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Hello! I've been collecting anime figures and gunpla kits since.. If my memory serve's me well.. Early 90's(I was like in grade 1) and my first figurine was an Ultraman Father(that guy with 2 horns) action figure from Bandai and that started my interest in Japanese figurines and toys. I used to watched alot of classic Japanese anime and had some toys from those anime but they were all bootlegs lol!(yes! Even back in those days). And later I started to build Gundam models and were also very fond of its anime. I also love reading manga but at that age.. It was mostly reading pictures than the stories lol~ kid I was.. ~.~'

The kind of figure design I like are science fiction and cyberpunk character like cyborgs, humanoids, mecha related. Since im very fond of the world of giant mecha, aliens, future technologies, space and electronica world. I also like maids, some gothic Lolita and I also into mixture of traditional Japanese and modern design. I dont really know how to describe the kind of style I like, if there is a term please do tell me haha :D it basically comes down to the design of the figures.

I also like taking picture of my figurines.. I still have a lot to learn regarding photography so hope to learn from everyone here and improve! :)

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0Vor 3 JahrenSionaSiona
w8verid3r (Vor 3 Jahren) #1698637thx for excepting my fr~ see you also like tsutomu nihei Manga hey.. I got hooked on his works on knight of Sidonia recently couldn't stop reading it! :)

Nihei works are excellent yes :D, too bad there's so few figures of them.
Maybe it will be different with Sidonia when the anime will start.
0Vor 3 JahrenSionaSiona
Hey, thanks for the FR :).
0Vor 4 JahrenGlitchymooGlitchymoo
w8verid3r (Vor 4 Jahren) #1249375thx for the add~ :)

No worries ^^ Thx for accepting my FR.
0Vor 4 Jahren (Vor 4 Jahren)SilverySilvery
w8verid3r (Vor 4 Jahren) #1235113thank you Silvery~ :) nice to meet another cyborg and mecha enthusiast~ and pretty much also like u~ im a cyborg wannabe's.. and also cant live without a good dose of music everyday~ lol~ :D mind if i add u as fren? also like ur action figs collection~ :)
Ha ha, of course, go ahead!
Your collection is great, too - mechas and pretty badass girls make the best combination. ^^
And I really like your photos, especially those of figma BRSB - they look like official figma promo photos!
0Vor 4 JahrenSilverySilvery
Just dropping by to say that your avatar picture is awesome. Love cyborgs and mechas, too. :)

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