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  • Great

    I love Amiami. I always choose to buy from them first.
    My problem with Amiami is that the items get out of stock too fast.
    Vor 16 Tagen
  • Great

    My go to for pre-orders and new figures. They do have some older stuff, but it's not as good of a selection.
    Vor 24 Tagen
  • Pretty Good

    Pretty good store with a lot of items on competitive prices.
    Packaging and shipping rates could be worked on but I don't mind it that much as they tend to arrive swiftly and in mint condition.
    Vor 2 Monaten
  • Amiami has won me over

    Amiami has me, I cannot escape, and I'm fine with it.

    They have a very good catalog of figures and their "preorder now pay on release" system is very helpful when chasing expensive goods.

    Their prices have always been very competitive. And since I don't do dollars, invoicing in yens is far more convenient to me.

    Their point system may not be as rewarding as in other sites, but it also doesn't ties you to their system.

    Amiami may not the ultimate store, but definitely one of the best around. A true top player.
    Vor 3 Monaten
  • Perfection.

    I just love shopping at AmiAmi. Their pre-owned section is a trap I have gladly fallen into, and it's thanks to all the discounts that I can catch up with my figure collecting quite quickly. This month alone I already bought 11 figures from them XP
    Customer service replies super fast and is super helpful as well. I have had no problems with them at all! The DHL option is lovely as I can get my babies delivered right to my workplace without hassle of going to the post office.
    One thing I would wish is for them to update their website. Managing my watch list is difficult and slow.
    Vor 4 Monaten
  • 226 Bewertungen
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