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Everyone handle it different with the lists, when I write something in owned, I got the figure ect. at home, ordered are only confirmed and payed orders not only reservations,(exception is only amiami pre orders) wished are goods which I search or mabye only desire in future....

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0Vor 2 MonatenFrauFuchsFrauFuchs
Alles gute noch zum Geburtstag ^-^
0Vor 2 MonatenVidollVidoll
Nuramoon (Vor 2 Monaten) #20299949thx,...kakaka ^-^ my birthday just begin in 30min but i finnaly manage today most of displays for shinobu [ext link ]

So pretty! It's looking really nice! :)
0Vor 2 MonatenVidollVidoll
I hope you have a very happy birthday! :)
0Vor 3 MonatenLord_HelmchenLord_Helmchen
Kaufst du dir eigentlich Sukebe Elf von Aoi Nagisa [ext link ]
0Vor 4 MonatenLord_HelmchenLord_Helmchen
Greetings from the holy Land. Finally got myself 2 Fatal pulse doujinshi.
Have you ever been to Wonfest? Blasted my mind.

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