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As you can see from the gif above, I recently painted a garage kit. It was my first one.

It all started 4 months ago. I had been collecting figures for quite a few years and the dream of making a garage kit one day was getting bigger and bigger. Still, I never bought one, they were expensive and I was afraid I might screw up. I have a good friend, M. that paints Warhammer-figures and I always told myself that I would ask her help if I ever got a garage kit.

Then when browsing the internet one day, I found someone offering a second-hand unused garage kit for a reasonable price on Marktplaats (the Dutch version of eBay). I bought it on a whim and got it a few days later. It was a resin kit of Yoko, from Gurren Lagann. After getting it, I immediatly emailed M. for help. She replied that she would love to help me and a few weeks later, we decided to meet.

DAY 0: Preparation
First was one day at my home, we layed Yoko out on a big sheet of paper, deciding were every part needed to be and choosing the colors we were going to use from a Warhammer-paintchart. After that day, I gave M. the model kit and we would meet again in a week.

DAY 1: Painting the big parts
One week later, I was at her home. M. had assembled my garage kit, and we undercoated it together.

I first started painting the gun, because we taught it might have to get many layers.

Then we glued special Warhammer-sand at her base, painting it yellow/brown later, to let it look like sand. I also started painting her upper legs.

Then I painted her socks. This was quite some work, because the Warhammer color "Tentacle Pink" didn't exist anymore and I had to mix it myself (making way to much pink paint).

Then her shorts. They were a difficult shape, so it was very hard. But no worries, you can always paint new layers on top of the old ones!

Her upper body (and with that, also fixing her shorts a little bit).

Her gloves (very easy to do!). I also painted her boots white (hard to see on the picture because of the white undercoat).

And as the last task of day 1, I painted her hair. Now she finally started to look like Yoko!

DAY 2: Starting detailing
Added the first details to the gun.

Started with the detailing on the boots.

Painted the skull in her hair completely white.

Correcting a few paint-mistakes on her lower body.

Painted her belt-buckle and the details on her belt.

Painted both shoes.

Painted some more details on the gun.

Painted her face. She suddenly started to look a lot more human!

Started painting the scarf.

Painted the details on the skull.

M. helped me with painting the flames red on her bra. Then i painted the top half of her bra black.

After the black paint dried, I painted the bottom half of her bra red. I also painted parts of her scarf white (hard to see in the picture).

I painted really dark purple lines on her scarf, completing it.

Then I started to make an line on her eye really carefully. My friend M., wo is very precise in her painting, thought it could be done better. Eventually, she painted the whole eye.

DAY 3: Completing the last tasks.
Painting the zippers on her shoes.

M. also helped me by painting the other eye.

Her mouth and eyebrows were painted by M.

DAY 4: Glueing the last parts and completing Yoko
The loose parts from Yoko. a ribbon for her bra, a naming/disclaimer tag and 2 zippers. As you can see, one zipper looks completely different. This was because the previous owner lost a zipper and I had to make one myself from modeling clay.

The right one looks pretty bad in comparison to the left one, but still, I think i did it pretty well (it was also my first time using modeling clay).

Her ribbon glued on.

Naming/disclamer tag was painted with special hightlight-paint, giving it a rock-like effect.

Yoko with her pink gun-strap (made from gift-ribbons).

And finally...I took Yoko home! Now I just have to find a nice place for her!

Looking back at it, I think I did very well for my first garage kit. Of course, she has a lot of points that I could have done better. I would like to make another garage kit soon, to improve my skills!

Upon saying that M. gave me the following:

It's a bootleg garage kit her brother once bought from a trip to China. He isn't interested in it anymore, so I could paint it if I want to. Well, looks like something nice to do when I have some free time again!

A funny picture showing the figure M. was painting at the moment I was working on Yoko. There isn't very much difference in scale as you can see! ;D

Yoko at the working table.

More pictures of the desk we worked at.

Some works M. was painting while I was painting Yoko.

Special thanks to my friend M.!

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thornVor 7 Jahren#1413002Very nice job! Especially considering you hand-painted everything instead of using an airbrush.

Oh this is quite an old work from me, but thank you! ^^ I'm still quite happy with it, considering it was cheap yellow resin originally!
Vor 7 Jahren
Very nice job! Especially considering you hand-painted everything instead of using an airbrush.
Vor 7 Jahren
MaakieVor 7 Jahren#1338335Thank you! ^^ But this was my first one, so I think my more recent ones were better! xD
My best until now, I can unfortunately not show, because I can't post pictures anywhere online of it, then I will be disqualified. :<

Oh, the one you told me on your comment, right? Nevermind, I'll wait for your next post. Anyway, it's so interesting to see how you did your progress by taking their pictures 1 by 1. I don't know what to say more, but your talent are superb. You did great on creating a game & this... I envy you, here.
Vor 7 Jahren
VioFitzVor 7 Jahren#1337268I... Irresistably Marvelous talent you got!

Thank you! ^^ But this was my first one, so I think my more recent ones were better! xD

My best until now, I can unfortunately not show, because I can't post pictures anywhere online of it, then I will be disqualified. :<
Vor 7 Jahren
I... Irresistably Marvelous talent you got!
Vor 7 Jahren
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
You're very brave for making a whole WIP for your first garage kit! I still don't want to show anyone my first kit xD

If you're really into building these kits I too suggest an airbrush. I've been hand painting for a while but it gets very old quickly so I've been figuring out what I want for my setup. I would start out with craft acrylics for now and then you can get into the bigger stuff like enamels (Tamiya) or lacquers (Mr. Color, Gaia, etc.). I hope to see more from you soon!
Vor 9 Jahren
Wow, that was a pleasant walk-through on your first painted garage kit! 8D
I always felt intimidated to paint them because I thought we need to know airbrushing and stuff. Now that I know that you can paint with a brush and make it look good, I'll have to try painting a figure some time!
The result looking very satisfying! Good job!
Vor 9 Jahren
haitechanLooks really good! I have horrible hand-eye coordination as I can't even make a straight line with a ruler lol. Still, I want to try it someday. Exactly what is the type of paint requiered?

There are all types of paint you could use, I used Warhammer-paint for this Garage Kit. I'm just a beginnner, so I have to find out a lot of things myself, too!

JoniVeraAcrylic is highly recommended but Mr. Color and Tamiya are used by figure companies for prototypes.

Ah, haitechan, here is a more professional answer.

countofzarCool. I have never seen a resin kit paint process before. Looks like a lot of fun. I might now try attempt collecting resin kits and paint them.

Thanks for sharing your experience

No problem at all! Glad you liked it! I'm glad you're interested in garage kits, but don't underestimate painting them!

jfhigaThis is a link to a wip (work in progress) that is very detailed and may as well serve as a tutorial. It is from a brazilian friend. There is some nudity in the pics (it`s a queen`s blade resin kit.

(ext link)

I'm very interested, but can't see the site you linked to, because I don't have an account there. Too bad.
Vor 9 Jahren
This is a link to a wip (work in progress) that is very detailed and may as well serve as a tutorial. It is from a brazilian friend. There is some nudity in the pics (it`s a queen`s blade resin kit.

Vor 9 Jahren
Cool. I have never seen a resin kit paint process before. Looks like a lot of fun. I might now try attempt collecting resin kits and paint them.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
Vor 9 Jahren
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