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hipozaurushipozaurusVor 7 Jahren
Hi everyone!

I've recently ordered Deluxe Multi-cloth with Idolm@ster girls (ITEM #141508) and I'm thinking about the best way to hang it on my wall.
As it isn't exactly wall scroll it doesn't have any plastic pipe or sth with string on which I could hang it. I've thought about pins, but I don't want to damage the material and wall too much D:
(I have plasterboard walls and the one I want to hang this cloth on is sloping because of roof: i1164.photobuck...)

Any ideas will be very helpful!
Thanks in advance~
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3m can't go wrong
Vor 7 Jahren
hipozaurus is trying her best!
Thank you mintbunny & Kirjava444, when I receive the cloth I'll see which option I'll try, because it mostly depends on fabric they used. If it's delicate I'll use clips+hooks if not, then maybe I'll use only these command strips.
Vor 7 Jahren
Get some chip bag clips and command strip hooks, clip the clips onto the fabric, hang the clips on the hooks
Vor 7 Jahren
mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
I hung a pillowcase using those command strips, but I used paper clips. I wouldn't risk putting them directly on the fabric. I put a paper clip on both ends and put a command strip on the paper clip. Worked pretty damn good for me.
Vor 7 Jahren
Just noticed your pic. I love the built in shelves for your figures.
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hipozaurus is trying her best!
@Bloosica: oo, this looks promising! Will definitely think about it. Thank you very much! ^^
Vor 7 Jahren
I can't say how well this might work, but maybe you can try the wall stickies that are from command. www.command.com... These ones are used for picture frames, but I wonder if they would stick to the fabric. I have used the hooks before and the adhesive sticks well to walls and comes off clean without taking any paint off. Not sure how it will work if you have wall paper. But these are definitely something I would look in to.
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hipozaurus is trying her best!
@katsudon: well, framing sth THAT big would cost an arm and both legs xD
and thank you ;w; I'll definitely take photos when I receive it!

@escapey: how thick is the material? is it like cotton sheet or rather more delicate? yeah, I can imagine it... I'll prepare for ~2h with iron then ;w;
my wall is definitely not helping in this situation. I don't really want to use double-sided tape either because of dark paint... D:
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hipozaurusVor 7 Jahren#1775638
hmmn maybe someone else has ideas. I've seen photos of people hanging stuff on walls like that.
If I didn't have that hole between the ceiling and wall I would have hanged the cloth normally with the poster hangers. That would have required a couple holes to the wall :<

I ironed mine with another cloth just to be sure I wouldn't damage my boys. Ironing took more than an hour though.. I thought it would never end >___<"

katsudonVor 7 Jahren#1775655
It's huge, 1900 x 1100 mm. I'd say it's impossible to frame it for reasonable price.
Not to mention it wouldn't solve the problem here.
Vor 7 Jahren
katsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
well, you can always frame it! (that might cost a bit though so it's probably going to have to be custom made) also, that's a beautiful wall scroll, congrats. ^^
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