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So the first month of the New Year has just passed, that means lets see how much of my college funds I spent on my crazy fandom of Puella Madoka Magica stuff so far this year XD. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS VERY PICTURE ORIENTED BLOG POST


So here it is, this is what I got in the mail through out the month of January 2014 I'm pretty sure this all I got during January XD

So let us see some better details in all of the items I got shall we?

First up is the limited edition Madoka Canvas exclusive at Aniplex+ website.

Very pretty indeed and there are only 2000 of them around.
I proxied this one from their website via BigInJapan's forwarding service. They could only ship via EMS due to the size of the canvas (approx: 20" x 17").

It costed 8000 yen + 525 yen domestic shipping + apporx. 3600 yen for international shipping = 12,125 yen (approx 130 CAD)..

So this is the box that the canvas sent in...it was pretty big actually, but surprisingly super light XD

The back of the canvas

So which number did I get out of the 2000 ones floating around? I got 1139th one...man such a random number...I wanted increments of 5s > A <!

Next one is Madoka autograph board
http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2014/02/03/916875.jpegSo this was given out during the Madoka the movie Beginnings/Eternal showings in...I believe Japan and during the L.A premier of the movie in 2012. I got this one from Yahoo Japan Auctions, via proxy.
I kinda wished the autograph boards given the Rebellion showings were this big! :)

So as I didn't want it to collect dust, I decided to frame it

Up next is B1 Madoka magical girl dress tapestry
This one I also from Yahoo Japan Auction, via proxy ^^. I wanted to order this from the Movic website when it was still up using BiginJapn proxy service. But was unsure about it, and eventually it, with its A2 counterpart was sold out :(. Although I paid about x2 (approx 10,000 yen as opposed 5500 yen) more for it...it was worth it...but it is gorgeous > A < and may gain value over time.


Just the size comparison between the A2 tapestry and B1 tapestry, pretty big difference!

Next is the exclusive Madoka goodie bag that was given out during the Madoka rebellion premier


Since I live in Canada, and too poor to go to L.A, I just ordered this off eBay, because I really liked the look of the bag; and its pretty high quality paper too IMO XD, also it came with the Kyubey iphone holder, Mami x Nagisa autograph board (which will not covered in this loot) and the program book itself :) so I was really happy with what I got ^^

The back of the bag, advertising you can get a Madoka app on your android phone lol

and the side of the bag

Here is the box of the Kyubey phone holder

The product itself

Kyubey holding up my Madoka iPhone yay! He's a slave

And another angle of him holding my iphone up muahah!


So, here is the front of the program book


The back


What it looks like when you open the flaps


and the back of the book after opening the flaps..a silhouette of Homura. I didn't want to show pics of the contents as it would be unfair to the ones that paid money for it.

Next is the Madoka Rebellion Canvas art

Ordered this from Yahoo Japan Auctions. Because I didn't want to buy the REALLY expensive merchandise box from Aniplex and eBay sellers sells it for quite a bit! I got this for about 40-50ish with express shipping :)

Next are the Madoka post cards :)

I got these thank you post cards on Mandarake as I thought looked really cool :) They are shiny parts on all 6 post cards and feel like high quality paper. For some reason, the Homura and Kyoko ones go for alot more then the other 4 post cards!

So comes the Madoka rebellion clear file


This actually was smaller then I expected :O, but its still cute to look at, and store documents in :). It is one clear file and each side is what you see above. Got this one from Yahoo Japan Auction via proxy

I've covered the Ultimate Madoka and Homura Crystal art in my review, so not much to say here.

Next is the Ultimate Madoka 1/10 scale figure :D

So I got this from HLJ, and I shipped her out via EMS as she was going to my hometown for holidays and I wanted to ensure that she made it on time before I left my hometown. And she did :) delivered right to my door step XD. She is very gorgeous to look at. But I still prefer the 1/8 scale (as it will be my holy grail because my big bro got that one for my birthday and she was the one that started my figure collecting XD)

what she looks like still in the plastic :)

And the goddess herself <3

Now onto the newest addition to the Madoka series: Nagisa momoe! And her own tapestry!

So this is only exclusive at Comic market 85 or preordering from the company: Curtain Damashii. Like most the things mentioned above, I got this from Yahoo Japan Auction via proxy, but this was given as a birthday present from my brother. Very beautiful tapestry for sure :).

NOW Last but not least...the Nagisa Momoe rubber strap!


This can be bought during the Madoka rebellion showing in L.A and in Japan. However they were blind boxes, so you had to be lucky to get here, 1/7 chance you would get her! I got her on Mandarake for 1200 yen, was very happy to get her ^^ because I need a Nagisa rubber strap.

So that concludes to be January loot. Let just say I spent WAY over my budget this month XD, and with the exchange rate not going in CAD favor...it hurts even more. I have just a couple more packages coming and my shipments of Madoka stuff will probably be slow from then on (aside from pre orders I made months prior) as I'm wanting to save money for Anime Expo this year...and also the exchange rate really sucks right now for us Canadians D:.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post ^^ if you are curious about any items feel free to ask. I also do have one extra of the Madoka thank you post cards (I have an extra of Madoka, Sayaka, Mami and Kyubey) if anyone is interested

Thanks for reading this blog post <3
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Bubztealuver101Vor 6 Jahren#2012608Sorry for the late reply! OMG WE TOTALLY SHOULD :O that would be interesting! and HEEYY! I actually just ordered that limited ticket for the Madoka rebellion on yahoo auctions XD where did you get yours from?


I snagged mine off Mandarake a few months ago. Was wondering what it was at first, haha. But looked nice so I decided to get it. Phew. Was a good choice.
Vor 6 Jahren
solidsnake994Vor 6 Jahren#1988822Just when I thought there wasn't anything left I wanted to add to my Madoka Collection!
Must. Resist. Looking.
Grats btw! Would be mighty interesting if we combined our collections together:
picture/884475&... and picture/889987&...

Sorry for the late reply! OMG WE TOTALLY SHOULD :O that would be interesting! and HEEYY! I actually just ordered that limited ticket for the Madoka rebellion on yahoo auctions XD where did you get yours from?
Vor 6 Jahren
FellipeBrVor 6 Jahren#1989360The 2000 one, so pretty *O*

Hey sorry for the late reply! Sadly the Aniplex + store doesn't sell them anymore :( But if you go on yahoo auction japan (using a proxy like buyee or from japan; would recomment FromJapan)you can still get the canvas for about retail :) I'll link ya from the buyee website!


lol there are some selling for really expensive...but there are still some that are decently priced like between 7000-8000 yen

Hope that helps you! good luck :)
Vor 6 Jahren
MyondazeVor 6 Jahren#1988521Your madoka stuff is amazing!!

Hehe thank you :)
Vor 6 Jahren
PaulichuVor 6 Jahren#1988228Nice haul!! Your Madoka collection is really growing. You should take a picture some day! I'd love to see your display.
And omg the Canadian exchange rate is PAINFUL. My $175 with EMS order from AmiAmi is going to cost me $203 ._.

Lol late reply to you Pauline ahah! And thank you :) I think actually its growing TOO rapidly XD I gotta watch my spending (but it sooo hard > < ) Lol I'll probably post a picture of ALL my Madoka collection someday ahah when I can find the room to pose all of it ahah! Kinda sucks that I live in a condo and my room isn't the biggest lol.

Lol the exchange rate for us STILL SUCKS!!! D: Stupid Canadian economy!!
Vor 6 Jahren
What an awesome loot! Everything you got looks so awesome and adorable. :) I've never seen that magical girl dress tapestry, but I want that so badly. I'll have to look into ordering one. :P
Vor 6 Jahren
I want that Nagisa scroll so much! Q^Q
Great loot! ^-^
Vor 6 Jahren
Bubztealuver101Vor 6 Jahren#1988504Lol which canvas? The rebellion one or the 2000 limited one? The 2000 one, so pretty *O*
Vor 6 Jahren
Awesome loot! I'm also from Canada :) I'm from winterpeg. As far as I know they gave out nothing for the movie showings here. I didn't expect anything though, since we get the short end of the stick a lot. Yeah our exchange rate sucks now blech --_--. I went to AX twice the first time was great, but I wasn't happy the second time around. If you look for seat sales you can get a good deal. I bought some on a seat sale on memorial day. So just keep your eyes peeled :)
Vor 6 Jahren
Love the art nouveau vibe of the tapestry!
Vor 6 Jahren