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Liking lolis... Bad?Liking lolis... Bad?

This is meant for discussion purpose..

But what do you think of lolis?

What do you consider a loli?

When does it cross the line for you? (Referring to childporn)

Feel free to add more discussion topics

Well for me i think lolis are until the age of 12 or below.
Though flatchestness might indicate it as well up till 16 i thnk its still quite loli-ish but more like legal lolis ? Teenagers?

For me it crosses a line when it is beyond suggestive.
Like when theres a sex toy involved or rape as well as just laying down naked ready to get if you get me..

Like morudina.. I used to like her but shes touching herself and doesnt look very old so i passed on her

Tho yoshi hotori for example might be considered that way. But for me shes a legal loli and shes only naked not implying sex.
But my best friend for example says shes in a pose saying please do it to me!

And it made me think about it.. Even if i love her.. Is she?

And is loli related to childporn to you?
It rlly depends. If its a loli hentai yes certainly for me.
And i wouldnt buy a dakimakura of a loli for that purpose, ecchi is ok but not totally naked

So im quite biased on this.. One time i think it does imply sex other times i dont..

Curious what you guys think about lolis.

The girls on the side are some i own and are the most ecchiest of my lolis
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Stalking Loli hunter
Wow, this turned into a really candid thread. It's to be expected with such a touchy subject;;
Allow me to re-arrange the order of the questions you made, since I have to define loli before I can say whether I'm in or out (although that's pretty obvious at this point, haha)

What do you consider a loli?
Characters that LOOK like prepubescent girls, whether they act their age or not, ARE lolis. Period! "legal" or not, a loli is a LOLI.
Saying that flat chests = lolis is a common misconception, when there are not only several lolis with large breasts, but also girls sporting DFC in their late thirties.
If you want me to give it an age, I'd say from 7~13... Maybe 14. It really depends on the character though. In real life, there are girls that are 17 and look quite younger, while my sister, who is 13, looks like she's going for her sweet 16.

If I could put it in categories, it'd be like this (and with prepubescent I mean not developed = curves, breasts, height, etc.):

"True" loli:
Cronologically and physically prepubescent. Example: Kokonoe Rin (Kodomo no Jikan)

"Legal" loli:
Physically prepubescent, but over 18. Example: Fear Cubrick (C3)

"Developed" loli:
Cronologically young (7~14 yo), but more developed in one or more areas. Most of the time she still has that baby face. Example: Usa Mimi (Kodomo no Jikan)

What do you think of lolis?
They are super-duper cute and I love them. They make everything better

When does it cross the line for you?
Porn is porn.
I don't like watching characters (or people for that matter) during intercourse/masturbation, whatsoever. It's revolting and uncomfortable, I can't understand how some people may enjoy it? Making love with your significant other is something really special, seeing other people do it has no purpose, I just feel like I'm invading their privacy ):

So, whether it's kids, animals, people, furniture, whatsoever.. Seeing/reading or watching explicit intercourse is a no-no to me.

I am okay with suggestive though. As long as nothing is being inserted anywhere, I'm ok with it (most of the time, it REALLY depends on the thing I am facing).

The actual reason why child-porn is wrong is because the children depicted were forced to be in those situation, it is unrequited. Nobody should ever be forced to be intimate/whatsoever against their will. Children have less of a chance to fight back even, so child porn is just truly unfair and disgusting. There are no ways in which it may be supported, there's not good argument for it!


Lolis/figures/2d characters that are not in the middle of intercourse/any sexual.... thing, whatever you may call it... What is wrong about them?

It's all in what the viewer thinks of it.

If YOU see lolis the same way as real life girls, then of course it'll be uncomfortable to watch lolicon.
If YOU see lolis (and "lolis" being 2d drawings/figures) as just cute fantasy girls, then there's no big deal.

Each person places their own points of view.
BTW, I personally find this super cute: ITEM #120383

Finding lolis gorgeous and attractive does not mean being aroused by them.
I think that little girls, whether it's real life or fiction, are indeed more attractive than grown women. BUT that does not mean I am SEXUALLY attracted to them. Can't deny I am attracted though (attraction = being drawn to sth).

Regarding the limit between killing in GTA and killing irl, it's also linked closely to the sanity of the individual playing.
I personally may have a lot of fun driving around and running everyone over IN GTA.

irl, the sole idea of shooting someone, of ending another person's life... It's unthinkable!

However, I don't like shooting/killing in later titles, like the last Hitman, 47, whatever's the name that came out. Games are starting to look like reality... and that's where it stops being a game ):

It's the same with lolis, generally!
I find this adorable:

BUT if that was an actual photography of a real girl, even if I'd still think she'd look totally cute... Having that kind of photoshoot would've been traumatizing for the kid. Having her body exposed, and so young too..

That's what's so wonderfull about ART! We can enjoy the simplified beauty of young girls without scarring their minds and hearts! We can make any interpretation of reality for us to enjoy without damaging or corrupting reality.

The interpretations will of course co-exist with reality, but as long as the line isn't blurred and you don't take other people's lives and wills as your canvas, then it's cool, isn't it? UvU

I think I wrote quite a wall of text here so I think I'm gonna stop now :0


Love and peace guys, let's not insult one another <3 Treat others how you wish they'd treat you ´v` ~
Vor 5 Jahren
I'm just gonna stick my neck out here and just say yes, it's bad. And I think people who are into it have some serious issues. I mean honestly, how do you explain being into loli, but it still being COMPLETELY normal behavior? I'm not going to attack anyone here personally, but that is my opinion. I mean, I think it's one thing to like the Yotsuba manga because it's cute and funny, for example, but I think it becomes a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT situation when you want to see characters that age in a swimsuit: guess what? you have a problem, that maybe you haven't come to terms with.

I honestly don't believe it's possible for someone to convince me that it's normal and not creepy.

By the way, this topic alone makes it inherently guilty, if you think about it. If you feel you have to explain yourself and justify it, doesn't that mean you're admitting it's wrong? But by trying to justify your preference you're arguing that you're an "exception" to the rule? And if you're trying to prove you're an exception, then you're admitting you're part of the wrong, but trying to distance yourself...yet not fully denying either.

I'm not a psychiatrist, but that's the way I see it. I am NOT accusing people who like loli anime of being child molesters, but I don't consider your hobby or preference or whatever you want to call it normal.
Vor 5 Jahren
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
torinokobomb (Vor 5 Jahren) #2124628I think the same. As long as it's 2D and also not little kid age I like loli characters. That way it's still in the realm of fantasy and no real person gets hurt and traumatized. I would think having a fictional outlet for that attraction is a good thing, so bad things aren't done in real life, just as long as people aren't led to believe they can do the same thing in person.
Real human being loli though? No. Those are little kids, and they are probably kidnapped and trapped to have horrific things done to them. :| Abductors and child molestors should go die.

Depends on what you define as loli.. If its a flatchested older girl with underdevelopped curves..what then? In rl i mean if you date one theres no harm
Vor 5 Jahren
I think the same. As long as it's 2D and also not little kid age I like loli characters. That way it's still in the realm of fantasy and no real person gets hurt and traumatized. I would think having a fictional outlet for that attraction is a good thing, so bad things aren't done in real life, just as long as people aren't led to believe they can do the same thing in person.

Real human being loli though? No. Those are little kids, and they are probably kidnapped and trapped to have horrific things done to them. :| Abductors and child molestors should go die.
Vor 5 Jahren
I like lolis alot whether they are suggesting something ecchi or not(dephends on the character).
All lolis are legal (since they are painted fictional characters their age can be stated even 18 - so there's nothing wrong going on realy... many doujin authors do it to evade problems with the law.)
I don't think calling anime lolicon doujins (aka hentais) a child pornography is just since there aren't any childs involved in scandalous activities-morover japanese laws allow it.
What realy crosses the line for me is abuse of loli characters (beign forced to do something, being tortured or e.t.c... actualy this includes not only lolis)
I've read some loli doujins though i can't say they are anything different than an average hentai...
Then again lolis in anime are cute and nobody can deny that! 8)
Vor 5 Jahren
I don't know how I got to this vid but I think it might be valuable to the discussion.

Vor 5 Jahren
I like lolis and think they are cute and adorable. I don't mind a more suggestive loli figure if she appears sassy, silly, playful, caught or embarrassed. I'm not into figures or art that depict the girl in a sexually explicit pose where she looks like she'll be raped or abused. That being said I don't judge people that do, as long as this is the limit to their manifestations of their fantasies.

I can understand the attraction to lolis. Lolis are innocent, uncorrupted by the world, they see everything with a wonderfully simple but refreshing perspective. There is no guile or deception, they are honest and transparent with their feelings. When they grow into adulthood they will change, and create their own facade or hide behind masks to satisfy society's and other people's expectations of them. Like the guy on "House" TV show says: "everybody lies"...and how true is that. I think that's why I find the idea of a loli so appealing, their openness, innocence, honesty, purity of heart.

God created us and we are beautiful in the original nude body that He sculpted. Nudity, skin, curves, or lack of curves each has an appeal. Youth is beauty. To be nude is the closest we can be to our nature. It is innocent, non assuming and transparent. Showing skin or nudity is unfortunately associated with sex in North America because of our culture.

I've rambled on perhaps too much and perhaps delved into subjects that aren't related to your post Chloe but thanks for putting out this discussion, its interesting for sure. Btw, speaking of Yoshi I've heard that she is a young gymnast/instructor at a school..hence her slim body and features. I like this figure, she looks caught and is not exuding a come hither look. I too love the Kokanoe Rin figure where she's bending to grab a fallen book. Those twin tails stole my heart!!!
Vor 5 Jahren
MarshallDTeach (Vor 5 Jahren) #1923023Yeah, I have NO desire to be open-minded when it comes to this sort of thing. It's creepy, and that's all there is to it.
Sure, in your opinion. And that's ok if you find it creepy. But being open minded doesn't mean you have to give up your beliefs or POV, it just means that you give other ppl a chance and be non-judgmental and try to understand them. Years ago most people thought homosexuality was "creepy" too. I think as an evolving society we should learn more why people are the way they are and instead of conforming to traditional societal norms. Those "norms" will not help us grow, they'll only tie us down and we'll be more entrenched in bigotry and prejudice.
Vor 5 Jahren
kevinlowl (Vor 5 Jahren) #1920952But... it's still fiction.
I love playing GTA, I kill tons of 'people'. But it's still just a game, it isn't real. I didn't kill people in real life.
It's fine as long as you know how the differentiate between the two. Least that's what I think.

I agree. I don't think we can fairly judge people for their fantasies, only what they actually do in real life. For example, when I was in middle school, being a geek and super tall, I had fleeting fantasies of shooting classmates that were being dickheads but i never acted that out on real life. That's where the line is crossed. Everyone has some sort of dark, weird and not socially acceptable fantasy whether they know it or can admit it. Its how we deal with those thoughts and fantasies that define who we are in real life.
Vor 5 Jahren
I think lolis are adorable in an aesthetic sense (not a sexual one). I love adorable things, and I just view them as cute female characters.

If something is lightly suggestive, then it doesn't bother me. But if it crosses the line into an adult actually engaging in physical activity with a girl (or boy for that matter) under 12, then it makes me very uncomfortable.

But this is just for me personally.
Vor 5 Jahren
CinnamonSwirls (Vor 5 Jahren) #1922873Boku no Pico is a definite YES in my books and that's ok. It's a thing that exists. Embrace it. Embrace the sugoi boy love that is gay and beautiful. Embrace it.
Oh I've embraced it alright, but that was a long, long time ago...
Vor 5 Jahren
Chloe-tsundere (Vor 5 Jahren) #1923103Maria is adorable! I got her and kobato as a set
I enjoyed the manga too except for 2 scenes ^^" still its in my favs
Well kokonoe likes to tease so it suits her as well as being careless i find her quite cheeky and cute
Alice looks nice..!
Taiga is one of my top 5 girls dunno if shes loli tho.. Shes only flat xD

I consider Rei and Asuka from Evangelion to be loli, but only because they're 14 and the art style makes them super thin. So to me Taiga is a loli, but only barely.
Vor 5 Jahren
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