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I'm a digital artist who also happens to love figures.

My figure review youtube channel: [ext link ]
My art blog: [ext link ]
Instagram: [ext link ]

I like collecting figures that have a light-hearted air to them and that brighten my day whenever I look at them.

My favorite games include The Legend of Zelda series, the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, Super Mario Galaxy and Persona 3.

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0Vor 3 Monatenjessicrottejessicrotte
Thank you! ^.^Lulles (Vor 3 Monaten) #17515654Happy birthday!!
0Vor 8 MonatenAnimeGirl1350AnimeGirl1350
Lulles (Vor 8 Monaten) #14270050Thanks for the FR! :>

Your welcome :)
0Vor 11 MonatenNanoZeroNanoZero
I've been following you on Tumblr since I'm a fan of your art and I had no idea you were here too! You've got an awesome collection!
1Vor 11 Monaten (Vor 11 Monaten)DFC7DFC7
Just wanted to drop you a line and say you were right about your critique of the Sonico Patissier figure. I got her today and she is absolutely cute. The paint color of her hair is probably one of the best I have in my collection so far and face sculpt is really nice as well. Oh and can't forget to mention that hat, it's awesome.
0Vor 11 MonatenDFC7DFC7
Lulles (Vor 11 Monaten) #10007673Hey there! Honestly, she's my favorite Sonico in my collection. I would say she's around Good Smile Company-quality. Definitely better than Kotokukiya. Her face/expression are adorable and the hair is sculpted quite nicely. The headphones are pretty much perfect and the cupcakes and chocolate bar base are well made too. I really like the glossy paint they used on her stockings and shoes, and her outfit in general is cute. My only complaint is that, since she's a cast-off, when she has her top on her boobs look much bigger than they actually are underneath. Also, you can't take off her hat. I personally love it but some people don't.
So yeah, I definitely recommend her! :>

Thanks much for your feedback on her. It will definitely help in my decision whether or not she'll be a part of my collection. I may end up ordering her tonight. I think the Pochaco of the same theme would be a nice set together. Personally the hat is what caught my attention. Again I appreciate your reply thanks!

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