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victorvipervictorviperVor 6 Jahren
Today we'll be reviewing Sega's Yoko Littner prize figure, version 1.5, to be precise. There are some aspects of the figure that could be considered mildly NSFW, so you've been warned..

About the character: Yoko Littner is one of the main characters from the Gurren Lagann anime. She makes her debut in episode one of the series, when a Gunmen comes crashing into Simon's underground village, with Yoko in hot pursuit.

Yoko is a pretty well-known character, so let's move on to the review!


The box features a large window on the front, and the sides feature the name of the show. "Version 1.5" indicates that she was a re-release (more on that later). The red and black theme is appropriate, and the large window is a plus. It's not a spectacular package but it gets the job done.

I picked up Yoko preowned at AmiAmi, and this box warranted a grade of C. You can barely see it in this photo, but a corner of the front window had come detached. Considering the 'C' box grade dropped her price under 1500 yen, I'd say that's a fair tradeoff!


The box measures approximately 30 by 18 by 16 cm, and the weight of figure and box is right around 500 grams, so shipping won't be cheap.


Yoko's pose is a highlight of the figure. Gurren Lagann is a hot-blooded anime after all, so a static pose simply wouldn't do, would it? Yoko seems to be caught in mid-stride, she's dual wielding a pair of guns, and Boota is up to, well, something.

Let's take a 360 tour of the figure.









The way Yoko is captured in mid-stride and the way her ponytail is trailing behind her makes this a very dynamic pose. Well done!


*---These ratings take into account the fact that this is an inexpensive prize figure and represent ratings relative to other prize figures. Also, since this is a cheap prize figure, we won't dwell on every little imperfection, as you wouldn't expect a figure like this to be perfect anyway.

I must say that the overall finish of the figure is excellent, considering that it's a prize figure. Of course, it's not comparable to a high end Alter or GSC figure, but I'd say her overall quality is not all that far away from many of my figures from that second tier of manufacturers (like Kotobukiya, Kaitendoh, and QuesQ). She does have some flaws of course, but we'll see that the good far outweighs the bad.

This first photo probably illustrates the most obvious flaw of the figure. Yoko's skin is just a tad on the shiny side.


On the other hand, her hair is nicely sculpted. Her bangs do a good job hiding any seam where the front of her hair attaches, and I like the way her ponytail is whipping around!



It's not uncommon for prize figures to have little spots of excess paint and other debris, but there wasn't much of that to be found on Yoko. You can see a little fleck of excess paint on her nose. I tried to remove it with a soft damp cloth, but no go.

However, her scarf is pretty well-done. There's a sloppy spot or two where the lines are painted, but overall it looks good.


Yoko's signature hairclip.


A close view of Boota, tugging at Yoko's top. One of Boota's favorite resting spots is in Yoko's chest, so you could easily imagine him doing something like this.


Underboob can be the home to all sorts of sculpting issues, but not so many here. There is a little bit of debris lurking there, though. In addition, you can see some kind of a scar on Yoko's upper torso.


All those studs on her belt could have been a painting disaster, but her belt came out pretty good. It's not perfect, but it's not bad at all for a prize figure.


True to the character's design, her stockings are a light pink. I like the little creases in her stockings.


The painting of the flames on her boots is surprisingly well-done. I like the zipper on her boots, but the zippers seem like they could be easily broken, so I wouldn't fiddle with them too much.


The painting on her boots is quite tidy overall, and I like the texture on the soles. It's a nice little detail.


The tie on Yoko's bikini top is surprisingly detailed. I also like that the black parts of her outfit (the hot pants and gloves) are shiny black as opposed to a flat black. A minor gripe would be that her back is not too detailed. Yoko is pretty fit after all, and I would like to have seen a little more definition on her upper back.


The studs on her wristband are a little sloppy, but her fingers are nicely differentiated; they are not one big clump as you often see on this type of figure.



A seam running down the side of her torso.


A seam on her leg, and the top of her stocking is just a tad messy.


Another seam on her leg.


Yoko's rifle. Her rifle is a separate piece, and it was a little challenging to get it positioned in her hand. The back of the box has a diagram to help, but it took a little while to get the grip in her hand and get the rifle situated around her ponytail.


Sometimes the back of the neck and the jaw-to-neck transition can be problem areas, but there are no major issues on either of those fronts.


A little bit of a seam on the back of her thigh.


Overall, she is not perfect but her finish is excellent for a prize figure. Most of her flaws are only noticeable looking at her at very close range. I'm guessing that if you asked someone not knowledgeable about figures to compare Yoko with a mid-range non-prize figure, they'd be hard pressed to tell the difference. Thus, credit should be given to Sega for a job well done on this front.


Generally prize figures tend to have bland, boring bases, but that is not the case with Yoko. Now, we noted earlier that this was "version 1.5" of this figure. The original version was released in July 2012 to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Gurren Lagann anime (has it really been that long?), and version 1.5 came along in August 2013. The only real difference of note is a minor tweak to the base, as we'll see in a moment.

I was a bit worried about her pose the first time I saw her, but as you can see the peg that holds Yoko in place is pretty large.



The original version of the figure had a "Gurren Lagann-5th anniversary" logo on the base, but this replaces that logo with a skull. In addition, I think the hand on this version is slightly shinier; the old version looks to be more of a flat grey in color.


Yoko fits well on the mounting peg. However, her pose and the fact that she is not a lightweight figure, still worries me a little. I was going to try to position her inside one of my Detolfs so that her left arm would rest on the glass (in an attempt to prevent leaning), but her base is a little too wide to allow that. So fingers crossed for now...


Overall verdict and enjoyment----------9/10

Before we get to the final verdict, let's talk about her scale.

Before buying her, I read some comments that indicated that Yoko was pretty big. However, in person, I was a bit surprised by her size.


Okay, so she's not as huge as FREEing's 1/4 Kuroko, but I think this comparison shows that she's certainly not tiny!

In the shot below, Maia is 1/6 (and is quite big herself), and Inia is 1/7. Yet, Yoko is larger than both of them.


Another trio of gun-toting beauties.


Tessa and Triela are both 1/8, so I think you start to get an idea of just how big Yoko is. Her size does present some challenges though, as she could easily overwhelm a shelf full of 1/8 scale figures!

I chose to display her on a shelf with Velvet here. I think their color schemes complement each other, and they're not drastically different in scale.


The total length of her body from head to toe is about 9.75 inches (25 cm). Apparently, her canon height is about 63 inches (160 cm), so this puts her close to 1/6 scale. However, factor in the height of her ponytail and the height of the base, and she ends up being just over 12 inches in height. She is one of the biggest figures in my collection!

Overall, the combination of her size, her dynamic pose, and surprisingly good quality makes this an excellent figure. Maybe she's not the definitive Yoko, but couple that with her low price and we've definitely got a winner!

Availability (as of this writing)

Easy to find preowned.

She shows up pretty routinely through the usual preowned channels. I was lucky to get one for less than 1500 yen, but somewhere between 1500 and 3000 yen seems to be the going rate. Quite cheap, really.


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HappyakrzVor 8 Monaten#71152947I love this figure as it really seems to capture the essence of Yoko’s character. What has me nervous is the SEGA aspect — the only figure of this level that I have is an Ayanami Rei figure I got through Amazon for about $35, and while she’s a very nice figure, I can definitely see the difference in quality to the mid-level figures I’ve been purchasing.
Do you feel that most of the SEGA-style figures will look good sharing a shelf with higher end figures, or does it draw attention to their lesser quality?
Great review, as usual!

This figure was released about the time when the overall quality of Sega's prize figures really increased. At the end of the day they are still prize figures, but I've got Yoko on a shelf with this ITEM #944 old Alter figure and these ITEM #6419 ITEM #830 old figures, and the Sega figure might actually be the best one of the bunch. Of course, all those figures are from 2005 or so, but you get the point.
Vor 8 Monaten
I love this figure as it really seems to capture the essence of Yoko’s character. What has me nervous is the SEGA aspect — the only figure of this level that I have is an Ayanami Rei figure I got through Amazon for about $35, and while she’s a very nice figure, I can definitely see the difference in quality to the mid-level figures I’ve been purchasing.

Do you feel that most of the SEGA-style figures will look good sharing a shelf with higher end figures, or does it draw attention to their lesser quality?

Great review, as usual!
Vor 8 Monaten
I got the Version 1, after a year the Peg stand of Yoko broke >.< I guess Yoko's really heavy...
Vor 5 Jahren
yet another review of yours that has made me fall in love with a figure . i found her yesterday on amiami in A/C condition for ¥2400! not as cheap as yours unfortunately, but still a pretty good price.
Vor 6 Jahren
secretly-otakuVor 6 Jahren#1865068Yay! Keep the prize figure reviews coming! ... so prize figure or not, I think this is one of those figures you get more than what you pay for.

I agree there should be more reviews of prize figures on MFC. There's so much variation in the quality of prize figures, it's nice to have some idea of what you'll be getting. That reminds me that I've been meaning to review ITEM #72684 as well...

Yes, considering that this Yoko can be found for a very low price, she was definitely worth every penny.
Vor 6 Jahren
Yay! Keep the prize figure reviews coming! I actually had this Yoko as my favorite among all, even considering the Alter Bounty Hunter version, since I thought she was very faithful to the image I have of Yoko. However, I had to play safer (too much skin showing) so I'm currently looking for ITEM #4323. Still, I think this is the best figure of Yoko in her traditional form (no alternative version or time-skip version), so prize figure or not, I think this is one of those figures you get more than what you pay for.
Vor 6 Jahren
"definite maybe" status, love that term ;-)!

Well don't kill me if any of these two would not meet your expetations because I have neither of those ;-) The ones that I mentioned though, I would recommend without hesitation as they rank very high in my collection. In particular I love their candy resin figures.

Sanding is indeed not without risks and is not recommended if you do not have prior experience. Also, when I sand, I use very fine grade sandpaper (like 800 up to 2000) and apply almost no pressure. To make skin matte I would be having a 1 inch long strip that is 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide and would only hold one end of the strip and let he other end touch the surface. So this way the pressure is limited to the strength of the sandpaper which is very little compard to direct rubbing with your fingers.

In general, depending on what needs to be done I start with 400/600/800 grade and finish with 1000/1200/1500/2000 grade. So if a lot needs to be removed I start with 400, followed in stages by 600, 800, 1000, etc. 1000 will give you a good matte finish, 2000 is glossy especially if you use water when sanding. So as long as you don't put too much pressure, sanding is safe. However, if the figure is tanned or has subtle skin shading applied (typically around the transition lines between skin and the fabric of stocking and panties), around the breasts, navel area, or blush on the face, etc. Sanding will remove the tan, shading, and blushes and it is very hard to restore all of these properly with paint. That is why sanding works best on prize figures like Yoko that have unpainted PVC skin. I am going to leave my Yoko "as is" though.

victorviperVor 6 Jahren#1863134You've convinced me not to judge Kaitendoh too quickly :). I've had my eye on ITEM #144626 and ITEM #45270 , so your comments have now elevated them to the "definite maybe" status...
That would probably work, but I'd be terrified of messing up the finish even more by getting a non-uniform finish...
Vor 6 Jahren
I have buy this figure (V1.5) today and it does not have as many defects as your figure. (the painting drool less and overflow less.)

For me the only drawback to this figure it's the skin that glows.
Vor 6 Jahren
kevinlowlVor 6 Jahren#1863237I imagine it might be a challenge to de-shine Yoko, she's so large with so much skin! :o


jkbVor 6 Jahren#1863326I like the base with the Gurren Lagaan hand ! Nice review !

Thanks for the comment!
Vor 6 Jahren
I like the base with the Gurren Lagaan hand ! Nice review !
Vor 6 Jahren
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