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hiyaaa! im a huge gosh dang weeb

i especially love the characters: neferpitou(cat wife) sailor jupiter(thunder wife) jolyne kujo(butterfly wife) schierke(witch daughter) and noriaki kakyoin(cherry husband) a lot, they are my angels and knights

i like to draw, and ive even cosplayed a few times! here's all the characters i've cosplayed, in order from most recent to oldest:

mami tomoe
azumanga daioh winter uniform

honestly, im always really nervous and shy to make the first move in engaging with someone haha, so feel free to pm and talk to me if ya want!

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sommerbommer (Vor 27 Tagen) #23763536i got my hunter x hunter straps today!!! thank you so so much!! i absolutely love them :3

I'm glad! Thank you!
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