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Yeah man! I think you should. That new Ace looks way better, you should get Nami too :3 lol I like the VAH figures a lot I just don't have any. Still hooked on scaled figures. ^^; I actually heard somewhere that the original figuarts Ace was one of the ugliest figures made xD and man from that pic I can see it LOL boy has a forehead you can park a car on xD I mean my Luffy is in the same boat, being what, almost 10 years old? I still love him though. Such a sturdy figure. He's fallen off my shelf x100 times and has never even thought about breaking. That's what I like about him :) I did lose his giant arm piece though bUT I have everything else! ^^
Are you gonna get that Ace? I also want a new fig.... but I'm moving end of July so I've been saving all of my tips and money for that. I have $500 in cash saved up from tips the past two weeks ^^ but man do I ever just wanna get some new plastic hahaha
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I got a new phone bro :D so happy i don't have to use that old broken piece of scrap anymore! :D
0Vor 3 Monaten (Vor 3 Monaten)breakericbreakeric
Wow apparently I own 70 figures lol that's more than I thought I would ever own!! Thinking about it I feel like I have like 20 figures but Looking around my room i can see almost all 70 lmao
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Well what I tried saying was she's super hot lol full cast off man check out my two new pics
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Wtf my Comment was way longer?? Sorry bro my phone is almost in usable

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