Help: What to do when a support peg in the base breaks?Help: What to do when a support peg in the base breaks?Ask MFC

GoldenSaberGoldenSaberVor 7 Jahren
This is my first time writing a blog post. I figured I would get more answers this way rather than posting in the comments section.

Here is my original post of item/97172#ref-...:
GoldenSaberVor 7 Jahren#1779215Ah... I don't know what to do. The one of the pegs in the base, the one in the end of her foot snapped. Might have been too much preassure as I went to check in my figures today and saw she had gotten loose from the other peg (it seems like I can never get her to fit in comfortably in it, that or someone touched her)
What should I do? Can I email GSC...?

Nothing much else to add. Currently she is sitting in her box in my figure shelf. This really bothers me.

If I can't email GSC for a replacement, what does everyone suggest I do?
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aigis kuso teitoku
my kyoko's stand broke the exact same way actually! the peg didn't get stuck, but whenever i had broken nendo pegs, i'd get a tiny drill and drill into the peg at an angle but try not to go so far that it drill through it into the figure. when i had drilled far enough, i pulled straight out and it would usually come out quite easy.

kyoko should still be able to stand on her base as long as one peg is intact--i still had her on display while i waited for my replacement to come in.
Vor 7 Jahren
Look for a hand hobby drill, look the the accurate drill bit size, you can use a ruler for that and measure.

Drill the peg out, drill the same spot on the base. Go get some brass/aluminium rods, and fit it before gluing.

I think my instructions are a bit vague, but Google up "pinning a miniature" and you'll know what I mean.
Vor 7 Jahren
WatchJessieGo Magical Girl
This happened with my brand new Tenshi yesterday. GSC isn't going to be sending me a replacement, but not a huge deal since I'm building my own base.

Speaking from yesterday's experience, get the peg out of her foot before getting any glue involved. I ended up inadvertently glueing the peg into my figure's foot and had to scrape it out bit by bit. Glue the peg to the base using the strongest glue you can get.

At least, that's what I would do.
Vor 7 Jahren
drill it out and superglue a new one.
Vor 7 Jahren
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