Star Ocean Till the End of Time - Roger S. Huxley (Kotobukiya)Star Ocean Till the End of Time - Roger S. Huxley (Kotobukiya)Review

MaakieMaakieVor 7 Jahren
! Before reading this review please keep in mind this is a figure of 10 years old, which means it doesn't live up to today's standards in the figure collecting hobby !

Welcome to my review! Today I will be talking about a figure of Roger s. Huxley ITEM #5040 from the game Star Ocean: Till the End of Time ENCYCLOPEDIA #9945 ! This figure is made by Kotobukiya ENCYCLOPEDIA #7621 .


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is the third Star Ocean game and was released for the Playstation 2. It is an JRPG with real-time combat. It it similar to the .Hack and the Tales of- series when it comes to gameplay.

Roger is a character in the game which uses a lot of big weapons and heavy armour to prove that he is a "real man".

I haven't played any game of Star Ocean myself, so I can't give my opinion on the games or the characters themselves.

How I got him

I already owned Rosetti ITEM #5039 from the same set and was interested in Roger ITEM #5040 to go with her. When I saw Roger at a local convention, the seller also had Cliff to go with him and only sold them as set. Luckily he asked a good price, so it now meant I had 3 figures from the Star Ocean-game!

I bought Roger unopened, which felt very special to me since he is a 10-year-old figure and never has been opened in that long time!

Original art


In his original concept art for the game we see Roger as a cute, young looking boy with raccon ears*. His heavy armour however, gives him a more tough and mature look.



His in-game apperance however looks very different! The fact that they made his eyes smaller and face less chubby, makes him look way older. He actually reminds me of what in most (MMO)RPG's would be called a character from a dwarf-race.

Looking at both his concept art and in-game appereance I can say for sure that this figure was based on the looks of his concept art.

The Box





Roger comes in quite a simple box with a few windows. The inside has a starry sky-pattern.

First Look





On the inside we see something that is quite rare nowadays with figures...a metallic wire to keep the figure in place! Roger has 2 wires, one around his axe and one around his waist. It makes sure he stays good in place. This is needed, since there is no front-blister protection.

The Figure





First impression: what a cutie! His painting looks very well done too! The amount of detailing and shading is minimal, but that is what I would have expected looking at his age.

Looking at all the details!

Let's look at all his details, starting at the top!


This small decorative piece at the top of his helmet is a nice touch. It has quite some details and is painted in metallic silver.


The side of his helmet has a small band-aid. A very cute detail (also in character design) in my opinion! It gives off the feel that he is an warrior, but still very childish and cute!


The front of his helmet has 2 eyes and what looks to me like a mouth (but it can also be a coincidental crease since I don't see it back in his design). The detailed of the cracked glass in the right eye hasn't been sculpted out, but is painted black.


My, what a cute expression he has! His eyes have been airbrushed on. Quite a difference in quality (in the positive way!) compared to the decals we see nowadays! It does give some slight imperfections, but I like the fading of colours way more, so it's worth it for me!

His hair is one solid color of brown/black, simple, but does it's job.


His raccoon-ears have a very cute shape. At his right-ear I have some let downs in paint...


...the weird part is, at his left ear, this part has been painted quite nicely and he even has an extra shade of brown as detailing! It feels like they forgot to paint this on the right ear of my Roger!


His ears blend in very nicely with the colour from his hair. His helmet has a few shades of brown, giving it more depth.



For clothing, Roger wears a turtle neck sweater with quite some heavy armour strapped on top of it!

You can see quite some seamlines, especially near the hands and near the belts of his armour. The overall paint was done very nicely, a little bit of darker shading around the edges, but still keeping a simple colour pallette. There was also an airbrush used around his belt.



The side and back of his outfit have about the same amount of detailing. On the back he also has a piece of armour shaped like an tail. It looks to me that he has a raccoon tail and never shows it, but keeps it safe at all times within his armour.



There are some very fine and precise painting details on his gloves. It's very sad to see the sculpting mistakes here, since the painting has been done so nicely!



His axe is not removeable from his hand, but it is possible to turn the axe around to your own liking. For me to the top and to the side look a bit weird, so I kept the axe pointing down.

The axe has quite some shading, going from very gray-black to almost white, it gives the feel the axe is quite sharp! The handle of the axe lacks some details, but the paint was put on very clean.



His legs and shoes are the heaviest armoured of all. I really like the design of the "block-feet" (as I call them), since they remind me of the feet of Mecha Musume characters with Tank Legs have (and I'm a huge Mecha Musume fan with Tank Legs as my favorite).

Again there are quite some seamlines, and a bit of painting mistakes, but overall still nice!


In the picture above you see the parts where my specific copy of Roger has the most rough sculpting leftovers. Since these are leftovers from the mold he was orinally made in, these small mistake will be different on each figure.

It looks like they didn't put much time (or good enough equipment) in trying to get these leftovers from the mold. I think they are quite acceptable for the price and age he has, but it would have been nice to see less...


Overall I think the body-armour is the most nicely detailed and painted part of this figure!


Roger's base is a semi-transparant blue base with some disclaimers on the bottom. Not too big and not too small, but also nothing special.

Small Note

Compared to my other figures from the same set, Cliff Fitter ITEM #1768 and Souffle Rosseti ITEM #5039 Roger is by far the one with the best quality sculpting and paint-wise.

Summary or tl;dr

- Very cute expression and overall feel to the character!
- Airburshed eyes, give a way more detailed feel than the decals nowadays.
- One of the best looking figures painting-wise I have seen of this age!
- His body armour has a great design.

- Looks more like the concept art than his in-game appereance (depends on taste if you like this or not).
- No front protection for the figure, but a metallic wire keeps him in place.
- Sculpting wise, there are some let-downs, especially around his gloves. But still, this is quite acceptable.
- Base is not too big or too small, but also nothing special.

- This is an older figure, so not the quality people are used to of Kotobukiya nowadays. If you keep that in mind before buying, I see no problem!

The Scores

Sculpting 7/10
I'm very impressed by the details of his armour, but there are also quite some seamlines and leftovers.

Painting 8/10
A few mistakes here and there, but the paintbrushed details make up for a lot of them!

Posing 7/10
Very simple, but it gives you a good look at his outfit. His facial expression is very cute!

Base 5/10
Quite plain and boring, but also not too big or too small.

Packaging 7/10
Nice box, with good looking starry pattern inside. The blisters are not as safe as the quality we see nowadays, but it does it's job, since the figure came to me unharmed.

Enjoyment 8/10
Roger is super-cute, I got him for a low price and he is now happily standing inbetween my other Star Ocean figures! What not to like?

And to finish it!

Here is how she stands in my small Star Ocean collection!


For those who read all this way, Thank you! My next review will be about this warrior with amazing legs: ITEM #384 I hope to finish it up in a few weeks!

For the people that like my GK-updates...unfortunately the GK I'm working on right now is going quite bad (maybe she will be my first failed GK)...but even if that happens, I still plan to write a blog about her to share the experience. I'm working on this Marisa GK: ITEM #25814

I hope you enjoyed this review, you could also check my other reviews when interested! Here are a few of my recent ones (the list is too long to completely put here):

Star Ocean Till the End of Time - Cliff Fitter (Kotobukiya): BLOG #9586

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Hideyoshi Kinoshita - School Uniform version (Taito): BLOG #9169

p.s. Sorry for the bad lighting in the pictures, I noticed afterwards and it's impossible for me to re-take the pictures. :(

* To me he looked like a raccoon-human combination, but please correct me if I'm wrong. I could not find a specific animal he was made after.
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VioFitzVor 7 Jahren#1734179In my opinion from all of your figures this guy is almost flawless from his quality control. Nice review as usual, very detail informations & pictures.

Yes, just a few small remarks here and there, it's amazing quality for such and old figure! (And also compared to other ones from the set!)

And thank you, I try my best to make my reviews as detailed as possible. >w<
Vor 7 Jahren
In my opinion from all of your figures this guy is almost flawless from his quality control. Nice review as usual, very detail informations & pictures.
Vor 7 Jahren
BlueMondayVor 7 Jahren#1713180Roger never much made it into my party, thanks to Fayt/Nel/Cliff favoritism. ^^; I still really adore Nel..
Not at all a bad figure, though, and a very nice write-up to go with it.

Thank you! And yes, his quality is very good for his age! I'm also quite interested in Nel's figure: ITEM #1766

GothlequinVor 7 Jahren#1714477Love the review it's great to see older figures!

Thanks! I recently wrote quite some reviews of older figures, you can find them here: profile/Maakie/... And I also plan a lot more reviews of older figures, you can see them listed here: MAAKIE

I'm also open for requests, but since almost all the boxes of my figures are in storage, I can't promise I will review the figure people come up with! ^^''
Vor 7 Jahren
Love the review it's great to see older figures!
Vor 7 Jahren
BlueMonday Baton-bu desu.
Roger never much made it into my party, thanks to Fayt/Nel/Cliff favoritism. ^^; I still really adore Nel..

Not at all a bad figure, though, and a very nice write-up to go with it.
Vor 7 Jahren
astrumVor 7 Jahren#1712428Nice review! I also don't think it isn't too bad for a 10 year old figure. I also appreciate you peeps who care to take something from a while back and review it now. It definitely helps. Thanks for your hard work! :)

Thank you so much! I also really enjoying reviewing items and figures which are hard to find information from! ^^ And I plan a lot more reviews from older figures in the future, especially from items/figures that were released between 2004-2007. :) I have a list on my profile with figures that will get reviews soon if you want to see which ones! ^^
Vor 7 Jahren
astrum the unnecessary guy
Nice review! I also don't think it isn't too bad for a 10 year old figure. I also appreciate you peeps who care to take something from a while back and review it now. It definitely helps. Thanks for your hard work! :)
Vor 7 Jahren
MikainoVor 7 Jahren#1712230I think it's a great figure, especially with its age. Paint imperfections and such are normal, even for new figures, so it should be expected. ^^ I was actually surprised by his size, I assumed he'd be tiny before I started reading further. o.o

Well, he is quite tiny compared to the rest of the Star Ocean-cast (about half of the rest of the characters), but I have to agree that it's quite a big figure for such a small character, haha!

maraiatoriVor 7 Jahren#1712271Wow, not bad for a 2003 figure. Great review!

Yeah, he is the best of all the 2003 figures I own! Even a lot better than the others from the Star Ocean Kotobukiya set! ^^
Vor 7 Jahren
Wow, not bad for a 2003 figure. Great review!
Vor 7 Jahren
Mikaino Going to Gencon!
I think it's a great figure, especially with its age. Paint imperfections and such are normal, even for new figures, so it should be expected. ^^ I was actually surprised by his size, I assumed he'd be tiny before I started reading further. o.o
Vor 7 Jahren
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