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Hey! I'm Piroshilove and this is my 6th year into anime. I actually just started collecting figures last year and stopped in the same year. I realized that I wasn't actually too into figures thank goodness cause figures cost a ton of money. As seen in th pic above, I have a huge obsession with Kamiya Hiroshi and have been obsessed with him for about a year now. I collect almost anything that has to do with him. I used to buy anything that had to with Akashi, Law, Izaya, and Gintoki but have stopped doing that a few months back. Now I'm just focused on Osomatsu-san, which is my recent obsession. I'm like literally drowning in the Osomatsu-san world. It's good they're coming out with so much merch but at the same time my savings/wallet is suffering.
Current obsession: Kamiya Hiroshi, Osomatsu-san, DGS

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0Vor 3 MonatenHentai_SonHentai_Son
Happy Bday ^^
0Vor 9 MonatenDirgeDirge
Piroshilove (Vor 9 Monaten) #16909313Still interested!! Do you want me to just send the same amount of money I did for Sebastian to you?
If you don't mind! Sorry about having to do this via comments, it looks like your inbox is full atm.
0Vor 9 Monaten (Vor 9 Monaten)DirgeDirge
One of the participant for the Black Butler split ended up dropping their spots, including Ciel. Were you still interested in getting him?
0Vor 10 Monatendarkmewsicdarkmewsic
Piroshilove (Vor 10 Monaten) #15807458Hey! Sorry for the late reply! It's nice hearing HiroC as Natsume again, so that's definitely nice! It also feels so nostalgic, just hearing the ost again! The animation and plot/stories feel a bit different though..what about you? Also have you seen Fune wo Amu? It's another anime he's in along with Sakurai Takahiro. It had a somewhat similar feeling to Natsume Yuujinchou!
Oh, I've never heard of it but I might check it out when I need something to watch. Is he a main character?
0Vor 11 Monatendarkmewsicdarkmewsic
Hello Kamiya Hiroshi fan~ how are you enjoying Natsume Yuujinchou season 5?

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