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0Vor 5 Monateniku-zaiku-za
Hi There!
The Hinata Nendoroid that you sent arrived safely <3 Thank you so much xxx
0Vor 7 MonatenArionellArionell
I write you here because your inbox is full ^^"

hello, I'm highly interested in these 2 items:

item #25820
item #9945

I'm from germany and i wanted to ask if you can do something about the price. Maybe I will also buy

(mfc link)
(mfc link)
(mfc link)

looking forward to your answer :3
0Vor 1 JahrCopicCopic
Happy Birthday Chel!
Wishing you all the best and Hope you're doing well.
0Vor 1 Jahrangelbottangelbott
Your collection is cute and lovely!! ^^ yay another gintama collection. XD
0Vor 2 Jahrenminmay64minmay64
happy birthday

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