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From Japan

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From Japan
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FROM JAPAN® LTD was established in Tokyo, Japan in 2004 as a registered incorporated company under the Japanese laws and regulations of Japan. We are in the business of providing you, our customer ways to obtain hard to get items by using our automated 24/7 system which places bids on Yahoo Japan Auctions and purchases any item you desire from Japanese shopping sites (please be aware that some of the items may not be allowed for export outside of Japan), all of it done in a discreet and timely manner right to your door. We can help you buy just about everything that is offer in the Japan. We are located right on the heart of Tokyo therefore we can help you find many of the coolest new styles that come right out of Tokyo, Japan.


Not the cheapest but not the worst

2017/04/28 EDIT: Ok. I tried several other proxies beside FromJapan. Now I can confirm that FromJapan isn't the worst. Yes, their price is on the pricey side but they offer "user-friendly" website and most important of all, they process your order fast. This puts your heart at ease once you know you successfully ordered the items you want. Some proxies even takes days for them to process. I could not stand that. So far, my orders always get processed within two hours after I paid. Overall, not the BEST proxy you would find out there but definitely not the WORST.
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