Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan - Hijikata Toshizou - 1/10 (Movic)Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan - Hijikata Toshizou - 1/10 (Movic)Review

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Here comes a great bishonen figure, the gorgeous Hijikata Toshizou from Hakuouki, Gassen version. I'm not sure what "gassen" means exactly, but this version was not used in the games or anime, but only on calendars and other artworks. I wanted him when I saw it but I couldn't get him from first issue, so I was delighted to see a second issue, and I ordered the three guys instantly, but Souji and Saitou were ordered from another store and I still didn't get them. I hope they will be shipped as fast as possible so I can have the three guys!^^ Anyway, let's get started with Hijikata.


The packaging wasn't too big, since the figure is a 1/10. It looks nice to my tastes, with illustrations of Hijikata in his normal shinsengumi apparel, and some colors to match. It's made of non-corrugated cardboard, but it looks sturdy enough.



Inside Hijikata comes in the classic two blisters plastic parts, and he was wrapped with a lot of plastic sheets, even sticky plastic sheets.


So he should come safely to you, and that's the most important, and the box is kinda pretty so it's always nice. 8/10.


Well, let's make a tour!









That's some real pretty guy for you. I think the most impressive thing about him is his hair, it just looks gorgeous flowing around him like that, it has a lot of strands, and the headband flowing around looks beautiful. I've rarely seen long haired guys with such detailed hair, and I must say I'm quite pleased.


His outfit is also nicely detailed, with ribbons flying around, and his swords and scabbards. Only the hakama has some visible seams that look rough and unnatural, but otherwise, the sculpting for this figure is really good. Especially since it's a 1/10, the details are smaller but really well done. I give it 8/10, the hakama really could have been better, but it's still very nice.


This is the weakest part of the figure. Not that it's bad, but it could have been better, especially on the hakama. It's like this hakama was made by somebody else entirely, which is sad because it's a big part of the figure...


See how the white paint is bleeding? You have to get close to see it, but it's still annoying. And there is also a part of pale purple that got on the white. It can't be because of rubbing because there is no purple in front of that part, so I assume it's a mistake during painting process. That's such a letdown...

Also, the blue ribbons here and there could have been more precise. It's not so bad, but it just could have been better.

But on the bright side, all the other parts look very nice. All the golden details on his shirt are well done, and so are his sandal straps. His face looks very serious and pretty! There is some nice shading here and there on his clothes, too. You can also take a look at his katana:


The paint job is nice and looks natural. It could have been a bit shinier, but it's still nicely done.

So I give 7/10 for the painting. This hakama is really troublesome, but for anything than that it's really good...


A good action pose for a guy figure!!! Ok, I don't know anything about kendo but I'm SURE the way he holds his katana is nowhere near useful in battle, but it looks pretty so who cares. His hair and ribbons flowing around, the scabbards of the swords, this figure is full of stuff to look at! The way he's turning looks realistic since everything follows.

Also, it's a figure made to be looked at from behind. The front looks good, but you can't see his face, so it's pointless to try. He looks good from a higher and lower point of view, which is always nice.



I like my pretty boys looking pretty, and he does the job prettily. 10/10, he has so much good points to look at my head is getting dizzy.



The base is elegant to my tastes, black with gold patterns and writings. It's not a big round, but a rectangle, and I don't know, it looks more like a collection piece this way...

He stands ok on it, he won't move around and I don't think he'll bend or anything, so it's pretty and it does the job. 8/10


Saying I enjoy this guy is an understatement: I love him. He's not my favorite character in the show, but the gassen version just looks gorgeous on him. I can't wait to get the two other guys, I have high expectations for them now! 10/10, if you like Hakuouki, pretty guys, guys with katana or the like, this one is for you. He will be hard to get from now on since he was an exclusive and I don't expect a third release, but he's definitely worth it if you can find him.
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eimhir kiel
nice review! it's a shame the paint is rubbing off though but his hair and pose easily compensates for it =D
Vor 9 Jahren
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