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legrooos (Vor 8 Monaten) #17000336Hi, i just sokd tashigi on ebay, so i only have law, nico and the dragons crown figure left.
i only sell in france cause shipping is really too high for EU, around 30e minimum for one figure..

ok but i bought many figures here from users from france.. and shipping was around 15-20€ with Collisimo ^^
0Vor 8 Monatendark-freefiredark-freefire
hello you selling Nico Robin BB Tashigi BB and Law? only in France or in Europe too?
0Vor 8 MonatenFabfabFabfab
legrooos (Vor 8 Monaten) #16449902Too bad i sold my nami a month ago.. Maybe you can check mandarake
I had no news from you, did you change your mind?
0Vor 8 MonatenFabfabFabfab
Thanks and don't worry, my english too is really bad. :D
Well, if I'd buy your figures I'll need to find a Nami too, if you know how to find her for a right prize I'll be grateful.

legrooos (Vor 8 Monaten) #16442681If you find the price good it must means they sell much higher in after market lol
I don't know about their cotations and dont want to rip off or be a scalper..
So about the figures, they're good as new, i just displayed them in a glass cabinet, tempered light and smoke free environnement.
Theyre official products, i bought them on big in japan
I'll send you pictures tonight after work
Paypal accepted btw, ans sorry for the bad english
Do you have a mail adress, can't upload pics on the site
0Vor 8 MonatenFabfabFabfab
legrooos (Vor 8 Monaten) #16441607Hello, thanks for your interest
Shipping will cost around 20e, so for the two figures plus shipping it will be 150e.
I can also include Law IRO for 200e shipping includes.

Wow, a really good price!
Can I ask you some detail about them? Boxes? Original japanese or chinese bootlegs? Mint condition? Payment witch Paypal? And so on... ;)

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