Air Gear - Simca - Creator's Labo #013 (Yamato)Air Gear - Simca - Creator's Labo #013 (Yamato)Review

AshlotteAshlotteVor 11 Jahren
Scuplting - From her long flowing pink hair down to the sparks skipping off the base the sculpting on this figure is phenomenal. My only real complaint that keeps it from being a 10 is that her face feels a bit too rounded and childish.

Painting - Painting is very well done all around with the detailed illustrations running up her leggings easily being the most eye catching. The slighty iridescent green on her goggle lens also stands out, especially when properly lighted.

Posing - Her pose just oozes motion and energy. When seen from afar she looks to almost be ready to skate straight off the base at any moment. Her windswept hair and downward angle pose all contribute to one of the most dynamic figures I've yet to see.

Base - The base is very much an integrated part of this figure. The sparks molded into the top of it add a great deal of color and life to the whole piece. Because of the awkward pose it does have one piece of plastic sticking up supporting one of Simca's legs, but this is barely visible unless viewed at certain odd angles.

Overall - One marginal slight against the figure in the end would be the fact that her "badges" that go on her leggings are only stickers and as such will probably fall off over time (One of mine is already starting as a matter of fact...) but even without the stickers the figure has an enormous amount of color and detailing to it.

Any Simca fans or those who enjoy dynamic figures will enjoy this piece a great deal.
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