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! This review contains a few pantyshots !

Welcome to my review! Today I will be talking about a figure of Sonsaku Hakufu ENCYCLOPEDIA #1677 from the series Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny ENCYCLOPEDIA #11 ! This figure is made by Wani ENCYCLOPEDIA #8021 and shows Sonsaku in a Chinese Dress ITEM #384 .


Ikki Tousen (also known for it's English name Battle Vixens) is a manga-series that was adapted into multiple anime and games. The story is about the ongoing battles between high schools for territory in the Kanto Region.

One of the main characters of the series is Sonsaku Hakufu, from Nanyo Academy. She isn't smart, but makes up for that with her fighting skills and strength.

The series of Ikki Tousen focusses on action and fighting. It also has a lot of ecchi, you see that most in the revealing outfits and pantyshots.

How I got her

I managed to buy her on a local forum for quite a cheap price, but it came with a downside: a badly damaged box. The seller told me when she originally bought the figure the figure's box got damaged from the original shop that shipped it to her. Luckily the blisters were still intact, meaning that the figure itself was still safely protected.

Original art


The artwork above is the most close artwork I could find of Sonsaku in her Chinese Dress. The original colour is red (that's why probably this figure also has Black Version in it's name).

Looking at the artwork and then looking back at the figure, a lot of differences can be seen in hairstyle and the design of the dress. The most recognizable part is that on both are the same style matching shoes with the dress.

The Box





The box doesn't show any artwork, but only pictures of the figure itself. There are a few windows. The figure is protected quite well (as you can see from the damage the box got), but there isn't anything special about this box.

First Look



For some reason there wasn't a place in the blisters for the front piece of fabric on her dress. The figure itself also didn't fit in the blisters with the complete dress on. I have no clue how this part originally was supposed to be in the box. Luckily this part didn't get damaged while shipping, but overall it's a very weird. It seems they forgot to make a place for the extra part!




Overall first impression is that there is a lot of safety and space for the figure in the blister, there's also a lot of plastic sheets to make sure no staining happens, but a downside is the weird mistake (or design choice?) to not have a seperate place to put the extra piece of her dress in.

The Figure


If you take her out of the box, these are all the pieces she comes with. Five pieces in total: an extra piece of fabric for her dress, her weapon, a metal rod for extra support, her base and the figure itself.

Assembly - basic





First impression: She looks great! Her hair colour and piercing green eyes combined with the dark colour of clothing, I like it! The dress does feel quite incomplete without the extra piece of fabric, a pantyshot like that gives me the feeling the dress has to be ripped of, while it looks like a very clean rip in the clothing.

Assembly - complete dress





I got to say that I like her way more with the extra piece of clothing. It gives a much more dynamic feel. The extra part clips on with a magnet.

Assembly - complete dress and her weapon


There goes my photography background...but no worry, for my future reviews I will use better backgrounds so things like this won't happen anymore! ;)




Making her hold her weapon makes the overall figure way more impressive, not only in size, but the whole pose feels stronger!

Looking at all the details!



Let's start off with her lovely face! I like the combination of green eyes and orange hair! It looks so powerful! Her happy smile gets a bit of extra toughness because of her cute fangs.





Her hair has a lot of layers and a lot of movement! The sculpting work here is amazing!

They also tried multiple colours of shading, but especially the white parts in my opinion feel like they are "missed spots" instead of shading in the hair. I think it would have been better off to have less shading or no shading at all.

There are also quite some seamlines to be seen in the hair, but for me not a huge deal, since the hair is so complex, how else would this have worked?!



Only from the top of her head you can see some small glue leftovers and a few painting errors.


Well...it's clear Sonsaku doesn't like to wear a bra under this dress! This can be seen by the movement of her breasts and the creases in the dress.


There is also a small, but detailed flower pattern to be seen on her left breast. Her breasts seem kind of small compared to other Sonsaku figures and artwork, but I don't mind actually.


Sonsaku also has a bit of sideboob to be seen with her dress. You can also see here the part where her arm and shoulder were glued to her dress, there is a small hole, but it's not very noticeable unless you look from very close.


On her right half, the sideboob is less visible, just as the point were she was glued. From this picture you can see the details of the golden roses quite clear!


The side of her dress has a very nice detail, where it looks like the dress was sewn together. At the bottom is a small black ribbon, but it doesn't have many details. The white borders of her dress have been painted a bit roughly on some parts, but overall very acceptable.



The backside of her dress is also very thight-fitting, giving you a good view on her womanly shape.


And then the bttom of her dress...one thing that irritates me a lot is that they decided to only partially paint the flowers golden on the backside of her dress. It's like they were in a meeting and said: "Naaaaah, nobody is ever going to look at her backside if you have such a good front! So let's spare costs and not paint the details on her back, hahaha!".

Anyway, I hope other copies of this figure have painted rose details and with my specific one I was forgotten. If not, people interested in this figure are now prepared for this. (If anybody else owns this Sonsaku figure and has or doesn't have these details, I would like to hear in the comments!)


The front piece of her dress does have the painted roses however! Although some small spots seem to be forgotten...maybe someone was a bit sleepy at his job!


The movement of the front of her dress was done quite well, but you can see that it's a loose piece. It looks like it was "put on" instead of really a part of her dress.


Her dress is so thight-fitting that you can see her belly button. I'm not sure what to think of this detail, since it seems quite impossible to have such thight fitting clothes that bellybuttons show, but it's an extra detail, which I can appreciate.




As for panties, Sonsaku wears a very small white thong. It is nicely painted and has quite some creases as detailing. But it does look very uncomfortable...




Sonsaku's gloves are matching to her dress. They show the letter "W" in a different colour of shiny black (it's hard to see in the pictures, but more noticable on the real figure).

I like the details in the wrinkles in her gloves, which you can especially see at her index finger.

A few seamlines are the be seen more close to her wrist and on her glove, but overall very acceptable.



Her left hand is posed to make sure her weapon can lean on it. It doesn't have as much details as her right hand.


And now...onto her legs! Those thighs!!! They look quite huge from this angle, but I'm so glad Sonsaku has big thighs! I see way too many anime characters and figures with way too small thighs compared to their overall body shape and/or profession (Sonsaku is a fighter so she needs sturdy legs!).

There is one big seamline to be seen on the bottom of her leg. You can see they tried their best into hiding it, since it is placed at a spot where you normally don't look when displaying the figure. It also seems to be sanded off quite a bit before painting.



She has killer legs...that's for sure! Fun fact: The artist that sculpted her (French Doll ENCYCLOPEDIA #9508 ) seems to make lots of sculpts of women with amazing thighs and legs, such as: ITEM #134700 and ITEM #117318



Big thighs mostly also equal to...big behinds. Or as some people would say: View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i3.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/000/228/dat.jpg

The figure comes with a metallic rod that can be placed into the base. It is supposed to give Sonsaku some extra sturdiness (since she is only standing on one leg and is quite big and heavy). Unfortunately there isn't really a good place to put the metallic rod. It just doesn't fit under her behind (which seemed the most logical place to put it), so for now it's just under the back part of her dress. The rod touches it, but I'm wondering if it really gives support...


Sonsaku's shoes are in the same style as her gloves and dress. They are quite simple, but still show some details, such as creases.



Her right foot needs has a huge "heel" to make sure she has the most surface to the base and is sturdy.

However because of the "heel" this shoe reminds me of what a lot of people would call "platform heels" (but also called "stripper heels" by many), an example: www.shoeblog.co... . The best solution would have probably been to make the "heel" white, so it matches the base and not her shoe.



The top of her spear shows a dragon head, it has quite some nice details and they put black paint in all the rifling to make the details stand out more. I'm actually not completely sure what to think of the black paint. Yes, it makes the small details on the head stand out more, but it's also quite rough looking at it from up-close.


The top of the spear contains a blade. It has a small symbol as detail on it. There is also a curvy detail around the edges of the blade, which unfortunately wasn't painted very neatly.


The rod of the spear is quite simple, just one colour of metallic paint.


The handle of the spear is gold and has the same way of trying to accentuate the details in it. It works out a lot better on the handle than on the dragon's face!




While holding the spear, this figure gets such a different vibe all over it!


A lot more powerful, but also a lot more impressive!


Sonsaku's base is very big and white. It doesn't have any details.


The metallic rod that is locked into the base also asks quite some attention, since it's a very different colour compared to the colours of Sonsaku's outfit. I still use the rod hoping that it will give her extra support, although I can't see proof to be sure it does it's job.


Although the database says she is 1/7, this Sonsaku is huge. Without a doubt I would easily say she is a 1/6, if not bigger! At the bottom of my review you will find a picture of her in my current collection, to give you an idea of how big she is compared to other figures.

Summary or tl;dr

- Loving the colour scheme.
- The movement and how complex her hair is!
- A lot of incredible details, especially in the dress!
- Those thighs and legs!!!

- Doesn't look much like her anime- or mangadesign (depends on personal taste if you like this design of Sonsaku or not).
- Quite "standard" box, not much special, but protects the figure well.
- Top part of her dress looks "put on" instead of really being a part of her dress.
- Her right foot looks like she is wearing a "platform heel" because of the extra surface they tried to give the foot. It would have been better if this part was white, so it matches the base.
- The dark painted details on the head of the spear, depends on personal taste.

- The blisters don't have a special place to store the front piece of fabric of her dress.
- The white shading in her hair make her look like they missed spots while painting.
- No paint on the flower-details at the backside of her dress.
- The exact place for the metal rod (which is meant for support) still remains quite a mystery to me.

The Scores

Sculpting 8/10
Lots of very nice details, a few seamlines here and there. Quite some unexpted details. Overall the figures is not highly detailed, but the details that are there, are done very well!

Painting 7/10
All the painting was done quite nicely, except for the weird "experimental" painting at the spear and the missing paint on the roses at the back of her dress.

Posing 8/10
I really like her posing! Very dynamic, very cute, but most of all: very strong!

Base 4/10
It's quite big and boring white. There is also a metallic rod, meant for extra support for the figure, but there isn't really a place to put this rod right.

Packaging 6/10
It shows some pictures of the figure, but nothing special. The blisters have good support for the figure, but there is no place to put the front piece of the dress in it.

Enjoyment 8/10
I got a lot of enjoyment from this figure! I always love characters with healthy looking legs and thighs and I found her for a good price!

And to finish it!

Here is how she stands in my current collection!


For those who read all this way, Thank you! My next review will be about a Nendoroid! Yes, you read that right, MAAKIE is going to try to review an action figure! It will be about this Touhou Nendo: ITEM #52701

For the people that like my GK-updates...unfortunately the GK I'm working on right now is going quite bad (maybe she will be my first failed GK)...but even if that happens, I still plan to write a blog about her to share the experience. I'm working on this Marisa GK: ITEM #25814

I hope you enjoyed this review, you could also check my other reviews when interested! Here are a few of my recent ones (the list is too long to completely put here):

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Thank you for reading!
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VioFitzVor 7 Jahren#1734187She's very tight fitting... Lol at that metal rod, if that rod was a little longer, then she's perfect to become a stripper... I love the quality of her spear, specially the dragon mold, pretty awesome. Good job on the review!

Yes, that outfit can't feel really well while wearing, right? xD

Omg...I never compared it to a stripper pole...but now that you said it...I can't unsee it! Hahaha! xD

And thank you! ^^
Vor 7 Jahren
She's very tight fitting... Lol at that metal rod, if that rod was a little longer, then she's perfect to become a stripper... I love the quality of her spear, specially the dragon mold, pretty awesome. Good job on the review!
Vor 7 Jahren
ConaeVor 7 Jahren#1729289I laughed so hard when I clicked the spoiler, should have seen it coming. XD
Shame about the crushed box and metal rod but her pose is nice and energetic. I can't stop looking at her hair, it's pretty detailed! Great review. I look forward to reading about the Youmu nendoroid. She has my favourite Touhou design.

*thinks back of the spoiler* Hehe. :3

Well, lukcily I knew beforehand of the damaged box so I knew what to expect! ^^'' Luckily all the blisters are intact, so the figure is safe!

And indeed, her hair is amazing~! :D So many layers and movement!

I'm finishing Youmu's review now, I hope I can still post it this week! (Otherwise beginning of next week. >.<) I hope people will like the review, since I'm just testing around (I never review action figures xD).
Vor 7 Jahren
I laughed so hard when I clicked the spoiler, should have seen it coming. XD

Shame about the crushed box and metal rod but her pose is nice and energetic. I can't stop looking at her hair, it's pretty detailed! Great review. I look forward to reading about the Youmu nendoroid. She has my favourite Touhou design.
Vor 7 Jahren
victorviperVor 7 Jahren#1723491Nice review. I was actually hoping someone would do a proper review of her. Every time I see this figure show up pre-owned somewhere, I waffle a little bit. I like her huge mane of hair, the overall design of her outfit, and she's pretty tasteful for an Ikki Tousen figure. However, then there's that metal rod; I agree that it's design doesn't seem terribly effective, and older larger-scale figures could certainly be leaners. It's too bad you didn't get the corresponding Ryomou ITEM #348 to go with her...

Thank you! ^^

I felt somewhat the same about her before buying her. :) I saw her for sale quite some times but never was sure about her quality and never heard of the manufacturer before.

Luckily she feels quite sturdy, so I hope she is quite resistant against leaning. I already have her on display for 6 months now and haven't noticed anything yet (let's hope it keeps this way!).

I'm not really a fan of Ryomou! ^^'' So I'm actually not sure if I will buy the matching one! ;)


It seems like the Ryoumu is also quite big, more around 1/6, just as this Sonsaku.
Vor 7 Jahren
Nice review. I was actually hoping someone would do a proper review of her. Every time I see this figure show up pre-owned somewhere, I waffle a little bit. I like her huge mane of hair, the overall design of her outfit, and she's pretty tasteful for an Ikki Tousen figure. However, then there's that metal rod; I agree that it's design doesn't seem terribly effective, and older larger-scale figures could certainly be leaners. It's too bad you didn't get the corresponding Ryomou ITEM #348 to go with her...
Vor 7 Jahren
KuugaVor 7 Jahren#1722491Very nice review

Thank you so much! ^^
Vor 7 Jahren
Very nice review
Vor 7 Jahren
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