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0Vor 4 Monatenobrittanyobrittany
Halbred (Vor 4 Monaten) #20050269Hello! I'm trying to PM you about a figure you have for sale but your inbox is full.

Thank you! It should be fixed now :o)
0Vor 3 Jahren (Vor 3 Jahren)ThworshThworsh Blacksmith Legend
Halbred (Vor 3 Jahren) #2326068Probably Spring. Before E3 for sure.Wish they would pull a Sony on region compatibility. Edit: nvm - that's only blu-ray. Edit Edit: Well, I'm guessing there is Vita's ability to play imports.
0Vor 3 JahrenThworshThworsh Blacksmith Legend
Halbred (Vor 3 Jahren) #2326058It should be called "the 3DS we should've gotten 3 years ago."True! Feel bad for people like, well, you and I... who have to sell our XL soon if any good amount of $ is desired, and wait God knows how long for a NTSC. Are you guessing early 2015?
0Vor 3 JahrenThworshThworsh Blacksmith Legend
Woah! So, 3d from every angle, micro sd instead of sdhc (correct me if i am wrong here), and it actually has exclusives the originals can't run? It should be called the 4DS or something - rather than 'New 3DS'
0Vor 3 Jahrenrealjudge212realjudge212
Halbred (Vor 3 Jahren) #2217756Inbox full, boss; got a question about one of your sales.

Try now.

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