piruvypiruvy crunches on icetea enthusiast

Gehe zufigures i own (85)

Gehe zunendos, petits, SD figures, ect i own (299)

Gehe zurement/sylvan i own (411)



i'm a very sleepy person
i shouldn't be given money
i can't manage it

[please understand i have limited energy,
so i can be a very slow to reply person.
I apologize, it is medical, thank you]

[sometimes i get many messages at once,
i can't keep up too well at those times,
please message more than once if needed]

[i many things]
[❤ tasteful BL/GL/yaoi/yuri ❤]
[❤ bjd]
[❤ nendos]
[❤ onepiece ❤]
[❤ osomatsuさん ❤]

[❤ rement and nendo have taken over my life ❤]


Helpful Links I was given: (Goodsmile blog entries)
Figure Repair: [ext link ]
Scuff/Fix-up Paint: [ext link ]
Figure Reinforcement: [ext link ]

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0Vor 3 Monatenpiruvypiruvy crunches on ice
sorry sorry, inbox is open again. thank you ❤
0Vor 3 Monatentheend12theend12
Hi do you still have Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica: Hangyaku no Monogatari - Charlotte Figma For sale?
0Vor 3 Monatensauskeuchiha111sauskeuchiha111
I'm interested in Tomoe but your inbox is full :( PM me when you get the chance
0Vor 3 Monatenbelarusbelarus
Hello, I was interested in purchasing your Kazuma figure from your store, but your inbox was full. Is he still available?
1Vor 7 Monatendogs547895dogs547895
your collection is too much kawaii and omg your shop im dead lol

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