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First of all I would like to thank everyone again for the positive feedback and support for my reviews! I certainly appreciate it and it's good to know that my reviews are helpful too! Also thank you so much for the two Reader's Selections on my last two reviews before this own and it's counterpart (IBRS and Chariot)! I'm honored! ^___^

This will be a two-part review, speaking that these two releases pretty much go together. The first one was of Nendoroid Rin, Wooser and MechaWooser (found here: BLOG #12507 ). This is the second of the two, from the series, "Wooser's Hand to Mouth Life". This is Nendoroid Ren with Darth Wooser:

(Each photo can be clicked on to give a full-size view of the image, even if the image itself doesn't display).

Also I should note that since this review is more or less Part 2, it'll be similar to the first one in some areas.

Here's them in the box:


Released shortly after her sister, this box follows the recently set trend of the Nendoroids being a running line instead of series-specific figures. While it does kind of fit with Wooser's style more-so than it did with the BRS figures I reviewed before, I would have personally loved to have seen a box based upon the chibi art-style of the Wooser anime series, so this is a letdown for me.

All of her parts:


This set is considerably smaller than the previous set from this series. This time, Ren only comes with her animal friend, Darth Wooser. For those who don't already know, Ren is Rin's twin sister (fraternal twins, naturally) and Darth Wooser is a black colored bunny-like animal like Wooser (in fact the two are identical outside of color differences). Darth Wooser does not speak however (at least not audibly from the audience's perspective; he sometimes whispers to Wooser but only Wooser can hear him).

The set does comes with some other accessories though; including a completely separate Ren figure with alternate head, face and outfit; 3 alternate arms and 1 display base for each fighure, Ren and Darth Wooser.

Like Rin's release, this one has a scene on the inside of the box which can be removed and used with the figures. This is sometimes included with Nendoroid and Figma figure releases, and this one features a beach scene with Ajipon (the tanuki) and The Animal Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken (the owl); for use with the alternate costume Ren. Of course using this diorama scene is optional.

Out of the package; Ren and Darth Wooser:


Ren appears in her usual outfit from the show, with a hoodie designed to look like Darth Wooser (the same way Rin's was for Wooser). Ironically it's the same hoodie as the alternate head has, but with the hoodie part on the back (it's ironic because of the size difference between on the back and on the head; a size change that reflects the show's animation style moreso than simply pulling a real hoodie over the head). Unlike Rin's release; Ren's hoodie part on the back is completely removable, leaving her with a jacket only as an additional option.

Ren is also different from normal Nendoroids and other anime figures because of the simplistic, chibi style of the animation; having a very odd style face like Rin's. She, like Darth Wooser, has simple solid-colored circles for eyes (as shown with the normal expression; this is the flirty winking face/expression; very befitting of her personality as she is much more open and outgoing than her sister); but even with such a simple face it's still very cute and emotive; having two different expressions for this figure (happy and winking/flirty), both of which can be interchanged like a normal Nendoroid and work with other Nendoroids as well (a standard feature of almost all, if not all, Nendoroid releases).

Surprisingly, despite Darth Wooser being more-or-less a repaint of Wooser; the mold used for Darth Wooser is, in fact, different from the Wooser release with Rin. Putting that aside, Darth Wooser is still just a static figure, like Wooser was. This is probably due mainly to his size (just under 1" tall). Even if he did have joints it would probably only be his ears, arms and legs. Also, as with Wooser, the dot in the middle of his face is his nose, not his mouth (his mouth is never shown, again like Wooser).

Darth Wooser's base is very simple; a round disc with a peg that he plugs into and stands on. It is the same base as Wooser's was; which is not a surprise since the two figures are pretty much identical. Even for such a small figure this base is needed, as he will fall on his tail and lean back without it, again like Wooser.

Alternate outfit Ren:


Ren has an alternate costume as well; shown in the beach part of the anime. Of course either head can be used with this body; having the hoodie raised or lowered, as you prefer. This is Ren's normal happy expression as well. The only thing that really stands out about this is the legs, since the ball joints are very visible and make the legs look weird; much the same as it was with Rin.

As mentioned earlier in this review, there's a 2nd Ren figure! While not the same as how it was with Rin's release (her release had enough spare parts to make a 2nd Rin; this one has it already to go in the package); there are in fact two Ren figures for the price on one with this figure!

Unfortunately this set doesn't come with a 2nd base (at least not a standard Nendoroid one; the Darth Wooser base doesn't count for this purpose), so both Ren's can't be displayed together at the same time...unless something creative is done. In my case, I happened to have a spare standard Nendoroid base from the Chariot release (as my Chariot is sitting inside the Mary Tank and therefore doesn't need her base); so I commandeered that base to use with the 2nd Ren figure. Of course, being a Nendoroid as well, Chariot's base works perfectly well with Ren (as would any other Nendoroid base with a standard plug in the back).

It's really easy to see how this is pretty much a copy-and-paste of Rin's release; using the same guidelines for both Ren and Darth Wooser for their features. But there is a reason for this, and it's not the obvious fact that Ren is Rin's sister...it's because the two can be displayed together!

Rin and Ren together:


Both Rin and Ren come with hands that look like claw-shaped fingers. While odd looking separately; together they make sense: They form a heart together when standing side by side!

This was a specific and intentional part of this release, as actually shown on the box for Ren (Rin's box doesn't show this simply because it was released first). While Wooser and Darth Wooser can stand side by side, there is no interaction between the two like Ren and Rin (of course because they are static un-moving figures).

Rin and Ren together, bikini outfits:


Again, Ren shows how her release coincides with Rin's with both of them having bikini/beach alternate outfits. Despite being sisters, Ren is much more well-endowed than Rin; which is also probably a good reason why these two expressions work together with these two together in these outfits.

Like Rin's release, the bunny ears on the hoodie do move on Ren's head; but there's really only one way they sit properly on the head and look right. Also Wooser and Darth Wooser can be placed either on their bases next to their respective girls or on the side because of the small size of the Wooser/Darth Wooser figures and their bases.

All together, with MechaWooser:


It should be noted that only the regular outfit Ren can ride inside MechaWooser: The bikini body is one piece and doesn't have a split in the waist/middle to attach to the inside of MechaWooser. Also Ren doesn't have the proper hand accessories in order to hold the controls inside MechaWooser, so she would more or less just be sitting inside him.



As with most Nendoroids, Ren is great for posing, displaying and playing with! While she has less accessories than her sister's release, Ren is still really fun! Plus there's an entire 2nd Ren figure in the package ready to go; so it's virtually 2 Nendoroids for the price of one! There's only one drawback with this figure, and that would be the lack of a 2nd base despite an overly apparent 2nd Ren figure. This is trivial though because a spare base can easily work for this; pretty much available from any Nendoroid release, older or newer.

Then there's an added bonus with this set: How well it works with her sister, Rin's set! Designed to be displayed together, forming a heart of friendship and sisterly bonds between them; and plenty of extra features that allow them to be displayed together at the beach, in a diorama scene (from either set's packaging) or just together on a shelf (as I do).

Highly recommended! If possible, get this set and the Rin set for even more excitement and posing options!

Thanks for looking! Feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy it!

Be sure to read the 1st part of this review with Ren's sister; Rin, Wooser and MechaWooser here: blog/12507!

As just a fun question at the end: If he's called Darth Wooser, does that make Wooser a Jedi? XD
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Together w/Rin


gatagataVor 6 Jahren#2059612Seems very simple compared to their usual line

Yeah, it is...given that the art and characters are simple; it's not much of a surprise though. They probably made them as Nendoroids because the characters look almost Nendoroid-like in the anime. That's just my opinion though. Thanks for the comment! ^^
Vor 6 Jahren
Seems very simple compared to their usual line
Vor 6 Jahren
theyasminshowVor 6 Jahren#1959480Anything Wooser gets my stamp of approval (can you tell?) (◡‿◡✿)

Same here! ^^ I really love the series too! The 2nd season has been great so far! I'm glad you liked both reviews; thanks for commenting on both! ^_^ It's good that they were interesting and helpful!
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Anything Wooser gets my stamp of approval (can you tell?) (◡‿◡✿)
Vor 6 Jahren