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not a collector per se, but i keep my finger on the pulse of the merch world in case something from my fave animes/mangas come out.

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0Vor 1 Jahr (Vor 1 Jahr)ikchudsikchuds
AnnieAzura (Vor 2 Jahren) #2603869wow you haven't been on in a while. hows ur collection?

Haha it's finally updated. Still missing a few items, but that's because new entries have to be made.
0Vor 1 JahrTrafalgar_DLawTrafalgar_DLaw
Hi there, I hope you can reply to this. I am new to posters and stuffs, and I love my posters more than my wall lol. So I saw you suggested this thing [ext link ]

How to remove the posters without ripping the edges/corners off? Isnt that item the same thing with scotch tapes? Should I use blue tacks/poster tacks instead? Or a combination of both?

1Vor 2 Jahrenhaplessherohaplesshero
Loved your review of Akuma Homura! Keep up the great work! In fact I just received my copy of her and I'm a huge fan!
0Vor 2 Jahrenkawaii-lurvekawaii-lurve
AnnieAzura (Vor 2 Jahren) #2654808wow your madoka collection is BEYOND impressive. i just came here after reading ur latest blog, wondering how long you've been collecting, and was absolutely blown away!
I only started collecting in August 2014. Since I really like Madoka Magica, I managed to collect 3 years worth of figures in 3 or 4 months >.> Poor wallet-kun...
0Vor 2 JahrenTheMadHatterTheMadHatter
AnnieAzura (Vor 2 Jahren) #2488558wow....first friend in 5 years....that's something...

5 years huh? Guess I have something to brag about now :0

But really, I try to be active on sites like these, but I just can't seem to do it Dx

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