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warazashiwarazashiVor 6 Jahren
Movies, or animated gifs, stop motion, and so on offer a different view than that of a still photo. Lots more potential for showcasing and telling a story.

But to do it in under 20 seconds :). And we're looking for _movie making_, not a product video or an unboxing. Something with character, life, and a story and world of it's own.

With something like Google+'s autoawesome feature, it should be easy enough to have it automatically stitch together some photos into an animated gif. So options are plentiful.

Have fun!

Be sure to share it to tag it #figurefridaychallenge :).


Photo Credit: Madoka shot by SEANNY.

Be sure to drop off your photos to the Figure Photography Community on Google+ to share with others. I know, it's not MFC, but it's easier to gather them into one spot.

Oh, and if you want to see some of the previous challenges, you can check out the Figure Photography Challenge Archive.
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