gyakuten_tensaigyakuten_tensai 僕等は負けるために 生まれてきたわけじゃないよ 生まれてきたわけじゃないよ

JUST DO IT! (Gintama)

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gyakuten_tensai (Vor 3 Jahren) #2184098Ack, hope you're alright... Barnaby is sale for 4k at HLJ if you want to get him [ext link ]I'm more or less alive at least, thank you! And...YAAAY! Totally got him! >u< /hugs/ Thank you for showing me this!
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gyakuten_tensai (Vor 3 Jahren) #2178489I spotted another Kotetsu, if you feel like trying again. The listing says unopened [ext link ]Wahhh qnq if I only wasn't in the hospital the last days I wouldn't have missed him... Thank you again. ;_;
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That Sailor Moon...... might be more like "Navy Moon" lol
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gyakuten_tensai (Vor 3 Jahren) #1927259[ext link ] unopened


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