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0Vor 20 Tagen (Vor 20 Tagen)MatrawMatraw
greenknight (Vor 22 Tagen) #23903049Happy Birthday! :)

Thank you very much Green ! <3
1Vor 1 MonatYaR1030YaR1030
Hey green knight. Just wanted to say that it's really cool that you own all these classic statues of fighting game chars. These were the rare type of statues I thought I'd never see again or would anyone believe me that they ever existed if i told them. I used to see some of these on ebay many years ago. But is really cool to finally see them in clear photos. Like world heroes Janne lol.
0Vor 1 JahrMatrawMatraw
Happy New Year !
0Vor 2 JahrenMJ_CobraMJ_Cobra
greenknight (Vor 2 Jahren) #2790380Thank you for the welcome! :)
My pleasure. \^ w ^/
0Vor 2 JahrenMatrawMatraw
Hello !
Welcome to you on MFC :)

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