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0Vor 10 Monatenbaldr365baldr365
Mojojuice77 (Vor 10 Monaten) #15787138Recent order was shipped out quickly, packaged carefully, and seller had great communication. Would buy from again. Thanks a lot. :]

Thank you for your feedback. Enjoy the figure! :)
0Vor 11 MonatenCeltic7GuardianCeltic7Guardian
Mojojuice77 (Vor 11 Monaten) #15556276Hello! Your inbox is full so just wanted to comment real quick. Got the links to the pictures, thanks a lot. Photobucket seems to be down at the time of me viewing them so i'll have to check back with them later today to see if the links work. Thanks again.

Hi there! Sorry for the full inbox! It gets really crowded really fast. X_X I've emptied out some of it now, so you should be able to reach me there later. As for Photobucket, it might be affected by the DDOS that's hitting so many websites. If it continues to be a problem, I could always email them to you. We'll see how it goes!
0Vor 11 MonatenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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