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artist with a lot of headaches
i ate the last cookie i'm sorry pal

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1Vor 2 JahrenDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
1Vor 2 JahrenFullmangaFullmanga
Happy Birthday !
1Vor 3 JahrenSyaoran_trcSyaoran_trc
Hiya!! Sorry for taking so long on accepting your request, I haven't been on for a while.
Thank you for the request and nice collection you got there, love the black rock shooter nendo!!!
1Vor 4 JahrenxMacMillanxxMacMillanx
Welcome To The Board!!!
1Vor 4 JahrenOyamatsumiOyamatsumi 大山積命
Hello !
Welcome to you (^_-)*

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