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Peace to nippon..

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0Vor 5 Tagenbreakericbreakeric
I got a new phone bro :D so happy i don't have to use that old broken piece of scrap anymore! :D
0Vor 11 Tagen (Vor 11 Tagen)breakericbreakeric
Wow apparently I own 70 figures lol that's more than I thought I would ever own!! Thinking about it I feel like I have like 20 figures but Looking around my room i can see almost all 70 lmao
0Vor 12 Tagenbreakericbreakeric
Well what I tried saying was she's super hot lol full cast off man check out my two new pics
0Vor 12 Tagenbreakericbreakeric
Wtf my Comment was way longer?? Sorry bro my phone is almost in usable
0Vor 12 Tagenbreakericbreakeric
Siiiick. Got the last figure I ordered!! Another sexy Santa girl

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