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October 2013October 2013

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It's that time of the month again! I keep expecting the month to be flooded with packages, and I guess this one was... near the end. I've been doing a lot of buying and selling lately to work my way around to what I've been aiming for. We've had two garage sales, and I've sold at two events (this past weekend) with my artwork, and a few items I've been looking to get out of my way for a while now.

What I'm REALLY waiting for shipped(/s) at the end of the month. I have my S.H.Figuarts Sailor Mercury, Miracle Romance Shining Powder (the Sailor Moon make-up compact from Bandai), the melamine cups, earphone jacks, and gashapon set.

Unfortunately I have no idea what's going on with my Sailor Moon gashapon. I ordered through TheMachineGuns the first day they were up and my proxy says we're still confirmed for October... but they've got nothing from them yet.

I pre-ordered this set when it was announced through GSC. Then I thought I had paid for it (n00b lol) and when the time came for the release I was saddened and just gave up the order... then I realized it was still available on AmiAmi and grabbed it. To be honest I wasn't sure about the full set, but the three below that I kept I knew I definitely wanted, and I wasn't disappointed. They're ADORABLE, and my first Nendoroid Petits.

Definitely not disappointing, although I'm having trouble with their hair pieces. Romeo and Cinderella Miku's hair is super loose and keeps falling apart when I move her. I'm not complaining too much though because I didn't even know Petit's had interchangeable pieces or posable pieces.

Before anyone asks, I've already sold off the extras at a pop culture event this past weekend. I had no idea they'd sell so fast ;_;

Hahaha excuse Miku's horrible posing


Earlier this month I received the Cu-Poche Dark Magician Girl, and posted a review. WELL worth the Purchase. I love her in my display case ♥.

The Vaporeon plush is a bootleg, sadly. I've been wanting a Vaporeon for a while, but as a casual Pokémon fan who doesn't really collect I figured I'd probably miss out, and everyone was walking around with these ones at the Pop Culture Fair this weekend.

The Evangelion movies were a gift. My friend knows I hate the original series lol. So he figured I should finish it off by watching the original movies ;_;

The infinity chips are so random. I got them for $5 total. I want the game, but haven't decided whether to go for DS or Wii yet...?


The blue shirt is a remake of the La Reconquista shirts the actresses wore for their characters/pairings. Sailor Mercury's actress of course wore blue. I got mine from Redbubble.

The purse was drawn by Soundlesswind on Tumblr in her shop here. It's most definitely my favourite Sailor Moon purse EVER, but now I feel silly using it because I don't generally dress up for work. Oh well. It's beautiful.

The Moon Cycle was actually purchased because it was bagged with the 2 doll bases... which are unfortunately for the 6" dolls. I need 3 bases for the 11" dolls... so if anyone wants to trade or buy them off of me lol. =( The Moon Cycle is horribly sun damaged. Maybe one day I'll paint it.

Last, but not least, I snagged this puzzle. I've been waiting FOREVER for this to be released. It's tiny, but pretty ♥

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The Miku petites are adorable :) nice haul
Vor 5 Jahren
Ahhhh, the first two were the ones I kinda wanted Q_Q Glad you were able to sell them tho~
Vor 5 Jahren
Adorbs! Nice loot ^o^~!
Vor 5 Jahren
That Sailor Moon bag is really pretty! Very nice purchase! I think I generally like Nendoroid petits even better than the full size ones because they're even more adorable in miniature!
Vor 5 Jahren
Those three Miku are my favourites in the Nendoroid Petit set too! They were also my first Petits, so yeah, I didn't know about the interchangeable aspect either, I thought they were solid pieces. My only (minor) complaint is that my Luka (normal version) had really faded hair like it had been rubbed off or something. Other than that, the set is great.

I'm so envious of that purse, I'm going to have to get one myself :D

Thanks for sharing!
Vor 5 Jahren
Miku is adorable!!!! And I love Evangelion, enjoy the movies (hopefully more than the original series- i loved the original!) heheh :3
Vor 5 Jahren