kranberrijamkranberrijam is far too obsessed with the Kagamine twins.


I am gender-confusing cosplayer who loves the Kagamine twins too much, adores insane characters, p0rn, and guro. Married to the bearded Viking Tyr who keeps my wallet from flying away. In my free time I love to draw, read, watch horror movies, drink copious amounts of chai, and stare at my figurines like the creep I am.

Currently cutting back on buying as much and am selling off a lot of my collection, as 90% of it just sat in the closet and I'd rather they go to a loving home; also, having to put more money toward real life stuff (adulting sucks). I'm mostly focusing on the Kagamine twins and my MUST-HAVES. *coughSayanoUtacough*

✰MASSIVE Figurine Sale!!✰

I am an artist and am almost always open for commissions. You can view my artwork at my deviantART page. I will also do commissions in exchange for figurines, especially the ones listed below (or anything in my Needed for Kagamine Army list). You can find all the information about commissioning me here.

God Tier Wanted Figs

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