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0Vor 7 MonatenPatinka2310Patinka2310
Your Inbox is full I wait for the update with that Saber
0Vor 7 Monatentoyhuntertoyhunter
Hi, Is METAL ROBOT Damashii (Ka signature) SIDE MS Ex-S Gundam still available? I would like to take your pre-order if you don't want it.

0Vor 10 Monaten (Vor 10 Monaten)EspadaEnchiladasEspadaEnchiladas
Hi, I'd like to purchase your Alisa nendoroid, but your inbox seems to be full.
0Vor 11 Monaten (Vor 11 Monaten)FinishoffFinishoff
Tried to PM and it looks like your inbox is full. Interested in buying the Alisa 401 nendoroid.

Guess due to the lack of response from the PMs you are not.
0Vor 1 JahrGreenmakGreenmak
Hey! Are you still selling the Irisviel figma? Sorry for messaging you here, but I can't write you a pm since it says your inbox is full.


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