it up or Misaki did? I guess good or bad, that's really the only sculpting issue. For the most part you don't really notice it and it might vary between figures? This could have been avoided as it really didn't seem like they needed to put those indentations in.


Well, with that out of the way, her torso looks very nice. The detailing especially her abs and belly button showing through that skintight fabric looks hot. The wrinkles and the way the outfit stretches looks quite realistic. The lower part of her outfit really looks like its fluttering about as she spins around. I think the reason it looks so hot is that her outfit looks like a heavily modified China dress. Her belt is just as detailed. It is attached to her right hip which I sort of disagree with as having it free to move about would probably have been better.


Her arms looked just as nice with the decent level of details in the armor and outfit. There are no ugly gaps/seams and everything seems to flow naturally. The articulation point at her elbow is nicely detailed especially the leather straps.

The one area of concern would have to be her scabbard. It's just as detailed and realistic but it's also barely attached. The attachment points are detailed and look great but are so fragile. If you're not careful the scabbard could get caught on something or just bend the wrong way, causing it to be ripped right off her belt.

If you can't tell, her scabbard is not functional. It's very rare for a figure to come with a functional scabbard. I think I can count on one hand the figures in my collection that actually have functional scabbards so it's not a minus against the figure. I guess the important thing is the scabbard looks great even if the attachment point is very fragile.


This area is the true test for Volks that determines where they stack up when compared to other manufacturers. The execution of the transition point between the legs and the panties/crouch area usually determines which camp they fall into. For the most part the lower tier/CHEAP manufacturers that have poor quality control or don't care about their customers usually screws up here with ugly seams and gaps. Sometimes adhesive spilled out due to too much or improper curing such as a rush or incompetent job. I'm sure results will vary between figures, but at least for mine it seems they did a very nice job and I would be comfortable with ranking them in the higher tier bracket if they continue to stay consistent with these types of results.


While we're down here, I don't think you can miss her lovely rear end. Misaki did a great job with her posterior. She's got a butt that won't quit. The balance of curves and firmness are just right and enhance her silhouette. They just look great from every angle you can steal a glimpse of them.


The transition from her thighs to her leggings was seamless and natural looking with the way her thighs are squeezed and spill out. Actually, it's pretty sexy and hot. Results may vary between figure but so far the fit and finish of this figure has been consistent and I think the chances of it going wrong in another figure is low. Don't get me wrong, there is always a chance but I think it'll be low for this figure.


And then we arrive at her legs. The leggings and armored boots are nicely detailed. The articulation points of her leg armor look great and are detailed as well. Her legs seem to be pretty solid and I doubt there will be any leaning issue at all. Her silhouette is just rocking from head to toe. She's very curvy even with all that armor on, Misaki did a great job.


Misaki and Volks did a great job with this figure. The only real issue I had was at her breasts but for the most part it's hard to notice. The figure just gives off a sexy and confident vibe which just might melt this "Ice Queen". The fit and finish were top notch and the details were plentiful. Expectations were met and possibly exceeded.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡




Volks usually employs all available tools when coloring their figures from decals and tinting to painting either hand painting or airbrushing. This figure isn't any different.

Starting with her lovely eyes, the decals were placed precisely and easily draw your attention when you look upon her. She is also blushing! Too many times manufactures show a figure blushing in the prototype and fail to carry it over to the production figure. Her flesh tone looks good and easily rivals the other manufacturers known for their flesh tone. The tint on her hair was spot on and the air brushing applied shading through it giving her hair more depth and dimension.


Shading and accents was used elsewhere such as her outfit to accentuate the details and her curves and the definition her of athletic body. The only real "issues" I had was with the gold accents. It was hand painted and sloppily in some areas while others looked great. This inconsistency makes me believe you'll probably see the same or similar results on the other figures. The quality just contrasts sharply when you look at the intricate work done on her belt buckle and the other areas with precise gold accents.


Another area they shined was the shield. They did a fantastic job on it with the intricate details. The shine/gloss almost seems like a lacquer finish.

Volks did a great job coloring her. Despite the issues with the gold accents on some areas of the figure, she was intricately colored with all the tools available to them. The only other area lacking somewhat would be her flesh. As nice as it looks they didn't really enhance it any. It wasn't needed, but it definitely would have gone a long way to make a nice figure even better. Expectations were met.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

I have to admit, I love her pose as it really accentuates her curves and presents a killer silhouette but Misaki seemed to have used it before. I'm not saying it's bad since if it works then it works. However, I would have been OK if they used the illustration from the game as well since she's sexy and sultry in either pose.


She looks great from all sides but her downward gaze means she's best displayed at or above eye level. If you try to display her below eye level you'll miss out on her beautiful face. The state of her hair blowing about as well as her outfit as she twirls/spins just looks fantastic.

The pose looks great and it matches the prototype. In fact I'm surprised this "Ice Queen" isn't melting from how and sexy she is in that pose of hers. That sway of her hips and that tilt of her head are just killer.

Base: 8/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡

Not much to say here, Volks stayed consistent with the base just like the other previous two girls. The grout can actually be felt as it's carved out of the base and not painted on. It supports the theme of the figure somewhat and isn't overly large compared to the figure.


The base gets the job done and looks OK. Expectations for the most part met.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

As mentioned, this is my first Sasara Kusugawa PVC figure. I've been passing on other figures of her as I just didn't think they captured her just right. At the start, I posed the question on whether I should have passed on this one too? Well, I'm glad I didn't and I think I made the right choice. I do not regret acquiring her and think she was worth the cost. Her fit and finish for the most part was pretty good and she's a nicely detailed figure. She might be my only Sasara Kusugawa figure for a while or maybe forever but I don't have any regrets. If you have a chance to get her and you're a fan, I don't think you'll be disappointed either.


See you later.
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