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0Vor 10 Tagenvince454vince454
SageGuy (Vor 10 Tagen) #22129795Happy birthday guy.

Thank You ^^
0Vor 1 Monatmoonstarfcmoonstarfc
SageGuy (Vor 1 Monat) #21017742Happy birthday friend, may you have a great day.
Thank you for the kind words! :D
0Vor 1 Monatpradshaw89pradshaw89
Will this fit the kemono nendos?
item #577177
0Vor 3 MonatenChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
SageGuy (Vor 3 Monaten) #18932944I didn't have the money until after release, and I wasn't expecting her to be popular enough to sell out within a month. So I had to pay the after market prices.
I know that feeling. You can't spend money you don't have. Looks like I will probably be joining you in this boat.
0Vor 3 MonatenChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
SageGuy (Vor 3 Monaten) #18932476Thank you, I've got a few more of Aoba that I'll be posting soon.
I am regretting not pre-ordering that Nendoroid. Seeing all of these cute pictures of it show me what a great picture opportunity I missed with it. >.<

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