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  • Not the cheapest but not the worst

    2017/04/28 EDIT: Ok. I tried several other proxies beside FromJapan. Now I can confirm that FromJapan isn't the worst. Yes, their price is on the pricey side but they offer "user-friendly" website and most important of all, they process your order fast. This puts your heart at ease once you know you successfully ordered the items you want. Some proxies even takes days for them to process. I could not stand that. So far, my orders always get processed within two hours after I paid. Overall, not the BEST proxy you would find out there but definitely not the WORST.
    Vor 6 Monaten
  • My first proxy: a bit costy at first

    I never used Proxy before because it cost much more in the end than what you hoped for.
    There are fees that you didn't expect to pay (200Y/item from YahooJ if different sellers) BUT FJ sometimes makes special promotions and that's exactly when you should buy.
    Sure, you can't always wait until such a day possibly comes, but if you can, do it.

    Shipping fees are honnest IMO (always choosen cheaper tho) & packing is quite okay with buble wrap.
    Customer Service is very nice & patient.

    Because Mercari changed their policy, orders from here are now denied. Guess I won't use FJ anymore then
    Vor 9 Monaten
  • Terrible experience, Stole $500 from me.

    I pre-ordered expensive figures (over 50,000 yen) on yahoo auction through their service. The items were released at the end of October 2015 and here started the nightmare. They kept delaying my order and we were back and forth for almost 4 months.

    And Finally they said they cannot get the item from seller, and they CANNOT REFUND ME either. They claimed seller did not refund them nor sending them the products. So FromJapan decided to keep my money instead.

    In their email with me, they kept saying they are just a middleman and do not take any risk if there is a problem. Decide it yourse
    Vor 11 Monaten
  • Good, but not great.

    My overall experience with From Japan as been positive, but I hate that there are so many hidden fees. Proxy fees, bank transfer fee, system usage fee, possible packing fee, item check fee, etc. It goes on and on. If you need to order anything from Yahoo! Japan, they're a good service to use for that since they are able to bid almost immediately, but otherwise you'd be better off using dv8cag because their prices are way better.
    Vor 1 Jahr
  • A pretty decent proxy service.

    I only ordered from them once and I was very satisfied with it. The process and the shipping to their warehouse took a while though but I was able to get my item in three weeks after purchasing it. Like other people said, there's "hidden fees" which includes 5% fee on payment and other stuff. But hey, the commission fee was pretty cheap (200 yen). Overall, my items came in packaged nicely and I had no problem with them...so far. I'll be using the website soon again.
    Vor 1 Jahr
  • 26 Bewertungen
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