darkrosedarkrose PM me if you are selling anything in my wishlist :)


Hello :)

I am from Indonesia but I am currently living in Singapore. Some of my collections are in Indonesia and some in Singapore and that is why I am able to have quite a lot of figures.

This hobby began in 2003 with me collecting Gundam Wing model kits and Saint Seiya model kits. In 2006, I started collecting Final Fantasy Play Arts figures. Due to space constraints, I am only able to get the main male and female characters. And from then on, Final Fantasy-related figurines become the bulk of my collection.

I prefer cool, badass, and realistically designed characters and figurines. That is why I am more inclined towards collecting figurines of male characters as a lot of of female figurines have unrealistic and disproportionate body parts. Out of respect of all the females, I will not support over-sexualisation of females in the form of figurines. Similarly, I also dislike those unrealistic and overly muscular males (Dragonball is the first thing that comes to my mind).

Other than figurines, I am also a huge fan of anime/manga/game artbooks. Perhaps I am bigger fan of these books than of the figurines.

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0Vor 1 JahrNewudamNewudam
congrats soo happy you got the other half of the Athena Exclamation statue,
gives me hope in finding it too ^^
0Vor 1 JahrNewudamNewudam
thanks man for your kind words I got partial refund offer from today and get to keep to keep the statue hopeful glue senpai can fix them what is a saint with out battle scars all though I feel bad for calling the guy a scammer once I get the refund in my account I will take the negative feed back darkrose (Vor 1 Jahr) #3838430That sounds completely broken to me :( I hope you can fight for and get a full refund for it or perhaps a replacement if they still have stock.
0Vor 1 Jahr (Vor 1 Jahr)NewudamNewudam
saga was broken from both feets camus hand also his hand is missing fingers and his hair is broken only shura that is fine and Athena too darkrose (Vor 1 Jahr) #3829592I just removed mine from the box to display it. I am just wondering which part of your piece is broken and missing? Mine comes in 1 piece and does not need any assembly
0Vor 1 Jahr (Vor 1 Jahr)NewudamNewudam
well the tape on the box looked removed but my biggest grip he did not put fragile label on it anyway I did submit a request and will take further necessary action if needed. cool so your piece is fine good to know enjoy mandarkrose (Vor 2 Jahren) #3766282:( Is yours unopened? Mine was unopened. I opened and inspected it on the shop itself.
Please contact the shop or open a case with ebay and let me know how everything turns out in the end.
0Vor 2 JahrenNewudamNewudam
hi watch out man from that ebay shop I just got my Athena Exclamation book-stand it was broken and got missing parts :(

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